The following real estate transfers were recorded in the office of Greene County Register of Deeds Joy Rader-Nunnally for Sept. 8-15.

Sept. 8

Wanda J. Baines to Wanda J. Baines, trustee of the Wanda J. Baines living trust, 14th district, no value listed;

Glenda A. Langworthy and Kendra L. Sittig to Charles E. Chase and wife, Amanda L. Chase, 4th district, $24,000;

Eleanor S. Heininger to Leslie Mark Allen and wife, April Michelle Allen, 9th district, $15,500;

Daniel Bradley Weems to Bethany Danielle Weems, 7th district, no value listed;

Andrew Bogulski and wife, Janice Bogulski, to Jill B. Panter, 22nd district, $100,000;

John Henry Thorpe and wife, Lana Janean Thorpe, to Daniel Goforth and wife, Sbarina Goforth, 23rd district, $115,000;

James V. Carter and wife, Deeanna M. Carter, to Samuel Bowers Hawkins, trustee of the Samuel Bowers Hankins revocable living trust, 11th district, no value listed;

James V. Carter and wife, Deeanna M. Carter, to Don Albano and Victoria Albano, trustees of the Don Albano and Victoria Albano revocable trust, 11th district, $136,000;

Todd Russell and spouse, Deborah Russell, to Angie M. Tyler, 10th district, $243,500;

Nancy Bowman to Connie Diane McKay, 17th district, no value listed;

Ballick Properties, LLC, to Kenneth W. Hartman II, 13th district, $51,000;

Sept. 9

Harold T. Weller to Beverly Ann Weller, subject to a life estate, 10th district, no value listed;

Harold Weller to Vicky Lynn Johnson and Douglas Harold Wells, subject to a life estate, 3rd district, no value listed;

Kelly Rollyson and wife, Edna Rollyson, and life estate interest of Pansye Rollyson, to Pansye Rollyson and Eric Rollyson, 23rd district, no value listed;

Jimmy Bowman and wife, Shirley Bowman, to Logan Lane, 23rd district, $50,000;

First Horizon Bank to ICG Investments Vehicle, LLC, 10th district, no value listed;

First Horizon Bank to ICG Investment Vehicle, LLC, 10th district, $255,000;

Doris Allen, William Shelton, Lori Irwin, David Shelton, Debbie Bailey, Angela Hensley, Shawn Shelton, Stephanie Shelton, Bridget Cutshall, Stephen Shelton J. and Jalyssa Shelton to Debbie Bailey and husband, Dennis Bailey, 2nd district, no value listed;

Gary W. Hoese to Keith Kitts, 10th district, $170,000;

Gloria M. Felts to Alicia Felts Jones, 13th district, no value listed;

Justin Lee Merkel to Brent Clay Stills and wife, Stephanie Allen Stills, 23rd district, $180,000;

Lilliam M. Barnes to Dillion James Seay and wife, Robin Michelle Seay, 7th district, $27,500;

Tammy Baines to Rickie E. Morgan, 9th district, $85,000;

Bruce Lemons and wife, Mary Lemons, to Package Express Centers Inc., 12th district, $188,900;

Vickie Landers to Anne Rehn, 10th district, $150,000;

Brenda Jane Whitson to Jerry Lee Whitson and Tina Mae White, 14th district, no value listed;

Kasey Johnson to Tina DuShane and husband, John DuShane, 19th district, $85,000;

Debbie Baumgart to Kimberly Michelle Arrowood and husband, Garlad Jeffrey Arrowood, 11th district, $299,900;

Dorothy Chaney Davis to Dede Eggleston, 6th district, no value listed;

Sept. 10

Scott Fellows and wife, Lori Fellows, to Michael W. Anderson and Dina B. Anderson, 1st district, $66,000;

Robin Barnett and wife, Emily Barnett, to Sandra Blanchard, 24th district, $280,000;

Billy Jack Bowers and Milburn B. Bowers to Alex P. Sumerall, 3rd district, $81,200;

Francesca Madi to Charles N. Kreeger, 15th district, $175,000;

Thomas R. Flaglor and wife, Susan L. Flaglor, to Emma M. Steel and husband, Kenneth C. Steel, 8th district, $385,000;

Scarlett G. Sinks Harmon and husband, John M. Harmon, to Tyrone Anderson, 13th district, $135,000;

Hugh Martin Kiker, Steve Allen Kiker and Vickie Alma Jones to Brandon Lee Webb, 3rd district, $155,000;

Javier Velazquez Morales to Jamie Gonzalez Galvan and wife, Araceli Gonzalez Esponoza, 10th district, $110,000;

Sept. 13

Donald Edwin Claiborne and Cleve Brock Claiborne to Dylan A. Brown, 24th district, $53,000;

Karen France to Bryson Hunter Griffey, 9th district, no value listed;

Dharmen Patel and Nila Patel, co-trustees of the Dharmen Patel living trust, and Dharmen Patel and Nila Patel, co-trustees of the Nila Patel living trust, to Tennessee Homes Construction Company, LLC, 10th district, $40,000;

Nathan Huff and wife, Dorothy Huff, to Thomas Phipps, 7th district, $25,900;

Christopher S. Long and wife, Alexandria Long, to Donovan Warner Metcalf and wife, Kimberly Beth Metcalf, 14th district, $180,000;

Idell Construction Co. Inc. to Jimmy Lynn Leonard, 10th district, $239,000;

Jeffrey A. Cobble, administrator of the estatte of Ronald Eugene Farmer, to Rebecca A. Boldt, 8th district, $145,500;

Sherry Watson, personal representative of the estate of James Carson Lawson, to James Samuel Lawson, Christy Leigh Paysinger and Sherry Diane Watson, individually, to Aris M. Hileman and Tyler R. Armstrong, 7th district, $238,500;

CMH Homes, Inc., to Curtis W. Lavergne and wife, Shirley Eudema Lavergne, 19th district, $189,933;

Scott Jackson to Billy G. Wells II and wife, Danetta L. Ramey-Wells, 1st district, $23,500;

Joshua A. Weems and wife, Brandi Danielle Weems, to Geary W. Rodriguez and Francine A. Rodriguez, 23rd district, $250,000;

Deborah Jane Bryant, heir to the estate of Bessie Jane Cox McNew, to James Clayton Wells and wife, Stacey Lynn Wells, 13th district, $199,900;

Tammy C. Bogard to Tammy C. Bogard, 8th district, no value listed;

Richard D. Weddle to Richard D. Weddle and David Weddle, 14th district, no value listed;

Mary Lou Bowlin to Cynthia Adams, 6th district, no value listed;

Ronald D. Hanks and wife, Catherine C. Hanks, to Michael Duarte and wife, Gale Duarte, 21st district, $230,850;

Philip Effler and Carolyn Effler to Omri Spiegel and wife, Nancy Elizabeth Spiegel, 2nd district, $275,000;

Joshua Frye to Kaleb Patrick Trent, 11th district, $140,000;

Charles Jerry Poe to Brenda Poe Carpenter, 5th and 25th district, $195,000;

Brenda Poe Carpenter to Charles Jerry Poe, 10th district, $27,025;

Brenda Poe Carpenter to Charles Jerry Poe, 10th district, $20,000;

Jimmy Crum to Timothy Jesse Randolph and wife, Melissa Rene Randolph, 13th district, $25,000;

Janet Wampler, trustee of the Douglas and Janet Wampler family trust, to Laura Suzette Zinkand and Freddie Lamar Whitt Jr., 19th district, $50,000;

Barbara Doty to John Doty II and Margaret Forni, 16th district, no value listed;

John Doty II and Margaret Forni to Barbara Doty, subject to a life estate, no value listed;

Kristina Shelton to Rebecca Ruth Huling, 10th district, $189,900;

Beverly K. Sheffey to Brandon Ernst and wife, Genny Ernst, 14th district, $100,000;

Leighton F. Boswell and wife, Geneva L. Boswell, to David J. Arthurs and wife, Peggy A. Arthurs, 22nd district, $30,000;

Beverly K. Sheffey to Peggy J. Culpepper, Gregory Wade Culpepper and Charles Anthony Culpepper, 1st district, $320,000;

Sally Lou Holliday to Darrell Roger Gaskins and wife, Peam Airmittie Gaskins, 10th district, $129,000;

Whitney Fender and Samantha Fender to James David and Colleen Davis, 10th district, $6,000;

Kristin King-Fox, James King Jr. and Mark King to Anchor Properties Group, Inc., 8th district, $24,000;

Sandra Gail Weems to Terry D. Scott and wife, Danyell M. Scott, 14th district, $100,000;

John B. Bradley Jr. to Tommy L. Stevens Jr., 17th district, $65,000;

Jared Jerome Kite to Gary Turnipseed and Cathy Turnipseed, 1st district, $675,000;

Sept. 15

Travis Cooter to Carol Ann Johns and Evelyn S. Johns, 1st district, $260,000;

Joseph D. Pagoria and wife, Sandra Pagoria, to Robert Christopher Holley, 13th district, $337,000;

Denise M. Sheppard to Joshua Ryan Shores, 10th district, $219,500;

Joshua Ryan Shores to Joshua Ryan Shores and Tabitha Nichole Wandell, 10th district, no value listed;

Jennifer S. Ricker Gross to Garrett W. Gross, 22nd district, no value listed;

Frank H. Parker and his wife, Bonnie Marie Parker, to Micah Ian McCray and wife, Christina Ann McCray, 10th district, $220,000;

Tammy R. Gartman to Tammy R. Gartman, 9th district, no value listed;

Judy C. Harrison to Richard Charles Harrison, 15th district, no value listed;

Gary Johnson, personal representative of the estate of Judy Ann Thomas, to Gary Johnson, 10th district, no value listed;

Earlene Misener to Earlene Misener, 10th district, no value listed;

Audrey Eugene Swatzell to Judith Naomi Sexton, 24th district, $3,000;

Patricia Marie Solomon to Tracy Dorian Solomon, 10th district, no value listed;

Shree Siddhivinayaka LLC to Kanti LLC, 10th district, $1,800,000;

Owen Parrish to Beverly Ann Perrish, 19th district, $6,674;

Brock & Scott, PLLC, substitute trustee, to Village Capital & Investment LLC, 19th district, $41,160

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