City building permits issued through the Greeneville Building Inspector’s office in October included:


Jennifer Skillman, $295,000, for a single family residence, at 222 Bedford Circle;

Dove Construction Services, LLC, $200,000, for a single family residence, at 515 Villa Lane;

Jose Munoz, 200,000, for a single family residence, at 403 Taylor Rose Court;

UR-OZBP Ravenwood Lots LLC, $10,000, for a singlewide manufactured home,at 42 Alisha Drive W.


John Wintringham, $1,000, for accessory building, at 1005 Asheville Highway;

Ted Hensley, $3,800, for an accessory building, at 210 Grapevine Trail;

Travis Cooter, $100, for driveway/curb cuts, at 131 Baileyton Highway;

Travis Cooter, $1.10, for driveway/curb cuts, at 127 Baileyton Highway;

Jennifer Skillman, $100, for driveway/curb cuts, at 222 Bedford Circle;

Chris & Laurie Weems, $1, for driveway/curb cuts, at 200 Sevier Ave.;

Jose Munoz, $100, for driveway/curb cuts, at 403 Taylor rose Court;

Teresa Lamb, $1, for driveway/curb cuts, at 103 Morrow Lane;

Mitchell Edge, $500, for fuel gas release, at 2314 Old Tusculum Boulevard;

Patty Bergquist, $1,000, for fuel gas release, at 234 Bedford Circle;

Michael Collins, $4,500, for fuel gas release, at 214 W. Hawthorne Court;

Patty Bergquist, $9,800, for mechanical, 234 Bedford Circle;

Scott Wilson, $2,050, for new plumbing, 516 S. McKee St.;

Tony Yost, $2,150, for new plumbing, 206 Easy St.;

Betty Carpenter, $900, for deck extention, at 402 Cicle Heights;

Daniel Johnson, $50,000, for a pool/spa, at 114 Lexington Court;

Maria Soriano, $20,000, for residential remodel, at 570 New Hope Road;

Richard Hayes, $400, for a porch roof, at 50 Snapps Ferry Road;

Terry W. Massey, $1,000, for residential remodel, at 920 Sylvan Circle;

Katherine Trummer, $5,000, for sunroom enclosure, at 1138 Timbers East;

Claude “Buddy” Tweed, $5,000, for replacement windows and siding, at 1018 Carson St.;

Sabrina Galarza, $10,000, for residential addition/remodel, at 718 N. Main St.;

Watson Leonard, $39,500, for a pool/spa, at 126 Old Shiloh Road;

Martha Chapman, $4,000, for a new roof, at 404 Cypress St.;

Steve Howk, $20,000, for residential addition/remodel, at 123 Housley Ave.;

Willie Anderson, $7,500, for sunroom enclosure, at 142 Sunset Drive;

Judy Bailey, $6,960, for a new roof, at 1208 Sun Valley Drive;

George Roberts, $6,670, for a new roof, at 1206 Sun Valley Drive;

Deborah Nycum, $14,880, for a new roof, at 1209 Tanglewood Drive;

Laura McNeese, $7,500, for a new roof, at 1005 Martingale Drive;

Joy Rader, $3,000, for a new roof, at 1116 Woodside Drive;

Richard Fox, $4,690, for a new roof, at 1110 Sun Valley Drive;

Jeffery Taylor, $14,975, for a new roof, 109 Hidden Heights;

Fredrick and Grace Karsten, $16,292, for a new roof, at 444 W. Main St.;


Dineshkumar Patel, $7,500, for addition/remodel, at 101 Marshall Lane;

Jaynes Living Trust, $150,000, for addition/remodel, at 3225 E. Andrew Johnson Highway;

Andy Broyles, $30,000, for repairs, at 808 Carolina Drive;

Greeneville LTD Liability, $4,100, for operational permit, at 1475 E. Andrew Johnson Highway;

Greeneville Adventist Academy, $1,357, for a tent, on Forest St.;

Pinnacle Towers Inc., $55,000, for cell tower upgrade, at 322 N. Highland Ave.;

Greeneville City Schools, $64,600, for grading and drainage, at 1725 Lafayette St.;

Charles E. Allen Jr., $52,000, for new mechanical, at 210 Emory Road;

Rocco and Amanda Preston, $9,000, for new mechanical, at 919 W. Main St.;

Elizabeth McPeek, $800, for new mechanical, at 227 W. Bernard Ave.;

Matthew and Lydia Jones, $47,361, for new mechanical, at 603 Bohannon Ave.;

Hutton Team One LLC, $15,250, for new mechanical, at 635 Asheville Highway;

Rusty Ottinger, $2,000, for new plumbing, at 1044 W. Summer St.;

Jaynes Living Trust, $6,000, for new plumbing, at 3225 E. Andrew Johnson Highway;

Hutton Team One LLC, $15,250, for new plumbing, at 635 Asheville Highway;

Spirit Master Funding, $19,900, for new roof, at 1595 E. Andrew Johnson Highway


Caroline and Grace, $32,000, at 2215 E. Andrew Johnson Highway;

Mike Vallie, $50, at 822 Tusculum Boulevard;

Lawson Enterprises LLC, $15,000, at 1055 W. Andrew Johnson Highway

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