The following real estate transfers were recorded in the office of Greene County Register of Deeds Joy Rader-Nunnally for Sept. 16-24.

Sept. 16

Howard Collins, sole trustee and presiding elder of Plesant Vale Cumberland Presbyterian Church, to Clifford E. Norte and wife, Susan W. Norte, 15th district, $2,500;

Tamara M. Reaves to Michael Saxton and wife, Robin Wehrle, 10th district, $730,000;

Marcus J. Starnes and wife, Vicky Starnes, and Jimmy Lee Starnes and wife, Brenda A. Starnes, to Steven R. Smeester and wife, Sandra Weeks Smeester, 9th district, $430,000;

Frank A. David Jr. and Cheryl L. David to Richard Wayne Shorman and wife, pamela Diane Shorman, 12th district, $295,000;

Joshua David Myers and wife, Dara Rae Myers, to Juan Fernando Monsalve and wife, Georgina Campose, 10th district, $234,000;

Jeff Jackson to Dakota N. Melton, 21st district, $15,460;

Patsy Smith to Joanie Cook, 23rd district, no value listed;

Brenda Lee Stook and Morgan Elyse Johnston to Americo Rodreiques and Kimberly Rodriguez, 12th district, $395,000;

Linda Carlton and husband, Scott Wynn, to Daniel Cooke and Kristen Cooke, 9th district, $177,500;

Michael E. Cobble and Connie Cobble, and Timothy G. Gobble to Charles A. Rogers and Pamela T. Rogers, and Michael Rogers, 19th district, $319,000;

Signal Mountain Group, LLC, to Anthony Charles Monroe, 23rd district, $65,000;

Sept. 17

Jeremy S. Hodges and Megan Hodges to Alicia Jeanene Nowotarski and Joseph Michael Nowotarski, 15th district, $174,700;

Sherry Woodby, executrix of the estate of Peggy Woodby, and Sherry Woodby, Diana Seay, David Woodby Jr., Dustin Woodby, Daniel Woodby and Jeremy Woodby, individually as heirs of the estate of Peggy Woodby, to Susan Kay Poggemeyer and husband, Virgil Glen Poggemeyer, 4th district, $172,500;

Duane Uhls to Gilberto A. Gonzalez and wife, Sheila K. Gonzalez, 22nd district, $59,500;

Lillie Jane Edwards, executrix of the estate of Faye H. Roberts, to Shawn David Virgil and wife, Jennifer Layne Virgil, 23rd district, $390,000;

Eric D. Scott and wife, Leslie M. Scott, to Jonnie Hugh Hensley, subject to a life estate, 13th district, $59,980;

Ronald L. Fannin to Ronald L. Fannin, Kari E. Shouse and Kelly E. Bennett, 13th district, no value listed;

Randall Crisp to Latasia Crisp, 4th district, no value listed;

Randall Keith Crisp to Latasia Hawkins Crisp, 23rd district, $1;

Greeneville Federal Bank, FSB, to Kyle Boren and wife, Courtney Boren, 13th district, $34,900;

Marion Woodby to Jean Anne Woodby, 1st district, no value listed;

Wirt Properties to Charnita Hammonds and husband, Wesley Hammonds, 10th district, $7,000;

Roger Harris and wife, Marilyn Harris, to Leah Louise Harris, 19th district, no value listed;

Sept. 20

Jeffrey Thomas Bailey, trustee of the Russell Z. and Marilyn C. Bailey revocable trust, to Jeffrey Thomas Bailey, 1st district, no value listed;

Andrew Hope to Carole Barrett, 10th district, $205,000;

Chloe Danielle Powers to Walker Brown and wife, Sarah A. Brown, 10th district, $120,000;

James B. Talbert and wife, Helen L. Talbert, to Larry Virgil Taylor and wife, Linda Lee Taylor, 18th district, $194,000;

Glenda E. Langworthy and Davida L. McNeal to Sean D. Bontrager and wife, Lorraine a. Bontrager, 12th district, $225,000;

Steve Starnes to Jerry Crawford and Pansy M. Crawford, 17th district, no value listed;

Duane Uhls to Gregory W. Musselwhite and wife, Melanie L. Musselwhite, 19th district, $145,000;

B.J. Broyles and wife, Nancy Broyles, to Thomas A. Broyles, 10th district, no value listed;

Idell Construction Company, Inc., to Cynthia L. Vogt, 10th district, $328,000;

Ronnie F. Whitson to Volunteer Home Solutions, LLC, 21st district, $105,000;

Sept. 21

Wesley Dean Dowell to Lynn Lamons, 23rd district, $8,500;

Melanie Hendrickson to Angela R. Brooks, 10th district, $275,000;

Bob Baird to Gary Frank Germany, 23rd district, $645,000;

Keith Russell to McKenna J. Varney, 6th district, $14,800;

Gordon P. Hoppe to Gordon P. Hoppe, trustee of the Hoppe trust, 9th district, no value listed;

Marcia Fudge, Secretary of HUD, to William R. Stewart, 3rd district, $153,693;

Lindsay D. Carberry and Cody A. Carberry to Ryan L. Robertson and Wendy Robertson, 17th district, $450,000;

Travis Cooter to Raymond W. Tertocha and Carol A. Tertocha, 1st district, $255,000;

William R. Gott to Angela Y. Ayers, 10th district, $142,500;

Steven Cooper and wife, Courtney E. Cooper, to Larry Hal Laughlin, 10th district, $255,000;

Sept. 22

Norman Ricker and Daniel Sullivan, co-executors of the estate of William M. Moore, to Joseph Accurso and B. Renee Accurso, trustees of the Joseph Accurso living trust, 9th district, $355,000;

Jerry R. Harmon, Karen S. Dollar and Keith Harmon to Guy Thompson, 14th district, $60,000;

W.H. Whaley to Doug A. Fillers, 23rd district, $3,300;

William W. Cutshaw and wife, Tincy Cutshaw, to William W. Cutshaw Jr., 13th district, $125,000;

Julia L. McDowell to Brenda L. Webb, 9th district, $205,000;

Jesse Price and wife, Janice I. Price, to Clayton Richard King, 9th district, $135,000;

Todd M. Miller and Leigh Z. Miller, to Dylan Yates and wife, Emily Yates, 13th district, 309,900;

Mark D. Edmonds, executor of the estate of Ralph Emmett Martin, The Bridge Home No Kill Animal Rescue Washington County, Johnson City Animal Control Center, Inc., and Greeneville-Greene County Humane Society, Inc., to Andrew Cox and wife, Lauren Cox, 17th district, $140,000;

Samuel P. Thomas and wife, Huichun Thomas, Sydney Meng Thomas and Olivia Meng Thomas to Alex Templeton and wife, Joni Templeton, 24th district, $58,000;

John Crum and wife, Carolyn Crum, to Terry Cooley, 22nd district, $30,000;

Shirley Beach to Blake Jeffery Sowers, subject to a life estate, 17th district, $20,000;

Barbara Kress to Blake Jeffery Sowers, 17th district, no value listed;

Leah Holt and Kevin Foreman to Dennis W. Holt and wife, Jackie L. Holt, 25th district, $100,000;

Sept. 23

Mark D. Edmonds, executor of the estate of Ralph Emmett Martin, The Bridge Home No Kill Animal Rescue Washington County, Johnson City Animal Control Center, Inc., and Greeneville-Greene County Humane Society, Inc., to Rance Merkel, 17th district, $185,000;

Johnny Birdwell to Ann Birdwell, 3rd district, no value listed;

Nicholas Filarelli to Craig Douglas Wood and wife, Carrie Ann Wood, 13th district, $193,000;

Ricky Joe Mathes to Martha B. Mathes, 23rd district, no value listed;

Deborah Sumrall to Jacob Creed Knipp and Benjamin Warner Knipp, subject to a life estate, 10th district, $58,758.40;

Sarah Young to Janis Young, 12th district, no value listed;

Janis Young to Jason D. Moorman and Amanda L. Moorman, 12th district, $287,000;

Larry Ledford and wife, Kathy Ledford, to Randy Harmon and wife, Tanya Harmon, 14th district, $220,000;

Dwayne Loring Covington and wife, Angela Michelle Covington, to Robert L. Holland and wife, Connie S. Holland, 12th district, $165,000;

Philip L. Robertson, substitute trustee, to 21st Mortgage Corp., 11th district, $32,983.13;

Sept. 24

Linda Easterling, Ronald Peters, Mark Peters and Barbara Page to Joseph D. Petropoulos and Patricia T. Bausch, 51th district, $311,000;

Patricia Roberts and Debra Howell Johnson to Gary Tipton and wife, Cynthia Tipton, 15th district, $40,000;

Barbara Shelton to Dale M. Wilson and wife, Susan M. Wilson, 9th district, $118,000;

Amanda Savage to Jason W. Savage and Amanda Savage, 11th district, no value listed;

Dylan Yates and Emily Yates to Henry L. Griffin and Tracy Boggier, 2nd district, $160,000;

Gerald S. Odom Jr. and Donna Odom to Brad Hawkins and wife, Alena Hawkins, 10th district, $309,900;

Anna E. Douthat to Cayman A. Nava, 14th district, $156,000;

Thomas Wayne Wills and Amy Best to Joel B. Mullett and Alexia M. Headrick, 21st district, $256,500;

Christopher J. Nicely to Tara Mignon Anderson, 10th district, $101,000;

Harry Carmichael Garrison and Michael Jason Garrison to Nathan William Head and wife, Arianna Lea Head, 3rd district, $185,000;

Courtney Alexandra Tweed, individually and as administratix of the estate of Sandra Maceyko Tweed, to PCP LLC, 22nd district, $82,900;

Michael David Hoss and wife, Sarah V. Hoss, to Jeffrey A. Cobble, trustee of the Michael David Hoss and Sarah V. Hoss irrevocable living trust, 14th district, no value listed;

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