The following real estate transfers were recorded in the office of Greene County Register of Deeds Joy Rader-Nunnally for Aug 3-6.

Aug. 3

Hankins Properties, LLC, to Guaranteed Holdings Three LLC, 10th district, $800,000;

Carmen Gamble McIntosh to Tai David Kerr and wife, Kelly Kerr, and Gary Weaver and wife, Phyllis Weaver, 13th district, $339,900;

Diana Brooks to Terry Douthat and wife, Judy Douthat, 9th district, $20,000;

Don Stansfield and Tanna Stansfield to Nicholas Mink, 10th district, $139,000;

Richard Samuel Summey and wife, Mackenzie Summey, to Matthew Tye Bledsoe, 4th district, $270,000;

Darlene Tenney to Dana Mullins and Michael L. Levan II, 10th district, $314,900;

James Bryan Cobble to Thomas Daniel Cobble, 10th district, $18,000;

Roger A. Helbert and wife, Katherine E. Helbert, to Karen Nicholson and Keith Nicholson, 12th district, $399,900;

Gary Owens II to Johnny Necessary and wife, Teresa Necessary, 1st district, $5,000;

Kay Solomon Armstrong, special master for the revocable trust for H.C. Greene Jr. and wife, Madelyn Greene, to Alan Greene 9th district, no value listed;

True J. Williamson Sr. and wife, Geraldine J. Williamson, to Justin Pumphrey and wife, Alessandra Pumphrey, 13th district, $195,000;

Shane M. Noel and Michael P. Doner to Dusten Lane Smith, 18th district, $14,000;

Linda Jane Thomas to Bobby Wilhoit and wife, Tracy Wilhoit, 3rd district, $18,000;

Eric Lawson St and Stacey Michelle Lawson, sole heirs-at-law of Timothy E. Lawson II, to Roger D. Holliman and Lisa L. Landry, 6th district, $135,000;

Catherine Renner Brown and husband, Robert I. Brown Sr., to Nolichuckey Bluffs Cabins, Inc., 9th and 24th district, $135,000;

Michael A. Prince and Judith A. Prince to Floyd Ledon Huff, 10th district, $159,900;

Aug. 4

Bobby L. Nolan and Frankie M. Nolan to James Kirk and wife, Patricia Kirk, 5th district, $98,000;

Robert H. Roberts to Richard Sctt McGill, 8th district, $1,150,000;

Jerry Charlton and wife, Judy Charlton, to Adam Kirk and wife, Keri Kirk, 21st district, $10,000;

Coffey Family Partnership, L.P., to Isaiah M. Baxter and Abigail B. Key, 17th district, $40,000;

Jacob Gilland Jr. and wife, Glenda Gilland, to Todd R. Peterson and wife, Amy M. Peterson, 22nd district, $62,000;

Jay S. Burns to Nathaniel A. Renner and Courtney W. Renner, 11th district, $325,000;

The Development Group, Inc., to Dove Construction Services, LLC, 13th district, $20,000;

Kevin Shayne Delk to Mark R. Williams and wife, Ann L. Williams, 24th district, $55,000;

Payne Farm Properties, LLC, to Travis Fulton and wife, Rebekah Fulton, 16th district, $66,000;

Steven Ricker, Larry Ricker and Michael Ricker to Travis Ricker, 8th district, no value listed;

Travis Ricker to Gary L. McLaughlin, 8th district, $120,000;

Dale A. Keasling and wife, Barbara J. Keasling, to Scott Jackson, 1st district, $75,000;

Carl D. Campbell, personal representative of the estate of David E. Landis, to Dennis E. Ritchea and Diana V. Gorby, 24th district, $175,000;

Houses to Homes LLC and APPY Trail 401K Trust to Baily Raye Bennett, 10th district, $31,000;

Tommy C. Greenway and Teresa Greenway to Leslie Ann Cox, subject to a life estate, 13th district, no value listed;

Melodie Sanders Erwin and Kimberly Sanders Graves to L. Harold Sanders, 10th district, no value listed;

L. Harold Sanders and Danette S. Repp to Troy F. Morse, 10th district, $159,900;

Elissa Fields, individually, and Cynthia Propst, individually as sole issue and heirs of Densie Charlene Odum, and Cynthia Propst personal representative of the estate of Densie Charlene Odum, to Juan Pedro Ramos and wife, Teresa Alonso, 17th district, $98,000;

Chris Murdock to Jared Dalon Burchett and Alohnia Marie Burchett, and Ashley Murdock, 12th district, $110,000;

Ellen Jane Antinozzi to Christopher Ward and wife, Kayla Ward, 21st district, $199,900;

Aug. 5

Rex E. Biebel Jr. and wife, Amy L. Pfaff-Biebel, to Franklin Q. Tervin and wife, Joellen Sue Tervin, 9th district, $232,000;

Alana M. Carter to Michael A. Brown and wife, Sonya N. Brown, 6th district, $27,313.11;

Rachel Galarneau and Michael Galarneau to Anthony Shelton and wife, Christy Shelton, 13th district, $105,000;

Jeffrey D. Weems and wife, Allison Weems, to Matthew Little and wife, Kelsey Little, 13th district, 40,000;

Mary K. Warner to Sherry Nelson and Serissa Brown, 13th district, $37,000;

Limestone Construction Company, Inc., to Kristen Keasling and Luke Keasling, 1st district, no value listed;

Jaren Shelton and Zackery Shelton, and Raymond Shelton and wife, Dereda Shelton, to Anthony R. Shelton and wife, Christy Shelton, 14th district, no value listed;

Raymond Shelton to Anthony R. Shelton and wife, Christy Shelton, 14th district, no value listed;

William T. Magill and wife, Tammy B. Mcgill, to Wade Thomas Constant II and wife, Lauren Hunter Constant, 10th district, $266,000;

Kimberly Hopkins, personal representative of the estate of Anthony B. Hopkins, to Kayleb Carter and wife, Kaci Hensley, 3rd district, $149,900;

Brian J. Le Francis and wife, Christina L. Le Francis, to Matthew Kework and wife, Suzanne Kework, 10th district, $90,000;

Linda A. Lanham to Robert A. Lanham, 10th district, no value listed;

Wilma J. Waddell to Steven P. Waddell and wife, Ethel I. Knowlton Waddell, subject to a life estate, 18th district, no value listed;

William D. Miller, Wayne M. Horton, Virginia W. Horton and James W. Horton to Shonate Dewane Goode, 10th district, no value listed;

Charles M. Flemming and Dorothy Flemming to Orville Wayne Cutshall, and Orville Cutshall and wife, Lesia Cutshall, 15th district, no value listed;

Carla Terpening to Cheryl Banks, 14th district, no value listed;

Carla Terpening, Brad Hudson, Shawn Arnold and Jesse Hudson to Cheryl Banks, 14th district, no value listed;

Eleanor M. Leach to Eleanor M. Leach and Kathy Guthrie, 4th district, no value listed;

Kenneth W. Bates to Greenville Palms, LLC, 10th district, 1,475,000;

Janice F. Norton to Daniel Trantham and Hubert Trantham, 10th district, $5,000;

Daniel Lynn Boles and wife, Debra Jo Boles, to Joseph L. Boles, 8th district, no value listed;

Greeneville Federal Bank, FSB, to Stephanie Lynn Callahan and husband, Laith Forrest Callahan, 8th district, $11,500;

Aug. 6

Clyde Shoffner to Timothy J. Blue and Johanna L. Kirkegaard Blue, 18th district, $299,900;

Thomas L. O’Neal and Patricia L. O’Neal to Peter E. Bruinsma, 19th district, $240,000;

Lyle D. Foreman to Sandra M. Foreman, 10th district, no value listed;

J.W. Church to Wyndee D. Parks and husband, Kevin F. Parks, 7th district, $112,000;

Peggy N. Gross to Rocky L. Gross and wife, Norma J. Gross, 17th district, no value listed;

Charles E. Spears and wife, Theresa Nanette Spears, to Carrie Elizabeht Hutton and husband, Thomas Herbert Hutton, 22nd district, $11,700;

John E. Gass and Michele Payne Gass, to John G. Gass and Jerrica K. Gass, 12th district, $100,000;

Ricky L. Luther to Brenda Joyce Luther, 6th district, $10,000;

Sharon (“Sherri”) Maynard to Brenda Joyce Luther, 6th district, $$10,000;

Glenda E. Langworthy and Kendra Sittig to Joe Styke and wife, Lisa Styke, 14th district, $52,500;

Amanda N. Ford Stills to Christopher L. Stills, 13th district, no value listed;

Charles Edward Yokley and wife, Carolyn Yokley, to Angel Yvette Dixon, 8th district, $150,000;

William E. Lawrence Jr. and wife, Beverly Diane Lawrence, to James C. Smiley and wife, Denise A. Smiley, 23rd district, $230,000;

Janie B. Senner, trustee of the Janie B. Cox trust, Janie B. Senner and Edward L. Senner, individually, to Wagoner and wife, Rhonda Wagoner, 9th district, $20,000;

Amanda R. Williams Hensley and husband, Benjamin Steven Hensley, to SIU Khanh Ho and Shirleen Sat-Moi Ho, 13th district, $147,400;

Venus Price to Timothy Letts, 7th district, $28,000;

Lindsey Crosby and Daniel Powell Crosby to Tommy Lee Price II and Jenny Price, 10th district, $197,000;

Marilyn J. Colyer Neece and Gwendolyn D. Colyer Rader to Marilyn J. Colyer Neese and Gwendolyn D. Colyer Rader and Roger L. Colyer, 5th district, no value listed;

Marilyn J. Colyer Neece, Gwendolyn D. Colyer Rader and Roger L. Colyer to Manda Sue Combs, 5th district, $115,000;

Patrick Cawood and wife, Alexis Cawood, to Matthew Stilwagen and Tiffany Griesch, 12th district, $375,000;

David T. Wallin and Nancy Wallin to Bryan J. Henderson, 23rd district, $180,000;

Phillip A. Mullett and Elizabeth E. Mullett to Wallie Dingwell and Angela Metcalf Dingwell, 1st district, $234,000;

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