Elected Officials Not Addressing Concerns Of Constituents

Dear Sir:

Are not our elected representatives supposed to address the concerns of their constituents? Seems not. Over the years we have not been able to milk an answer on numerous issues, concerns, and matters.

Most recently, concerning a scam operation licensed by the State of Tennessee, I cannot get an answer to the most simple and basic questions like: 1) Who issues/renews/revokes business licenses, 2) Why do not you folks pass legislation to protect people from the corruption licensed by the State of Tennessee? The Tennessee Attorney General Consumer Complaints Division does not have any authority to enforce anything. Neither does the Better Business Bureau. They cannot even force a response from the party being complained about. Response by the violator is voluntary. So why are you wasting taxpayer money on a division of people that cannot do anything about anything?

A few years ago, I had a friend and neighbor and his girlfriend who got stolen from and assaulted in their own home (his son took pictures of the bruises and wounds) by a couple whom they had offered temporary shelter to, who had taken over. My friend attempted to order them out of the house and then got assaulted for it. When the deputies came, the assailants said my friend had assaulted them and they took my friend to jail and let the assailants/trespassers remain on and in the property, full rein. When my friend got bailed out of jail, a corrupt Greene County judge ordered him to stay off his own property, while the criminals were plundering the place. He is supposed to the pay the mortgage and other bills but live elsewhere?

I contacted Representative David Hawk and asked why we do not have laws to protect property owners from things like this. He told me we do, and wanted to know the particulars about the situation so he could investigate and look into it. I had two to three contacts with Hawk after that, he contacted me and asked me to refresh his memory on the situation. I did. Time went by, and I contacted him and asked where he was on the investigation. He asked me once again to refresh his memory, he had forgotten the details. It was during campaign season and I finally figured out David Hawk was more concerned with his personal matters than he was of the constituents he is elected and paid to serve and protect.

Marc Bush


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