The following real estate transfers were recorded in the office of Greene County Register of Deeds Joy Rader-Nunnally for June 7-11.

June 7

Thomas M. Huff and Wendy S. Huff to Edward Frank Eells, 24th district, $292,000;

Clifford F. Miller and wife, Pamela Y. Miller, to ABC Property Solutions, 10th district, $90,000;

Tony Ray Stanley to Jimmy Mercer and wife, Christie Looks, 10th district, $20,000;

Sharon Bible Kesterson to Robert B. Kesterson, 4th district, no value listed;

Max Sizemore and wife, Buelah Sizemore, to William Preston and wife, Colleen Preston, 9th district, $54,500;

Michael Reed and wife, Robin Reed, to Tiffany Marie McKown and husband, James Allen McKown, 19th district, $215,400;

Richard Jeffers to Joseph A. Maloney and wife, Susan M. Maloney, 11th district, $325,000;

Dean A. Boynton to CMH Homes, Inc., 19th district, $25,000;

Carolyn Fillers to American Heritage Construction, LLC, 1st district, $14,250;

Phillip W. Daniel and wife, Lisa A. Daniel, to Dean A. Boynton, 11th district, $22,500;

Kyle W. Wills to Eric W. Benson, 3rd district, $172,000;

Terry Dawson and wife, Lowanda Dawson, to Angie Bowers, 17th district, $120,000;

Kay Solomon Armstrong, Clerk & Master, to Estel S. Phillipps and Linda S. Phillips, 3rd district, $4,000;

William Wayne Cutshaw and wife, Tincy Faye Cutshaw, to Isacc Reffitt, 22nd district, $10,000;

Michael Cansler, individually, and Jerry D. Fortner, Rick Greene and Michael Cansler, co-personal representative of the estate of Jimmy Jack Cansler, and Jerry D. Fortner, Rick Greene and Michael Cansler, co-trustees of the testamentary trust for Monica Paige Greene, and Jerry D. Fortner, Rick Greene and Michael Cansler, co-trustees of the testamentary trust for Brittany Danielle Greene, to Mark Tyler McManaway, 6th district, $15,000;

Darlene Randolph (Cline) to Jordan Oliver and wife, Whitney Oliver, 20th district, $1;

Jimmy H. Hill and Kenny Hartman to Robert G. Matthew and wife, Dorothy L. Matthew, 13th district, $359,000;

Larry D. Carter and wife, Pat L. Carter, to Cody Dean and wife, Mandi Dean, 12th district, $46,500;

Barbara Arwood to Sharon A. Johnson, 8th district, no value listed;

Joseph Garland Hawkins to Joseph Garland Hawkins and John Daniel Hawkins and Deborah Hawkins, 23rd district, no value listed;

Line Drive Properties, LLC, to Helena Ritz, 10th district, $115,000;

Linda B. Weems to Joseph D. Sprouse and Andrea D. Sprouse, 12th district, $75,000;

Patricia K. Burton to Victoria Hope Franklin, 1st district, $85,000;

Nathan Waggoner and Synthia Waggoner to Carla Douthat Mayes, 10th district, $120,000;

Carlyle construction, LLC, to Lisa Regina Kirk, 9th district, $398,000;

Vanda Lee Scott and husband, Everette Scott, to James Hicks and wife, Crystal Hicks, 7th district, $6,000;

Timothy Cecil Ball to Connie A. Wood, 8th district, $38,000;

June 8

Christopher Kyle Gray and Charles B. Gray Jr. to Jared Shannon and Casey Jones, 14th district, $7,600;

Kathy B. Ross and Janet M. Johnson to Jason Ricker, 9th district, no value listed;

Bryce A. Malone and Violet J. Malone to Xan Campbell, 10th district, $153,800;

Warrensburg Baptist Church to Derek Jordan and wife, Michelle Jordan, 4th district, $100,000;

Bill G. Robertson and wife, Nikki L. Robertson, to Bill Gregory Robertson and Nikki Lee Robertson, 14th district, no value listed;

Avanell F. Harman, Glenn R. Harman and Avanell H. Peters, sole heirs of Samuel R. Harman, to Christopher J. Bellings and wife, Christina I. Belling, 19th district, $198,000;

Jeff Dunbar to Lauren Kate Dunbar, 1st district, no value listed;

Michael Anthony Pruitt and wife, Kristen K. Pruitt, to Andrew Fincher and Louis Fincher, 25th district, $20,000;

Barry Smith and wife, Connie Smith, to Brenda Lee robinson, 3rd district, $38,000;

Dan Alex Hinds to Amber Nicole Verducci, 16th district, $50,000;

Karen M. Graves to Ronald Wayne Shepherd and wife, Diana Shepherd, 25th district, $20,000;

Samuel P. Thomas and Huichun Thomas, Sydney Meng Thomas and Olivia Meng Thomas to James Gregory Ostrow and Lisa Marie Ostrow, 24th district, no value listed;

Rickie Eugene Morgan to Tina Marie Morgan, 2nd district, no value listed;

E. John Nettles Jr. and wife, Sally J. Nettles, to John R. Barrett and Mary E. Barrett, 18th district, $325,000;

Daniel Lee Mathews to Tammy R. Mathews, 23rd district, no value listed;

Susan Propst Hannah, trustee of Clide Luther Propst Jr. trust, to Joshua Gray and Megan M. Gray, 11th district, $389,900;

Cheyenne Thompson to Colt Haven Reaves, 24th district, $57,000;

Jack Odom Shell, personal representative of the last will and testament of Janet Ilene Reaves, and James Anthony Mills to Colt Haven Reaves, 24th district, no value listed;

June 9

Keith Self to Cody Self, 23rd district, no value listed;

Keith Self to Cody Self, 23rd district, no value listed;

Robert E. Shelton to Kenji K. Miura and Melissa Miura, 20th district, $126,000;

James Daniel Bowers to Christopher Bowers, 18th district, $50,000;

Coy Hinkle and Fay Hinkle, trustees under the Coy and Fay Hinkle living trust, to Tim Wright and wife, Joyce Wright, 11th district, no value listed;

Gary A. Peay and Wendy J. Peay to DroW Properties, LLC, 24th district, $90,000;

Bill Neal and wife, Sandra Neal, to Allen and England Builders, LLC, 1st district, $57,000;

Cecil R. Hopson and wife, Nadine Hopson, to Ashton Baxley and Hannah Riddle, 22nd district, no value listed;

Todd E. Ross to Pamela Cochran and husband, Roy Cockran, 2nd district, $480,000;

Kim Nichols to Kim Nichols and Kelsey Nichols, 6th district, no value listed;

Deborah A. LeBlanc to Sue Gimeno, trustee under the Sue Gimeno revocable trust, 23rd district, $75,000;

Jane Wise to John J. Wise, 6th district, no value listed;

June 10

Candice E. Quade and husband, Donald Quade, to Ballick Properties, LLC, 22nd district, $170,000;

Diane Price to House to Homes LLC and Appy Trail 401K trust, 10th district, $20,000;

McKinley Mock to Partick Simpson and Jennifer Simpson, 13th district, $148,500;

Rena B. Mullins to William Mullins and wife, Amy Mullins, 10th district, no value listed;

J.W. Church to Karen Anne Cady, 19th district, $101,000;

Douglas Larry Henderson to Bethany Henderson Woods, 10th district, no value listed;

John Dunn Carter to Myron Dean Wengerd and wife, Marianna Wengerd, 1st district, $300,000;

Jeffrey A. Cobble, substitute trustee, to Keith Paxton and wife, Sandray K. Helton, 10th district, $47,500;

Judith A. Duffy to Jennifer E. lawson and Timothy A. Ellis, 19th district, no value listed;

Diane A. Cleghorn to Frances M. Alexander and Steve K. Alexander, 13th district, no value listed;

Christopher W. Marsh, individually and personal representative of the estate of Sonny W. Marsh, and Laurenn Marsh Myers, to Marsh Propertieis, LLC, 10th district, $450,000;

Ava Gail Wilkerson to Karen Dale Keene, 18th district, $160,000;

Jonathan W. Dingus, sole heir-at-law of Doyle Ross Dingus, to Todd R. Cudnohufsky and Kelly Lynn Cudnohufsky, 20th district, $150,000;

Brian Sexton and Leslie Sexton to Leslie Sexton, 4th district, no value listed;

Holston United Methodist Home for Children, Inc., to James T. Warner and wife, Wendy C. Warner, 10th district, $10,000;

June Master to Mike Roberts and wife, Carrie Roberts, 1st district, $18,000;

Stephen W. Shehan to Michael Roberts and Joe Coleman, 1st district, $34,000;

June 11

Ronnie Brown to Ray Britt, 19th district, $29,000;

J&J Warehousing and Storage, Inc., to C&C Millwright Maintenance Co., Inc., 19th district, no value listed;

Lanbo Home Solutions, Inc., to Joshua C. Gilland, 10th district, $171,000;

Michael Burns and wife, Nancy Burns, to Stefhan Shelton and wife, Tammy Shelton, 1st district, $265,000;

Paticia A. Wilhoit to Elbert John Nettles Jr. and wife, Sally Drinkwater Nettles, 1st district, $260,000;

Nancy J. Greenier and Cheryl Hendee to Robert Anthony Greenier Sr., 22nd district, no value listed;

Steve D. Albright to Klint Albright, subject to a life estate, 25th district, $50,000;

Joseph Orandello and Carol Orandello to Jeffrey Schlittenhart and Kimberly Shlittenhart, 17th district, $575,000;

Randy D. Burbank to K&D Real Estate Properties, 10th district, $26,000;

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