One Man’s Liberty

Dear Sir:

Truth is falling in the streets of America. If we look at the unfolding history of oppressive Socialist, Marxist, and Communist regimes, the state media only exists to protect the image of its political masters, and it seems most American media is no different with the Democratic Party. They spurn truthful reporting to manipulate the minds of their audience and sway outcomes of our elections in favor of said party. Impartial truth is imperative for a free society to hold leaders accountable and preserve liberty, but does not exist in national media any longer. Ignorance is not bliss when concerning the danger this poses to our nation.

Thankfully, opposition to this corruption is widespread in our country, with many understanding the corrupt socioeconomic trajectory of a major political party. But just as any totalitarian movement, opposing views are being silenced, dehumanized, and persecuted. It is well documented that many of our politicians, professional sports, media, and universities are entangled with the Chinese Communist Party. I would suggest this influence is glaring and must be confronted. Woke culture will surely say I am xenophobic or racist, their fallback slander to end a debate for which they have no argument. It’s just words of a free simple man, who looks around and sees fables corrupting common sense principles of liberty. “Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigues of supporting it.” — Thomas Paine.

Godspeed to The Living. Stand Sure.

AJ Anderson


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