To the “journalist and political commentator” Bob Franken, I say: “Lay off the Kool-Aid, and be more of a true journalist and a patriot, and less of a political commentator, who slings unadulterated “bull-oney!” I submit his recent commentary, published on Aug. 5, entitled “The Dismal Future.” What absurdity and misinformation he spews? I can easily imagine Kool Aid crystals forming on his brow as he bloviates such bile.

Misrepresenting facts and spawning disunity against the president of the United States in a time of national crisis is totally despicable. To assign blame for the virus, and spread of the virus, on the president is unfounded and untrue. To say that his Administration “ignored or wished away” the virus is an unashamed and bold-faced lie. To say that the president forced the Governors to take action in their states because of the president’s non-action is also factually untrue; read the Constitution. The irony is, when the federal government made moves to protect federal property from rioting, this same bunch shared the narrative of “Storm Troopers!” Finally, to say that the president “doesn’t care anything about his citizens” is total nonsense; nothing could be further from the truth.

Arguing with facts and disagreeing on principles is totally acceptable. Distorting the facts, disseminating false narratives, and flat out sputtering out vitriolic lies is totally another. I ask and lament: when did this become acceptable in this country? To The Greeneville Sun I ask: why is this malicious babble published?

Michael Mather


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