Dear Sir:

Thanks for a copy of the Greene County Fair catalog that was with The Greeneville Sun recently.

I have vivid memories of the first 51 years fo the Greene County Fair. My son, Dr. David Eugene Harmon, photographed me in front of the dairy barn, where our registered Guernsey cow, “Valentine,” was housed when she received her first championship. My husband, Staff Sgt. Eugene Harmon, helped construct the dairy barn working under the World War II GI program. “Valentine” was awarded two All American titles, highest honor given.

The first year of the Greene County Fair, Eugene was awarded the trophy for entering and winning the most blue ribbons for first prize. The second year of the fair, two trophies were awarded. One was for the man and one for the woman who entered and won the most blue ribbons. Eugene and I won both trophies.

The second year of the fair my Sunday School class began selling soup beans and cornbread under a tent. The second year we constructed a building and added hamburgers and fries to our menu, along with homemade desserts. One week I made 20 chocolate pies and worked ever day. Eugene was presented a wooden, engraved plaque for perfect attendance for 50 years. I missed only a day or two in 50 years.

I enjoyed attending the Greene County Fair, World Dairy Expo in Wisconsin and the International Dairy Expo in Canada. When I went backstage at the International Dairy Expo in Canada to compliment the Olympic ice skaters for their performance they gave me free tickets to a horse show with royalty in attendance.

It was a genuine pleasure working 50 years in the church food booth at the Greene County Fair. Almost every week we had a profit of $10,000 that we used to help the needy.

Kathryn Harmon


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