Thoughts On Road Work, Dr. Phil, Rittenhouse Trial And Concert Tragedy

Dear Sir:

A good paving job on East Barnard and Justis, but why the delay of repainting the center lines?

On the Dr. Phil Show with Summer Wells’ parents and her strange disappearance, after watching both segments I had mixed feelings. Dr. Phil’s two body-language experts were, I thought, somewhat harsh with the mother; plus, they said the father “blinked” too much. If we were on a nationwide television show, how would we react? For me, I’d be nervous.

Dr. Phil’s statement (to the mother), “Well, maybe you know something that you don’t know,” was, in my opinion, a bit ambiguous, both in nature and tone. In comparison, it’s like telling the Invisible Man he’s not invisible. Or telling a blind person their lack of vision is just a shameful gimmick!

Dr. McGraw’s two analysts should be reminded that all individuals have different facial and body expressions. For example, my beloved sister tells me whenever I’m puzzled or upset I have a tendency of wrinkling my forehead and frowning.

The Rittenhouse trial: I only have one question, your honor. How does a 17-year-old boy come to possess such a dangerous weapon, an AR-15? He thought he was Dirty Harry, perhaps?

In closing, I’m sorry for the deaths and injuries at that Astroworld concert. But, what insane parent would allow their “minor children” to attend such an event? That’s like playing with fire, folks!

Jerry L. Norris


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