Here’s Why Biden Is Really Changing U.S. Energy Policy

Dear Sir:

Quite often, the question about why the government takes certain actions is asked. In the Feb. 4 Greeneville Sun, we finally were given the answer to why the Biden administration is changing our energy policy.

In the article titled “TVA Plans Electric Vehicle Charging Network,” it states in paragraph five that Tennessee would have a $120 million economic benefit per year by reducing reliance on imported fuels in favor of electric power. Throughout the last four years, the United States became self-reliant on energy and became a net exporter of energy. These two facts explain the new energy policy.

To justify the climate policy, the U.S. must become dependent on imported fuels. The Biden policy is to shut down our oil, gas and coal production to increase energy prices and force us to be dependent on foreign fuels. By the policy we achieve the results addressed in the article. We will achieve climate and economic benefits by paying for higher priced foreign fuels rather than using lower cost U.S fuels.

In addition, China is allowed to build and operate high pollution coal fired power plants so the U.S. can shut down our sources of power generation. This is a major win for the U.S. economy and the world climate. More pollution and fewer U.S. jobs.

Richard Seemuth


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