The following real estate transfers were recorded in the office of Greene County Register of Deeds Joy Rader-Nunnally for Oct. 5-13.

Oct. 5

Evaristo Borunda Reyes to Kristin Rich, 10th district, $140,000;

Angie Bowers to Kristopher J. O’Connor and Holly Noel O’Conner, 10th and 13th district, $340,000;

Billie Joe Thornburg to Nick Ryeek, 17th district, $25,000;

Jessie Dwayne Yokley and wife, Kendra Yokley, to Brian Allen and wife, Doris Allen, 23rd district, $127,500;

Herbert Eugene Isley Jr. and wife, Patricia Gail Isley, to Catrina R. Isley McCall, 12th district, no value listed;

Elaine M. Cemonuk to John Musilli and wife, Rebecca Musilli, 21st district, $250,000;

Ashley D. Reichert, individually as heir-at-law of Betty Ruth Gunter and as administrator of the estate of Betty Ruth Gunter, and Grover Anthony, heir-at-law of Betty Ruth Gunter, to Steven A. Thomas, 22nd district, $10,000;

Richard Alan Arwood, personal representative of the estate of Mary R. Bettis and devisee under the last will and testament of Mary R. Bettis, and Michael Lloyd Arwood, devisee under the last will and testament of Mary R. Bettis, to Charles Raupach, 10th district, $189,900;

Sam Britton to Rebecca L. Hansen, 13th district, $483,150;

Ronald G. Yokley and wife, Barbara Y. Yokley, to Jessie Dwayne Yokley and wife, Kendra Yokley, 13th district, $200,000;

James and Theresa Waddle to Lesey Peters and Dekota Peters, 1st district, $30,000;

Oct. 6

Barbara Salza to Sean Michael Elliott and Mary Allison Elliott, 1st district, $90,000;

Tonya Gayle Fellers to Wayne E. Dixon and wife, Lisa A. Dixon, 15th district, $32,000;

Kenneth Winterbauer and Gail M. Winterbauer to Randall Wittig and Mercedes Wiittig, 2nd district, $3,000;

Linda Carole Chamness and Phyllis Shane McLean to Hobert T. Harris Jr. and wife, Debra Kay Harris, 3rd district, $200,000;

Arthur Ralph Barnello Jr. and wife, Roxanne Hay Barnello, to Mary E. Burke and David R. Burke, 22nd district, $99,750;

Kenneth C. Griffin and Leanna E. Griffin, and Brie E. Griffin to Line Drive Properties, LLC, 10th district, $100,000;

Abigail M. Sherman and William Carl Sherman to Isabel Vazquez Garcia and Omar Antonio Arroyo Covarrubias, 25th district, $138,000;

Limestone Construction Company, Inc., to Curtis L. Brown and wife, Cynthia R. Brown, 10th district, $345,900;

Oct. 7

Albert Jose Nichols to Shiela Myers, 11th district, $75,000;

Jamie Christian and Lori Christian to Gary Mendenhall and Ismhmati G. Tiwari, 8th district, $240,000;

Gary Lynn Chandley and wife, Tina Lee Chandley, to William Joseph Platania and Mary Rita Plantania, 13th district, $241,000;

Billy W. Cleek and Beverly J. Cleek to Eric A. Richardson and wife, Tamara N. Richardson, 17th district, $4,500;

Steve Starnes to Penny Starnes, 17th district, no value listed;

Michael Alan Eddington, Leah Mantooth and Jerry Lynn Eddington II to Doyle H. Carter and Charlene D. Carter, 5th district, $270,000;

David Ball and Kaye Ball to Warren Shores, 10th district, 140,000;

Gautam Patel to David B. Julian and wife, Hannah R. Julian, 18th district, $45,000;

John Dunn Carter and wife, Patricia D. Carter, to Jeffrey A. Thies and Elizabeth R. Thies, co-trustees of the Thies family revocable trust, 1st district, $147,000;

Efrain Oviedo to Marvin Santos and Rina Martinez, 10th district, $50,000;

Oct. 8

Y&K Properties to 16 Properties, 9th district, no value listed;

Adam Shelton and wife, Candice Shelton, to Christopher Lee Carter and wife, Gina Dawn Carter, 20th district, $281,400;

Robert L. Horton and wife, Alicia S. Horton, to John A. Tedford and wife, Pebble S. Tedford, and John Scott Tedford, 8th district, $480,000;

William Jarvis to Holly L. Hollar and husband, Alan Q. Hollar, 17th district, $79,900;

Ronald L. Mitchell and wife, Doris Mitchell, to Roger W. Blake and Penny L. Reaves, 23rd district, $101,000;

Timothy M. Jones to Karen Dee DellaPenna, 4th district, $1,647;

Keneth R. Shaw, trustee of the Kenneth R. Shaw trust, to Kenneth R. Shaw, 22nd district, no value listed;

The Thomas Lowell Smith living trust to Andre Troyer and Jordan Troyer, 15th district, $32,200;

Cody Knight and Rachel Knight to Jessica Lea Payne, 10th district, $255,000;

Linda Sue McNeese, subject to a life estate, to Brian Keith Carrick, 18th district, $260,000;

Heather Eileen McNally-Gonzalez and Michael Scott Gonzalez, to Kurtis David Miller and wife, Tammy Aynn Miller, 10th district, $301,000;

Sharon Stolzenbach to Sharon Stolzenbach and Donna Bittinger, 10th district, no value listed;

Marie Alice Davis to Randy Allen Davis, 18th district, no value listed;

Marie Alice Davis to Randy Allen Davis, 18th district, no value listed;

Larry E. Shelton to Patricia Waites Shelton, 1st district, no value listed;

Kathryn K. Fleenor to Mary Lou Fleenor, personal representative of the estate of Paul Shawn Fleenor, 17th district, no value listed;

Mary Lou Fleenor, personal representative of the estate of Paul Shawn Fleenor, and Mary Lou Fleenor, individually, to Craig A. Wilcox, 17th district, $368,500;

Oct. 11

Patty Sue Thornton to Robert Allen Buckles II and Amanda Buckles, 10th district, $65,000;

Joseph H. Parker and Joan Parker to Nicholas Ryan Kinsler and Nakeshia N. Rasnake, 19th district, $143,500;

James D. Sensabaugh to Wendy I. Nicholson, 4th district, $203,000;

Bradson Humphreys and his spouse, Tabitha Humphreys, and Morga McHone to Branson Humphreys, 10th district, no value listed;

Terjef Resources, LLC, to Daniel Colyer and wife, Angela Colyer, 12th district, $200,000;

Mark S. Morris to Sam Britton, 11th district, $120,000;

Joann Southerland to Betty Johnson, 10th district, $160,000;

William A. Gott and wife, Beverly J. Gott, to Lamont Pompey Jr. and Samantha Myers, 13th district, no value listed;

William E. Moody and wife, Cherie M. Moody, to William E. Moody and wife, Cherie m. Moody, and Justin Gimeno and wife, Kristen Gimeno, 23rd district, no value listed;

Margaret Cobble and George Van Buskirk to Lanna Taylor Van Buskirk, 10th district, no value listed;

Cletis J. Bishop and Linda L. Bishop, to David Banks, 9th district, $50,050;

Daniel R. Medley and wife, Jeanine E. Medley, to Michael Senseman and wife, Sherri Senseman, 9th district, $315,000;

State of Tennessee to Chris Lady, 10th district, $40,000;

Phyllis A. Stowers to Shannon B. Starnes and wife, Lisa D. Starnes, 11th district, $60,000;

Oct. 12

Brian Keith Carrick to Michelle G. Carrick, 18th district, no value listed;

Patrick James and Avery Myers to Avery Myers, 10th district, no value listed;

Robert B. Ettenborough and Karen L. Biggins to Robert B. Ettenborough, trustee, of the Ettenborough revocable trust, 10th district, $1;

Frances G. Doyle to Daniel Nordheim and wife, Mary K. Nordheim, 9th district, $81,000;

Mark S. Moody and wife, Patricia A. Moody, to Mark S. Moody and Patricia A. Moody, trustees of the Moody community property trust, 15th district, no value listed;

Letitia Love to Talitha Davidson, 17th district, $68,000;

Jack E. Garrett to Timothy A. Shanks and Jerry A. Shanks, 10th district, $50,000;

Logan Lee Tweed and wife, Tyanna Tweed, to Brent J. Gabel and Amber L. Gabel, 18th district, $184,000;

Kevin Sweeney and Patricia Rinaldi to Ralph Wendling and wife, Constance Wendling, 3rd district, $135,000;

Oct. 13

Sharon Cooter to Ashley Nicole Norton, 8th district, $135,900;

Alyce D. Greene to Earnest Fellers and Judy Fellers, 2nd district, no value listed;

Tara L. Dencker to Robert Hannon, 8th district, no value listed;

Joe E. Harmon to Dylan Jackson, 12th district, $26,100;

Ricky D. Frye to Edward Anthony Kotynski and wife, Janet Gail Kotynski, 8th district, $240,000;

Gallick Properties, LLC, to Ryan R. Farms, 22nd district, $282,000;

Brad Ellenburg to Tennelina, LLC, 21st district, $21,000;

Linda Lou Ramsey to Ricky L. Moore, 10th district, no value listed;

Norma E. Saucier to Arden L. Kinkel and wife, Debra P. Kunkel, 13th district, $1,000;

Robin Roberts to Francis R. Avola, 10th district, $187,000;

Jamie R. Wisenberg to Jamie R. Wisenberg and husband, Lee Edward Wisenberg, 23rd district, no value listed;

Thomas R. Covington to Elizabeth Irene Covington, 22nd district, no value listed;

Chandler Thomas Barham to Brett V. Garland, 14th district, $111,600;

Nancy Simerly to Nancy Simerly, trustee of the Nancy Simerly living trust, 13th and 18th district, no value listed;

Brenda Campbell and husband, Edward Grey Campbell, to Brenda Campbell and husband, Edward Grey Campbell, and Trinity Leigh-Ann Calton, 17th district, no value listed;

Jerry Adams to Linda S. Carter, 11th district, no value listed;

Eddie H. O’Brien to the O’Brien family irrevocable trust, 10th district, no value listed;

Roy C. Arwine Jr. to Heather R. Scott, 11th district, $156,650;

Morgan Inn Corporation to LMD Technologies, LLC, 10th district, $185,000

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