City building permits issued through the Greeneville Building Inspector’s office in April included:


Leon Bell, $450,000, new single family residence, at 216 Oliphant Drive


Jean Birdwell, $800, for an accessory building, at 406 Hope Road;

Jennie Smith, $1,500, for an accessory building, at 215 Alderman Drive;

Tonia Lawrence, $3,000, for an accessory building, at 615 Forest St.;

Matt Neil, $8,900, for new mechanical, at 1523 Kevin Lane;

Mike Girard, $10,000, for new plumbing, at 1523 Kevin Lane;

Steve Ball, $1,100, for new plumbing, at 205 Lonesome Pine Trail;

Stephen Rutherford, $3,000, for addition, at 704 E. Barton Ridge Road;

Gregory Spranger, $13,000, for new windows and siding, at 109 Spruce St.;

Crystal Jesse, $250,000, for an in-ground swimming pool and pavilion, at 280 Whirlwind Road;

Kourtney Blevins, $2,000, for renovation, at 436 W. Main St.;

Chris and Nikki Sentelle, $28,000, for an in-ground swimming pool, at 241 Gregory Ave.;

Ellen M. Shuck-Lipe, $5,000, for new deck, at 11 Colricia Drive;

Karen Nielsen, $9,000, for addition, at 407 Juniper St.;

Jason Hope, $2,000, for two decks, at 104 Brad St.;

Joel Coggins, $10,997, for a new roof, at 1411 W. Main St.;

Gary Ross, $6,000, for a new roof, at 100 Wildwood Court;

Charles Ellenburg, $8,000, for a new roof, at 103 Sevier Ave.;

Stephen Rutherford, $3,000, for a new roof, at 123 Unaka St.

Joshua Bailey, $4,750, for a new roof, at 203 Elgin St.;

Jerry and Karen Knight, $10,000, for a new roof, at 299 S. Rufe Taylor Road;

Donna Hlinican, $5,500, for a new roof, at 140 Ridgecrest Drive


Allen Johnson, $19,317, for a storage building, at 860 W. Andrew Johnson Highway


City of Greeneville (city dump), for pavilion and bathroom, at 375 Whirlwind Road;

Minnie Holt, $20,000, for renovations, at 200 Bohannon Ave.;

Ed Kershaw, $6,500, for new mechanical, at 131 S. Main St.;

Lee Duckworth, $6,400, for new mechanical, at 103 McCall Ave.;

Brian Susong, $8,300, for new mechanical, at 1220 Tusculum Boulevard;

Town of Greeneville Police Department, $12,000, for new mechanical, at 200 N. College St.;

RBO Associates TN LLC, $37,200, for new mechanical, at 104 Asheville Highway;

Charles E. Allen Jr., $10,000, for new plumbing, at 210 Emory Road;

Greeneville Properties Inc., $389,730, for a new roof, at 711 Campbell Drive;

Lee House, $19,000, for a new roof, at 233 W. Depot St.;

First Tennessee National Association, $11,400, for a new roof, at 503 Asheville Highway


William Wilson, $625, at 227 W. Bernard Ave.;

Martin Malone, $600, at 1561 Kiser Boulevard;

Winnie Doyle, $10,000, at 515 Tusculum Boulevard

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