I Am A Threat To ‘Democracy’ Because I Stand For The Republic

Dear Sir:

Try not to be alarmed, but I am a threat to “democracy.” Simply stated, I stand for the Republic. I will resist the evil conglomerate power grab for absolute control over American life. Autocrats and their loyal subjects lashing out at opposition to their abominations. As I write, they portray patriots as “threats,” seeking to abolish political freedom, ensure our silence, while they shift our house from the rock to sand. Government harassing peaceful citizens — the King George Way. Mr. Shackleford desired to sound wise within his thinly veiled fluff, condescending to those obviously more versed in America’s foundational governing principles than himself. (Letters to the Editor, Jan. 26) Fortunately, he is provoking the most tolerant people in America, and none of us will attempt to revoke his natural right to share a ridiculous opinion. It doesn’t seem his democracy of intolerance is quite so gracious. Shackleford gave “three-cheers” for what Daniel Webster’s Dictionary defines as… Fascism. “Forceful silencing of opposition,” “strong regimented societal and economic control.” That must be awkward. Sometimes it helps to know what words mean before you use them. Please pass it on.

Jefferson summed this up by stating, “He who expects to be ignorant AND free, expects what never was, nor shall ever be.” Truth is, factions of evil have been laboring for years, cultivating portions of our country into biblical Babylon. A “habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit.” Anarchy (Antifa), Marxism (BLM), Socialism (Bernie Bros), Idiocy (Take your pick), all working together imposing their umbrella of “democracy” while Republicans (“milquetoast”) waffle.

Since 1973 American democracy has shed the innocent blood of an estimated 62 million children in the guise of “women’s rights.” Undercover videos by Project Veritas show the depravity of these abortion institutions, and their irreverence for human life. Ripping babies apart while alive — just a new wrinkle in their quest for “science.” Homosexuality promoted at nauseum across networks such as Nickelodeon and Disney, attempting to procure it as societal normalcy into the minds of our children. Unnatural marriage forced upon at least 14 states by American courts — the very place our Republic is being picked apart piece by piece. All this wrapped into “democracy,” the vilest form of government known to man, if you believe John Adams’s research.

Countless constitutional violations have expanded the enumerated powers of federal government to levy war on state’s rights (including TN), but most consequential, war on truth. Natural Law is a self-evident truth, a pillar of our superior Republic, and its neglect has generated mass confusion. He/she may write all the new “laws” they can muster, but anything proposed or enacted that contradicts the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God are null and void. None of this is “new,” or “cool,” it is all old and fool. Apostle Paul encourages us, “If it be possible, as much as lieth within you, live peaceably with all men.” We are trying, sir. More to come. “No one is more hated than he who speaks the truth.” — Plato, (“The Republic.”)

AJ Anderson