This Republican Is Not Divorcing Trump

Dear Sir:

Republicans divorce Trump? (Jonah Goldberg Nov. 12 column, “Trump-GOP Marriage Heading Toward Ugly Divorce”) Not this Republican. I watched as my investments increased in value, Greeneville Commons was transformed and revitalized, parking lots on Industrial Road filled up for the first time in decades. At last we were giving more than lip service to unborn children and Israel. I could go on and on.

I also watched as Democrats under the worn out guise of discrimination, pushed for unrequested mail-in ballots, no voter i.d., votes for anyone, American citizen or not. They were every bit as subtle as my four year old cheating at Old Maids.

Actually, I was a Democrat. Now I would feel more justified in joining the Mafia. I’m divorced alright but not from Donald Trump.

Anne Cutshall


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