Two Events Involving Police Bring Questions To Mind

Dear Sir:

Two observations:

Unless Knoxville high school bathrooms are different than ours, I don’t think they have an emergency exit — so, why were the police in a hurry to kill the 17-year-old black man? Unless he was holding hostages, why the rush? I mean, someone (in charge) should have de-escalated the situation! Allow the lone gunman to “cool down” — call a negotiator. When he fired at the officers, throw some concussion/tear gas bombs … allowing SWAT to enter, etc.

The Minnesota 13-year-old kid: why was he running around at 3 in the morning? Were the parents aware of his absence? When the boy was shot and killed by a policeman, I don’t believe he was actually holding a pistol. The video showed a gun already on the ground!

Sad events.

Jerry L. Norris