Erosion Caused By County Needs To Be Addressed

Dear Sir:

The Greene County Tennessee Road Department is clearing out the ditch on Round Knob Road using a huge yellow digging machine with a 2-3 cubic yard shovel on the front. Every 10 feet they are dumping a full shovel of dirt downhill. Are there any regulations concerning this manmade destruction?

Digging up 2-3 cubic yards of dirt every 10 feet and dumping it downhill is total stupidity. The mountain erodes without help. Our yard erodes without help. Seems someone should be held accountable for our yard sinking and the mountain eroding. Bring a dump truck along and go dump the dirt uphill or on top of the mountain! Dump it in our yard!

We have been watching them clear the ditch for years using trenching equipment, always dragging the dirt downhill. For a long time I have meant to ask them why they don’t drag it uphill. But yesterday what we saw is unacceptable. Guess where the dirt will come from to refill in the ditch so they can come dig it out again, again, and again. Our yard, our property. How many feet lower to sea level is our property and the top of the mountain since this process started how long ago, decades, century? Are we entitled to property damages, property tax reduction?

Marc Bush


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