The following real estate transfers were recorded in the office of Greene County Register of Deeds Joy Rader-Nunnally for June 14-21.

June 14

Jimmy Bledsoe and wife, Shelia Bledsoe, to Jimmy Bledsoe and wife Sheila Bledsoe, 7th district, no value listed;

Todd D. Kirk to Todd D. Kirk and Bryan W. Kirk, subect to a life estate, 5th district, no value listed;

Stephen Rutherford and wife, Karen S. Rutherford and Jonathan Rutherford and wife, Karen D. Rutherford, to Ryan Allen Schacke, 24th district, $30,000;

Jackie Lynn Bowers to Kevin W. Williams and wife, Cynthia S. Williams, 13th district, $360,000;

Jon Dyer and wife, Carla Dyer, to William d. Butler and wife, Alisa M. Butler, 10th district, $141,500;

Wilson P. Strouse and wife, Kristi A. Strouse, to Landon R. Presley, 11th district, $44,250;

Andre Alexis and wife, Terri Alexis, to Cody Darnae, 21st district, $90,000;

Ann Teresa Moses to Michael David Lee, trustee of the Ann Teresa Moses irrevocable trust, 15th district, no value listed;

Bejanmin Coulston and wife, Loretta Coulston, to Jonathan Parker Hipps and wife, Greta Jean Hipps, 17th district, $120,000;

Jerry D. Wills, Kathy R. Hoard and John S. Moorehead, co-executors of the estate of Juanita Wills, to Terjef Holdings LLC, 12th district, $155,000;

Danise Myers Gass to Kevin vern Starnes II, 17th district, no value listed;

Carol Solgovic to Robin Nieman and wife, Dianne Nieman, 3rd district, $182,000;

James Criss and wife, Joy Criss, to Timothy J. Swaim and wife, Karen E. Swaim, 24th district, $286,000;

Charlene Ann Mertz to Leon J. Roszkowski and wife, Andrea J. Senatore, 23rd district, $220,000;

Billy J. Broyles Jr., successor trustee of the Billy C. Broyles Sr. 2008 revocable trust, and Billy c. Broyles Jr., individually and as executor under the last will and testament of Mary Ann Broyles and Stephen Clint Albright to Brent Long, 10th district, $1,959,000;

Angelina Greene to James Andrew Turner Jr., 3rd district, no value listed;

Kenneth Rorabaugh and Pauline Rorabaugh to Kenneth Bruce Ray and Elizabeth Ann Ray, 1st district, $35,000;

Susan H. Cruze to Heartland Real Estate Team, LLC, 22nd district, $9,491.57;

Patricia A. Wilhoit to Jimmy L. Malone and wife, Kimberly A. Malone, 1st district, $135,000;

Deborah S. Vicory to William A. Vicory, 5th district, no value listed;

Barbara Sikes to James Lutz Knight and wife, Catherine Ann Knight, 10th district, $179,900;

Rickey Vadean Hines and wife, Kimberly Jo Hines, to Timothy Wilson and Megan Wilson, 8th district, no value listed;

Winona A. Barnette and Jonathan Barnette to Terry E. Greer and Nikkisha A. Greer, 15th district, $195,000;

Zhihua Deng to Ray Britt, 10th district, no value listed;

Kay Solomon Armstrong, Clerk & Master, to Patty Sue Thornton, 10th district, $25,000;

Kay Solomon Armstrong, Clerk & Master, to Patty Sue Thornton, 10th district, $5,500;

Bruce Edward Stafford to Christa Marie Stafford, 15th district, no value listed;

Terry Morgan to Luz A. Mayo, Travis V. Pulliam and Alexandria N. Pulliam, 22nd district, $255,000;

Volunteer Home Solutions, LLC, to Lance Henderson, 10th district, $86,000;

Jason Smith and Shelley L. Smith to Kristen M. Archibald and Timothy L. Archibald, 13th district, $350,000;

James H. Gross and wife, Shiela Gross, to Dawn Landes, trustee of the Dawn Landes trust, 12th district, $87,000;

Stephen B. Taylor to Jiraporn Nimnuan, 16th district, $44,600;

Jesse C. Taylor Jr. and Jeanette M. Tayor to James Michael Criss and wife, Joy Ann Criss, 19th district, $170,000;

George Jimmy Retherford and Randall B. Ernest to Christopher Edward Browne and April Browne, 2nd district, $130,000;

June 16

Charles J. Olson Jr. to James Allen Speare and wife, Tiffany Janean Speare, 1st district, $201,500;

Kaley Hopson to Dustin W. Hopson, 10th district, no value listed;

W. Kyle Wills to Matthew Horne and wife, Amber Horne, 19th district, $231,000;

Jonathan Seth Reeves and wife, Lindsey Reeves, to Cody Travis, 14th district, $218,000;

Scott C. Engle and wife, Marueen Engle, and Jerald N. Emley and wife, Sandra Emley, to Christopher J. Vaughan and Helen J. Vaughan, 9th district, $110,000;

David Glenn Porter to John J. Rice and wife, Carrie C. Rice, 23rd district, $100,000;

Kathleen V. Frost and David B. Frost, co-successor trustees of Robert L. Frost revocable trust, to Cheryl Moreland and Jessica Moreland, 22nd district, $235,000;

Linda Lou Coggins to Conchita Cheyenne Coggins, 13th district, $30,270;

Paul L. Reed and Ellen Reed to Robert B. Kesterson, trustee of the Kesterson S D Trust, 3rd district, $10,000;

Lawrence R. Collins and Linda Sue Collins, trustees of the Larry and Sue Collins family trust, to Lawrence R. Collings and wife, Linda Sue Collins, 1st district, no value listed;

Danny R. Clark to Tracie Hall Pendley and Samantha Nicole Rohn, 1st district, $25,000;

Audrey Lowery to Bryan T. Baglivo, 10th district, $206,000;

Justin N. Matthews and wife, Michelle L. Matthews, to Henry F. Penna III and wife, Jennie S. Penna, 1st district, $374,900;

June 17

Marchelle Black to Jonathan Todd Simmons and Marchelle Lynette Black, 1st district, no value listed;

Stacy M. Roberson to Robert D. Ramsey and wife, Cara Ramsey, 10th district, $155,000;

Sam Thomas and wife, Chun Thomas, to Charles Buys and wife, Bernadine Buys, 24th district, $74,000;

Johnny K. Kidwell, Hal David Kidwell and Shirley Collins to Patsy L. Carter and husband, Larry D. Carter, 12th district, $5,500;

Kevin Ayers to Angela Y. Ayers, 10th district, no value listed;

Kevin Ayers to Angela Y. Ayers, 3rd district, no value listed;

Cody R. Hensley to Adventure From Home, Inc., 17th district, $85,000;

Robert Paul Grubbs II to Kira Jade Tarlton, subject to a life estate, 15th district, no value listed;

Anongdeth Phommachanh and Mandy Phommachanh to Douglas Gunness and Vince Gunness, 10th district, $11,000;

Charles Gray and wife, Diana Gray, and Paula Johnson Meggers to Melissa Danielle Bermudez, Edmond Dean Pennington, Effie Butler Pennington and James Daniel Pennington, 11th district, $57,000;

June 18

Eric R. Price to Martin W. Malone and wife, Elizabeth P. Malone, 13th district, $20,000;

B.J. Broyles and wife, Nancy Broyles, to B&B Management LLC, 10th district, $100,000;

Scotty Dean Brockwel, Sharon B. Dean and Rebecca V. Smith to Joann Swecker Thompson, 13th district, no value listed;

Joann Swecker Thompson to Howard L. Hoover and wife, Paula E. Hoover, 13th district, $220,000;

Laura Jean Remington to Brett Affholter and wife, Karen L. Affholter, 5th district, $195,000;

Heath M. Varady and wife, Billy Jean Varady, to Snapper Varady, 23rd district, no value listed;

Rocky Luster to Kevin Bradley and Bill Bradley, 10th district, $180,000;

A&W Farms, LLC, to Jennifer Hinkle, 21st district, $10,000;

Sean Brenden Finucane and wife, Brittany Finucane, to Gale A. Collett, 10th district, 138,000;

Michael L. Horton and Karen L. Horton to Michael Brad Johnson and Jenifer Leanne Johnson, 1st district, $135,000;

Lora Sandridge to Don Edwin Haney, 15th district, $13,320;

Travis R. Shelton and wife, Sarah Shelton, to Dina Williams and David Williams, 8th district, $155,000;

Sherry Good, Rick Good, Whitney Babel and Sherry Good, trustee for the benefit of Mark Good, and Mark Good to Willie Dwayne Gilliam, 17th district, $750,000;

Sherry Good, Rick Good, Whitney Babel and Sherry, trustee for the benefit of Mark Good, and Mark Good to Ricky Good, 17th district, no value listed;

June 21

Vickey Lee Van Sant to Eugenia C. pierce and Catherine Shriner, 20th district, $12,000;

Timothy Osterberg to Kenneth Wright and Sharon Ann Wright, 14th district, $145,999;

Thomas M. Huff and wife, Wendy S. Huff, to Daniel B. Hopson, 10th district, $119,000;

Timothy Ray White to Meagan L. Sturm, 16th district, $95,000;

Sam Britton to Kourtney Lace Hennard and Tony Wayne Davis Jr., 13th district, $429,900;

Evan A. Whitton to Brandon E. Travis and wife, Brenda L. Travis, 11th district, $160,000;

James E. Albertelli, trustee, to Brent A. Ricker and Bronson M. Winters, 1st district, $207,000;

Joseph Beddingfield and wife, Charolette Beddingfield, to Joseph Beddingfield and wife, Charolette Beddingfield, 18th district, no value listed;

Joel M. Cook to Wayne C. Cook Jr., 20th district, $95,000;

Leigh Ann Cutshaw, individually and conservator for Jimmy Gray Cutshall Jr., to Jeffrey D. Weems and wife, Julia A. Hope-Weems, 10th district, $575,000;

Kay Marie Moneyhun, executor of the estate of Dora Hardin Moneyhun, to Laura Ellen Moneyhun, 13th district, no value listed;

Stephon Cox to Alonzo J. Bird Jr., 10th district, $10,000;

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