Moral Outrage Is Misplaced

Dear Sir:

On Thursday, Feb. 6, the newspaper published a column by Leonard Pitts Jr. of the Miami Herald and an article by Jonathon Mattise of the Associated Press which I read and agree with. Both write about intolerance and its prevalence in the politics and religious freedom in our current public climate. Leonard writes about, O M G, headline, “Why Is It Always Sex?” He starts out with Donald Trump’s impeachment and the Republican response of acquittal even though some senators agreed that he was guilty as charged.

Mr. Pitts goes on to note that evangelist Franklin Graham was morally offended by the Super Bowl halftime show presented by the NFL and Pepsi. This was dancing by Jennifer Lopez and Shakira in “skimpy outfits” to a medley of hits. Graham likened it to an exploitation of women. In truth the whole point of the Super Bowl is exploitation of everything, men, women and commerce. I digress.

Leonard’s point is that the moral outrage from conservatives and “religious” people should be against the incarceration of babies taken from their parents, the destruction of the planet, intolerance, hate crimes and health costs that should cause moral outrage. I think so too.

In the same issue is Jonathon Mattise’s article outlining the Republicans’ answer to adoption and religious freedom. The stance taken by the Republican government of Tennessee is a of religious intolerance and endorsing bigotry and hate. To give tax dollars to organizations that exclude caring couples and LGBT persons the ability to adopt is not the way my spirituality and understanding leads me. The endorsement of this by the state government is a violation of the constitution and moral principles and should be reversed. It is a violation of my religious freedom to send my tax dollars to organizations that discriminate and treat LBGT couples like second class citizens. Religious freedom does not give anybody license to hate. Jesus walked with women, lepers, prostitutes, strangers and others that were excluded from society.

The beautiful state of Tennessee does not need to show an ugly face to the world. All the citizens are valuable and should have equal rights.

Mike Helbing