Dear Sir:

Sadly and tragically, since the 1960s more and more Americans seem to prefer human, self-serving values to our creator God and his values. What made America great, as evidenced in World War II performance, was adherence to our national motto, “In God We Trust.”

I believe removal of daily Bible reading and prayer from all grades in all public schools was the most damaging decision our nation has or will ever make. To me, the single most important lesson necessary to success in this life and hereafter is adherence to and practice of God’s leadership and his “Ten Commandemnts.” When I was in school 70 years ago, I may not have always given my full attention, but I never doubted that God was our creator, guide, and Christ our model to follow.

As more and more problems arise daily in the U.S., my continuing prayer is that Americans will once again rise and demand the return of God’s word to our public schools. With people declaring they are the opposite sex, with same sex marriages, some claiming “freedom” to believe whatever they want, many one-parent families, etc., how can children or even adults know the “truth” if there is no promoted guide? To paraphrase Romans 10:14, “how can they know if they have not heard?” For 60 years or more our schools have not spoken the word of God.

Ray W. Rowney Jr.


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