The following real estate transfers were recorded in the office of Greene County Register of Deeds Joy Rader-Nunnally for Oct. 29-Nov. 5.

Oct. 29

Mackie Wolf Zientz and Mann, P.C., substitute trustee, to Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB, 15th district, $160,504.42;

Tracy Gass to Jennifer Gass, 10th district, no value listed;

Tonya Gayle Fellers to Timothy Delaney, 15th district, $235,000;

Lisa Bowman Anderson to Cindy H. Bowman, 25th district, no value listed;

Gene Lawrence to Brian Keeton and wife, Kathryn Keeton, 22nd district, $160,000;

Eric Frye and wife, Lana Frye, to Ronny Partin, 24th district, $75,000;

Christopher Cody Malone to Steve Holland and Joyce Holland, 19th district, $158,000;

Billie Joe Kirk to Lori K. Dean, subject to a life estate, 5th district, no value listed;

Roger Dale Myers, Revonda G. Kiker, Michael R. Looney and Wilma C. Shipley to All Ready Home, LLC, 22nd district, $130,500;

Roger Dale Myers, Revonda G. Kiker, Michael R. Looney and Wilma C. Shipley to John Fanning and Alissia Conover, 22nd district, $35,500;

Teresa M. Morrell to Brent J. Rutherford, 13th district, $201,000;

Gregory J. Grimm to Michael Previtera, 10th district, $110,000;

Bethany J. Collins and Marvella Taylor to Albert Menard and wife, Elizabeth Menard, 14th district, $254,000;

Bob Franklin to Thomas J. Murray III and wife, Laura A. Murray, 12th district, $360,000;

Edward C. Peters Jr. and wife, Marsha E. Peters, to Robby Sharp and wife, Shanna Sharp, 10th district, $130,000;

Nov. 1

Douglas T. Hubbard and Wendy Bowden to Douglas T. Hubbard, 10th district, no value listed;

Randall L. Wilburn to Jamie Vosburgh and wife, Melissa Vosburgh, 8th and 23rd district, $9,000;

Adam Webb to Dream Catchers LLC, 10th district, $5,000;

Kenneth Meadors to George Croteau and Shirley Simpson, 7th district, $117,000;

Jackie Edward Ball III to Mitchell Tayler Powers, 10th district, $220,000;

James Edward Bible, Teresa Dian Cutshall and Ricky Wayne Bible to Alan Gonzalez, Matthew Gonzalez and maria Gonzalez, 9th district, $128,000;

Double B Investments, LLC, to Thomas Ryan Johnson, 15th district, $11,500;

Gloria Susong and Andrea Daniels to Brandon Thomas Hughes and wife, Stephanie Faith Hughes, 10th district, $155,000;

Luther W. Malone to Herman William Malone and wife, Rhoda Pauline Malone, 11th district, $27,000;

Blue Sky Mining Company, G.P. to Tommy Hensley, 1st district, $7,800;

Christopher Gene Hileman, individually and as personal representative of the estate of Ernest Gene Hilemon, to Matthew L. Hensley and wife, Ashley N. Hensley, 22nd district, $725,000;

Lynnis Faye Stanton and Tony Burgner to Dustin Jon Williams, 13th district, no value listed;

Michey A. Tobie and wife, Jodie L. Tobie, to Thomas Cook and wife, Brittany Cook, 10th district, $225,000;

Carolyn Carlton to Bobbi Carole Franklin, 13th district, no value listed;

Vicky D. Cutshall to Brittany Cobble, 13th district, $165,000;

Heather McCombs to Heather McCombs and husband, Matthew McCombs, 10th district, no value listed;

Fletcher Walter Stephens, Mary Katherine Scrudder, Virginia Ann Webb and Barbara Jean Maciariello to Eugene Reichardt and wife, Angela Reichardt, 14th district, $359,000;

Sherry Woodby, Diana Seay, David Woodby Jr., Daniel Woodby, Dustin Woodby and jeremy Woodby, devisees under the last will and testament of Peggy Woodby, to Jason Scott Earls, 4th district, $225,000;

Kenneth L. Harrison and wife, Phyllis G. Harrison, to Jeffrey L. Harrison and Brian E. Harrison, subject to a life estate, 13th district, no value listed;

Sallie Ann Gilbert, personal representative of the estate of Jonnie Irene King, to Sallie Ann Gilbert, 8th district, no value listed;

Samuel P. Heitmann to Eric D. Scott and wife, Leslie M. Scott, 15th district, $29,500;

Monticello Properties, LLC, to 615 Asheville Investents LLC, 10th district, $215,000;

M. Alan Moore Jr., personal representative of the estate of Ronald Jones and as trustee of the revocable living trust for Ronald Jones, to C&C Millwright Maintenance Company, Inc., 19th district, $150,000;

Craig A. Easterly and wife, Heather D. Easterly, to Wautanna Stansfield and Donald Stansfield III, 13th district, $251,500;

Rhonda Erwin Kershaw and Edward Kersaw to Amy Leigh Shelton, 10th district, $120,500;

Mitzi Helbert, Patricia Hall, Randy Cansler and Jerry Cansler to Dusty Keller and wife, Mary Denise Keller, 19th district, $60,000;

Cecil R. Carter to Dean Garati and Annamarie Kathleen Carroll, 11th district, $54,000;

Ashley Lynn Fellows, Jessica Fellers and David Allen Fellows II to John R. Carter Sr. and Jerry B. Helker, 2nd district, $75,000;

Nov. 2

Hal Wisecarver and wife, Linda S. Wisecarver, and Tim Wisecarver and wife, Cindy Wisecarver, to Elizabeth G. Woodson, 4th district, $300,000;

David Gulley Jr. and wife, Maranda Gulley, to David I. Salyer and wife, Kathy Salyer, 6th district, $160,000;

James Russell Pryor and Laura Kimberlee Pryor to David Treptow, 10th district, $352,000;

Mitchell Taylor Powers to Chloe D. Powers, 10th district, no value listed;

Dannette Slack and Richard Slack to Ramon Morales Ramos, 5th district, $75,000;

Robert L. Turner and wife, Gloria Kay Turner, to Fredrick Carl Turner II, 6th district, $1,000;

Jason D. Harshman and Cathy Harshman to Leslie A. Hatton and Lynne Ann Hatton, 16th district, $500,000;

Frank D. Neely and wife, Erika Neely, to Dustin R. McMahan and Sarah McMahan, 18th district, $158,000;

Connie Thornburg to Samuel C. Tipton, 14th district, $145,000;

William Carroccio Jr. and Penney Caroccio Anderson to Penney Carroccio Anderson, 9th district, no value listed;

Roger Dale Myers, Revonda G. Kiker, Michael R. Looney and Wilma C. Shipley to John T. Seaton and Jackie L. Seaton, 22nd district, $223,850;

Roger Dale Myers, Revonda G. Kiker, Michael R. Looney and Wilma C. Shipley to Johnny A. Reaves and Keith A. Reaves, 22nd district, $37,000;

Lorrie Ann Parton to Adan Belvins and Floyd Gillespie, 10th district, $8,700;

William Gordon Walsh and Tracy Lynn Cowan to William Gordon Walsh and Tracy Lynn Cowan, 24th district, no value listed;

Nov. 3

Matthew Stanley to Hunter Guy and wife, Kasey Guy, 17th district, $251,000;

Joseph Kratzer to Cathy Brown, 19th district, $35,000;

Michael Anthony Parker, executor of the estate of Mary Evelyn Taylor Higgins, to Rickey B. Parker and Michael A. Parker, 17th district, no value listed;

A. Keith Livingston, trustee, to William Knight and wife, Patricia Knight, 5th district, $21,000;

Patricia Bowers to Christopher T. Bowers and wife, Janessa Bowers, 15th district, no value listed;

Nina D. Shipley to Amber Belt and Christopher Belt Jr., 10th district, no value listed;

Robert W. Glover, trustee of the Glover Tennessee Community Property trust, to ZB Eagle Partners Limited Partnership, 10th district, $799,000;

Nov. 4

Crystal West to Jordan Chase Marsh, 13th district, $158,000;

Linda Diane Ragon and Kasey Johnson to John Dushane and wife, Tina Dushane, 19th district, no value listed;

Mary S. Miller to James Lee Miller and wife, Barbara Chupp Miller, 15th district, $400,000;

Crystal Denis Parman to Steven L. Parman, 23rd district, no value listed;

Ray Britt to Claude Tweed, 19th district, $35,000;

Brad A. Jacobs to Nichole Jacobs, 4th district, no value listed;

Nichole Jacobs to Brad Jacobs, 3rd district, no value listed;

Billy Kesterson and wife, Nancy Kesterson, to William R. Knight Jr. and wife, Pamela S. Knight, 4th district, $125,000;

Linda Sykes to John Curry and wife, Dianne Curry, 12th district, $210,000;

J Mark Properties, LLC, to John Mark Kelly, trustee of th J. Mark Kelly family trust, 11th district, no value listed;

Billy J. McCamy to Matthew George McCamy, 17th district, no value listed;

David Roberts, Kim Roberts, and Rebecca Miller and husband, Gerald G. Miller, to Michael J. Brown and Amanda L. Jordan Brown, 8th district, $350,000;

Nov. 5

Mark M. Powell to Mark M. Powell and Colleen Faye Powell, 22nd district, no value listed;

Nancy Haney and Carol Bolander to Jeffrey Talbot Haney and wife, Nancy DeSanka, and Carol Bolander, 13th district, no value listed;

Prescilla Reyes Keeney and Eric Lee Keeney to Gerardo Mejia Morales and Clauci Olivares Gutierrez, 13th district, 315,000;

Kenneth Yearwood and wife, Patricia Yearwood, to Franklin A. Wheeler and wife, Sue Hui Wheeler, 24th district, $124,000;

Rocky Luster to Jeff Barden and wife, Sandra Barden, 10th district, $4,000;

Jimmy H. Hill and John T. Seaton to Harvey L. Hardin and wife, Tabitha L. Hardin, 10th district, $20,000;

Ray Ramser to Bobby Brown and wife, Susan M. Brown, 21st district, $25,500;

David W. Smith and wife, Kathy M. Smith, to Susan M. Brown and husband, Jesse William Brown, 21st district, no value listed;

David A. Frost and Dorothy A. Frost to Frank L. Lunsford and wife, Christine M. Lunsford, 3rd district, $60,300;

Roger Dale Myers, Revonda G. Kiker, Michael R. Looney and Wilma C. Shipley to Gary J. Pelletier and wife, Terri A. Pelletier, 22nd district, $17,000;

Sidney Mason and wife, Melody L. Mason, to David Shane Campbell and wife, Wanda J. Campbell, 11th district, $36,000;

Monica Webster, Timothy Webster, Stephen Webster and Winston Webster to Teresa Windham, 1st district, no value listed;

Billy J. Cornwell and Glenda Gayle White to Kevin S. Cornwell, Ron D. Cornwell and Denise B. Fillers, 18th district, $200,000;

Gary A. Jubar and wife, Leslie A. Jubar, to Connie Whitson, Kylie Phelps and Dekota Phelps, 10th district, $50,000;

Harriett B. Roberts, Olivia R. Lodge and Brent B. Roberts to Richard H. Roberts, 10th district, no value listed

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