The following real estate transfers were recorded in the office of Greene County Register of Deeds Joy Rader Nunnally for March 20-April 1.

March 20

William David Cogdell and Wallace Daniel Cogdell to Wallace Daniel Cogdell and wife, Beverly Shae Cogdell, 10th district, $41,800;

Samuel Jennings and wife, Tammy Jennings, to Heath Jessee, 3rd district, $80,000;

Nolan Tinker and wife, Kathy Tinker, to the Fred Roberts and Doris Roberts living trust, 1st district, $45,000;

Jeffrey A. Cobble, administrator C.T.A. of the estate of Lois Evelyn Page, to Frank Hall and Bernice Hall, 18th district, $57,900;

Fredia Keller Proffitt to Curtis Ray Ashcroft Jr. and wife, Constance Michelle Ashcroft, 13th district, $270,000;

Larry H. Jones and wife, Vivian W. Jones, and Bryan R. Jones DBA VBL Properties, to Valleri A. Castillo, 7th district, $25,000;

Franklin D. Stanton to Mark B. Stanton, 13th district, no value listed;

Herman Eugene Albert to Kenneth Eugene Albert and Cheryl Ann Albert, 11th district, no value listed;

Silas Seaton and wife, Minnie Seaton, to Cathie A. Fitzjohn and Richard F. Moore, 18th district, $10,000;

Sandra McAmis Ramsey to David Stoneburner and wife, Jan Stoneburner, 3rd district, $325,000;

Willie Fred Maltsberger Jr. and wife, Yvonne Maltsberger, to Betty Jane Duncan, 15th district, $155,000;

Randy Christy and Tammy J. Christy to Terry Lee Riddle, 13th district, $124,000;

HGL Enterprises, LLC, to William Hank Thomas III and wife, Abbey Thomas, 1st district, $29,000;

Andrew R. Poirier annd wife, Ashley N. Poirier, to James Kiel and wife, Brittnie Kiel, 13th district, $185,000;

March 23

Limestone Construction Company, INC., to Bob Franklin, 12th district, $20,000;

Freta K. Knight to Matthew L. Bible and wife, Dana Michelle Bible, 22nd district, $44,000;

Jerry L. McLain to Beverly Moore, 14th district, $189,250;

James C. Kyte III and wife, Priscilla M. Kyte, to Marci Kaye and husband, Thomas Kaye, 8th district, $254,900;

Jason M. Carter and Cody L. Davis to Rozue Castro Valdes, 10th district, $18,500;

Rozue Castro Valdes to Fabiola Santiago Nava, 10th district, no value listed;

CMH Homes, INC., to John Lynn Tittle, 1st district, $129,900;

Reverse Mortgage Solutions, INC., to Dana Burton and Chris Lady, 9th district, $70,000;

Gene R. Gilley, trustee of the Gene R. Gilley and Charlene Gilley revocable living trust, to Gene R. Gilley, 1st district, no value listed;

March 24

Charles M. Hankins and wife, Mary M. Hankins, to Thomas H. Hodge III and wife, Joan M. Hodge, 22nd district, $219,900;

Spectrum Partners GP to Mark D. Carter, 10th district, $135,000;

Jeffrey D. Wright and Andee N. Wright, trustees of the Jeffrey D. and Andee N. Wright trust, to Todd E. Ross, 2nd district, $338,500;

Robert J. Solomon, successor trustee, to J.P. Morgan Mortgage Acquisition Corp, 6th district, $62,400;

Stephen J. Spatz and wife, Shelia A. Spatz, to Stephen Joseph Spatz and Sheila Amanda Spatz, trustees of the revocable living trust for the benefit of Stephen Joseph Spatz and Sheila Amanda Spatz under the S.S. Spatz family trust, 5th district, no value listed;

Joseph Spatz and Sheila Amanda Spatz, trustees of the S.S. Spatz family trust, to Carlos Eric Gardona and wife, Kaitlyn Ariana Gardona, 5th district, $253,400;

Harold Keith Mays to Patricia Ann Mays, 17th district, no value listed;

Susan Donata Owens to Scott Mmichael Zweifel and Sarah Zweifel, 22nd district, $188,000;

William D. Smith Jr. to Michael T. Cope and Rita J. Cope, 10th district, $160,000;

March 25

David Melbardis to Angie Lynn Bowers, 8th district, $115,000;

Rachel Pinsky to Larry Peacock, 14th district, no value listed;

Terry Bunch and wife, Angela Bunch, to Brian Brown, 7th district, $13,500;

Margaret L. Konski to Margaret L. Konski, trustee of the Margaret Konski living trust, 10th district, no value listed;

Dan Spice to Tammi R. Butts, 10th district, $230,000;

Stephen Ratledge to Harold W. childress Jr. and Lawrendce D. Childress, 13th district, $18,000;

William G. Ingram, Don D. Schrope and Mollie A. Cundall to Dawn Landes, 10th district, $73,500;

Dennis Eugene Russell, personal representative of the estate of Edith Vernie Van Dyke, to Dennis Eugene Russell, Robert Ray Russell and Louis Carroll Van Dyke, 6th district, no value listed;

Hart L. Covington to Sharon Mullins, 13th district, $99,000;

Gary J. Malone to Gary J. Malone and wife, Krystal Ann Malone, 1st district, no value listed;

March 27

Angela Burgner Dean to Anthony Dean Shipley and wife, April Burgner Kesterson Shipley, and Gary Burgner and wife, Doris Burgner, 1st district, no value listed;

Steve Allen Renner, individually and executor of the estate of Eula Alyne Renner, to Bryant Renner andn wife, Sydney Renner, 10th district, $80,000;

Jodi R. Holland to Jame Vasquez, 10th district, $147,500;

Residential Rehab Experts, LLC, to Third Base Investments, LLC, 10th district, no value listed;

Timothy Ray Cutshaw and wife, Kelly A. Cutshaw, to Christopher L. Miller and wife, Kalyn F. Miller, 9th district, $130,000;

Dennis Darrell Jones and wife, Karen Ruth Jones, to Casey Ryan Legg, 1st district, $100,000;

Alexander J. Strange and wife, Ally Strange, to Dustin G. Thomet, 23rd district, $119,900;

Residential Rehab Experts, LLC, to Third Base Investments, LLC, 10th district, no value listed;

Keith Salyers and wife, Melanie O’Hara Salyers, to Dustin Crain and wife, Olivia Crain, 19th district, no value listed;

Nancy J. Thompson to Ballick Properties, LLC, 10th district, $105,000;

March 30

David Dunbar to Karen Lamb, 1st district, no value listed;

Hoosier Builders, LLC, to James Kennedy and wife, Jerri Kennedy, 13th district, $287,400;

Michael Kilgore to James C. Knight and Rachel D. Tyson, 3rd district, $16,000;

Wanda Gayle Ricker to Fay Lynn Ricker, 10th district, no value listed;

Ronald L. Hamm to Brian T. Buckner and wife, E. Louise Buckner, 23rd district, $124,500;

Jessica M. Campbell (now Neas) and husband, Josh Neas, to Michael R. Fields 3rd district, $140,000;

A. Keith Livingston, substitute trustee, to Greeneville Federal Bank, FSB, 20th district, $74,235;

Timothy L. Cummings, trustee of the Cummings family irrevocable trust, to Chrisopher B. Arbaugh and Rachel M. Arbaugh, 9th district, $210,000;

Jerry W. Laughlin, substitute trustee, to Consumer Credit Union, 3rd district, $207,000;

Jason B. Carter and wife, Mary E. Carter, to Ouron, LLC, 10th district, no value listed;

Robert J. Hartman to Jennifer Cody, 13th district, $147,750;

March 31

Southern Note Holdings, LLC, to Roger E. Denney and wife, Linda G. Denney, 10th district, $169,900;

Richard A. Walker to Jessica Leann McNealy, 10th district, $109,000;

Gary Strange, Larry Strange, Karen Ragon, Mike Alexander, Andy Alexander and Marcus Brand, legal heirs-at-law of Opal L. Alexander, to Gary Strange, 1st district, no value listed;

Gary Strange to Patty S. Thornton, 1st district, $30,000;

Roy Roger Brank and wife, Edith Sue Brank, to Stacey McDonald, 10th district, $84,600;

Ramzi Khalil Osta to Willie Fred Maltsberger Jr. and wife, Yvonne M. Maltsberger, 15th district, $112,000;

Ramzi Khalil Osta to Fred Maltsberger Jr. and wife, Yvonne M. Maltsberger, 15th district, $18,000;

Matz Family Properties, LLC, to PCP, LLC, 8th district, $285,000;

Scott Sierra to Ralph Leone, 22nd district, $18,500;

PennyMac Loan Services, LLC, to Jason Edwards and Dena Edwards, 10th district, $72,000;

Charles Lamerson to Charles D. lamerson and Marie A. Lamerson, 10th district, no value listed;

Michael Gary Berry to Anna Elizabeth Milton, 10th district, $54,500;

April 1

Mark H. Carter and Jada Lynn Carter to Malachi Ty Christian, 23rd district, $104,500;

Dianna Lynn Graham to Val N. Greene and Connie Pranger, 21st district, $135,000;

Fay Lynn Ricker to David B. Widmaier and Bonnie Widmaier, 10th district, $38,000;

Hershel Reaves to Spencer Wayne Solomon and wife, Julia B. Solomon, 10th district, $134,700;

Robert Brian Kesterson to Valarie Clark, 4th district, $159,000;

Gerald Tarlton and J.V. Tarlton Jr. to Mary Rosalee Tarlton, 18th district, no value listed;

Gerald Tarlton, Marylee Tarlton and J.V. Tarlton Jr. to Gerald Tarlton and wife, Martha Christine Tarlton, 18th district, $100,000;

Susan M. Brey to Jerry Croghan and wife, Laura Croghan, 15th district, no value listed;

Jerry Croghan and wife, Laura Croghan to Omer R. Yoder and wife, Tamera S. Yoder, 15th district, $130,000;

Brian Kesterson to Laura Lewis Smith, 4th district, $68,000;

April 2

Patty S. Thornton to Terjef Resources LLC, 1st district, $73,000;

Vikki Gail Bewley, executor, to Vikki Gail Bewley, 4th district, no value listed;

Samuel R. Tipton and wife, Billie A. Tipton, to Amanda N. Tipton, subject to a life estate, 14th district, $60,000;

R. Allen Johnson and wife, Pamela B. Johnson, to KRUPA, LLC, 17th district, $225,000;

David A. Rednour to Cathy Smith and Robert Michael Smith, 9th district, $189,000;

Britton King and Gary F. King to Bridgett R. Maskell, 9th and 10th district, $155,000;

Dale G. Lowery to Terri Renee Lowery, 14th district, no value listed;

David Bailey, trustee of the Mary Elizabeth Horne Trust and executor of the estate of Mary Elizabeth Horne, and David Bailey and Cecil Ellenburg, trustees of the Frank M. Horne Family trust, to Freddy L. Wooten, 10th district, $125,000;

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