The following real estate transfers were recorded in the office of Greene County Register of Deeds Joy Rader-Nunnally for Dec. 11-21.

Dec. 11

Kathleen Hartshorne, trustee of the Hartshorne living trust, to Rowan Sylvia and Elizabeth Cron, 20th district, $89,000;

Kellie Michelle Hensley to Kellie Michelle Wheeler and Mickey Lee Wheeler, 14th district, no value listed;

Randall Walker to Jonathan Peter Devane Jr., 23rd district, $80,000;

Marilyn Badenhope to John R. Badenhope, 2nd district, $241,000;

Sally Neas Allen to Charlie A. rowe and wife, Vicky D. Rowe, 3rd district, $259,900;

James M. Wagner to James M. Wagner and Peggy S. Wagner, 10th district, no value listed;

Albert Thornburg to Wade Thornburg, 17th district, no value listed;

Billy E. Rader Sr. to Samantha Pitera, 9th district, $318,500;

Brenita Long to Lynn S. Henderson, 17th district, $98,000;

Timothy D. Wright and wife, Joyce A. Wright, to Robert G. Jenkins and wife, Jacklyn R. Jenkins, 12th district, $28,000;

Patrick Coclough to Kristina Michelle Hammonds, 16th district, $40,000;

Vernon F. Troxell Jr. and wife, Gwendolyn L. Troxell, to Kent R. Breeding and pamela Breeding, 1st district, $367,500;

Dec. 14

Amanda Lashae Davis and Jeffery Scott Gardner to Deborah Beltiz Pafford, 6th district, $52,000;

Rhonda D. Braden to Ricky Lee Volpe and wife, Carolyn Sue Volpe, 7th district, $107,000;

Scot Floyd and wife, Angel Floyd, to Sean Eric Gebauer and wife, Annette Gail Gebauer, 5th district, $615,000;

Jackie L. Hartman, executor of the estate of Shirley Lou Peters, to Jackie L. Hartman, 20th district, no value listed;

Jackie L. Hartman, executor of the estate of Shirley Lou Peters, to Jennifer Hartman, 20th district, no value listed;

Hull & Marsh, LLC, to Matthew Roberson and wife, Kathryn Roberson, 9th district, $65,000;

Terrie Grubbs, personal representative of the last will and testament of Glenna Katherine Barnes, to timothy W. Barnes, 24th district, no value listed;

James N. Wildman and wife, Karin D. Wildman, to Joshua Pence and wife, Jaime Pence, 3rd district, no value listed;

Isabell L. Garrison to Cynthia Colyer and husband, Robert Colyer, 19th district, $76,251;

Kathleen Gayle Blosser and husband, Brian David Blosser, to Robert A. Gibson and wife, Karen Anna Gibson, 9th district, $27,500;

Scott Solomon to Robert D.. Smith, 19th district, $100,000;

Dec. 15

Jimmie E. Higgins and Betty L. Higgins to Gary T. Baldwin and Judi A. Baldwin, trustees of the Baldwin revocable living trust, 24th district, $505,000;

Kelly B. Aldridge to Line Drive Properties, LLC, 10th district, $40,000;

Tashenna S. Richmond and husband, Ricki L. Richmond, to Ryan M. Burns and wife, Loryn N. Burns, 15th district, $240,000;

Matthew L. Peters and wife, Tracey Lee Peters, to Daniel C. Starkweather and wife, Cynthia A. Starkweather, 9th district, $99,000;

James M. McKinney to Dennis Edward McKinney and wife, Denise McKinney, 1st district, $1;

Scott Fillers to Donika Eileen Firth and husband, Michael Firth, 24th district, $1;

Edward F. Vixcardi and wife, Jody A. Viscardi, to Edward F. Viscardi and Jody A. Viscardi, trustees of the edward F. Viscardi and Jody A. Viscardi revocable living trust, 21st district, no value listed;

Sandra L. Ricker and husband, Donald R. Ricker, to Leslie R. Schuster and wife, Linda A. Schuster, 3rd district, $805,000;

Harry A. Lunsford and wife, Ella M. Lunsford, to Donnie Brooks, d/b/a Donnie Brooks Construction, 18th district, $12,500;

Gayle A. Rexroat to Seth L. Dugger and Jordan D. Dugger, 10th district, $80,000;

Danny Holt to Eugenio Reyna Jr. and Linda Joy Reyna, 6th district, $6,000;

Alice Morgan to Arnold Keith Hooper and Karen Marie Hooper, 14th district, $105,000;

Francis L. Borden Jr. to Jason B. Crawford and wife, Kayla M. Crawford, 17th district, $173,000;

Dec. 16

Frances Mae Dunbar to Mark Laster, 10th district, no value listed;

Jennifer Wall and husband, Mike Wall, to Valorie Marleen Chapman and husband, James Joseph Chapman, 3rd district, $73,000;

Robbie Herrick and wife, Rebecca Herrick, to Valerie Lyn Peterson, 22nd district, $45,000;

Jason L. Bailey and wife, Bridget L. Bailey, to Earl Wayne Bailey and wife, Vickie Bailey, 9th district, $7,000;

CMH Homes, Inc., to Edward Ramirez and wife, Cheryl Ann Ramirez, 11th district, $253,038.02;

David Shawn Mathes and Timothy Wayne Mathes to Michael S. Harrell, 24th district, $250,000;

Edward O’Brian Carter to DroW Properties, LLC, 9th district, $192,000;

Gayle Shull to Martin John Hudacko and wife, Kimberlee Jill Hudacko, 14th district, $15,000;

Misty McDowell to Lynn Hatfield, 12th district, $45,000;

James Fincher and Jill Fincher to Paul T. Semerjian and Nancy J. Simerjian, 25th district, $555,000;

Nathan L. Doud and Keri L. Doud to Tiffany S. Higginbotham and Evan Higginbotham, 13th district, $337,000;

Dec. 17

Terrance Mitchell to Camille Hutchins Broom, Eva Grey Hutchins and Cassie H. Trotter, 13th district, $100,000;

Glenda E. Langworthy and Tony S. Langworthy to William G. Mullins III and wife, Amber N. Mullins, 3rd district, $100,000;

Steve Lambert and wife, Margo Clark, to David J. Rogers and wife, Valerie Rogers, 3rd district, $107,000;

Charles M. Hankins and wife, Mary M. Hankins, to Pamela Darlene Bryant, 22nd district, $230,000;

Hoosier Builders, LLC, to Kameron Avery Keller and wife, Kayla Michelle Keller, 1st district, $340,000;

Tim Stollings and wife, Debby Farris Stollings, to David Bloch and Joan Evans, 23rd district, $155,000;

Euail L. Gosnell to Randy L. Doss and wife, Tammi L. Doss, 9th district, $269,000;

Wilfred Lee Hensley to Scott A. G’Fellers and wife, Amanda Diane G’Fellers, 15th district, $390,000;

Zackie Tullock and Herman Tullock to Valley Property, LLC, 22nd district, $60,000;

Lorie T. Waddell and husband, Tim D. Waddell, to Lucy Garcia, subject to a life estate, 9th district, no value listed;

Russell W. Ooten and wife, Sheila Ooten, to Guaranteed Holdings, LLC, 10th district, $410,000;

Peter J. Dipietro and wife, Gwendolyn J. Dipietro, to Fain Sutherland and Shannon Sutherland, 15th district, $61,000;

Lorraine A. Doty to Charles J. Claes and Donna L. Claes, 16th district, $45,000;

Tammy Overacker, Teri Jo Zimmerman and James R. Overacker, heirs-at-law of Mark Leon Overacker to Debra F. Overacker, 14th district, no value listed;

Eric Shelton to Bryan Zachary Crum and Brittany N. Crum, 13th district, $120,000;

David Farnan to David Farnan and wife, Bernadette Lynn Farnan, 2nd district, no value listed;

Dec. 18

Michael Keith Crawford to William s. Barnhart, 16th district, $159,500;

Joanne Boyd, Kristy W. Ayers and Cody Ayers to Jerry A. Butler, 13th district, $12,000;

Wallace K. Ward and Christie Ward to Garrett Justin Aldridge and wife, Carrie Lynn Aldridge, 11th district, $30,000;

Johnny Allen Harris, trustee for Madison Kate Johnson, Macy Lucille Johnson and Mykyla Ann Johnson, devisees under the last will and testament of Johnny Eugene Harris, to Line Drive Properties, LLC, 23rd district, $108,500;

Federal National Mortgage Association to Brian Keith Pugh, 10th district, $216,500;

David R. Gilliam to Robin D. Gilliam, 10th district, no value listed;

Timothy Ray White to Sharon Cochran, 16th district, $2,000;

Shannon Fox to John Anderson Fannon III and Brianna Kelley Fannon, 13th district, $265,000;

Michael Allen Britton and Lisa Michelle Britton to Richard F. Odum II, 21st district, $575,000;

William F. Shaw II and wife, Nanette Shaw, to Johnny Roscoe Banks and Pauline Webb Austin, 6th district, $1,200,000;

Kenneth Clark Hood, substitute trustee, to Gautam Patel, 18th district, $144,000;

Dec. 21

Jeneva Bernice Compton to Russell Glenn Compton, 17th district, $100;

Dylan D. Pruitt and wife, Allison M. Pruitt to Karla F. Iloff, 8th district, $145,000;

Billy Carl Tomlin to Estate of Roy Eugene Trice, 8th district, no value listed;

Carol Sue Tippin to John D. Rogers and Becka R. Rogers, 6th district, $222,000;

Sherri L. Ramseyer, retaining a life estate, to Angie M. Hinkle and husband, Joseph M. Hinkle, 7th district, no value listed;

Robert L. Turner and wife, Gloria Turner, to Christopher Alan Turner Jr., 6th district, $47,000;

Sandra Perez and Jose Luis Perez to David Clay Thornburg, 15th district, $229,900;

Donald M. Matheny to Edith S. Matheny, Donald M. Matheny, Priscilla J. Shipley and Mary E. Dean, 10th district, no value listed;

Charles B. Fox and wife, Linda H. Fox, to Charles B. Fox, Linda H. Fox and Charles Shannon Fox, 20th district, no value listed;

Courtney E. Ward, David Thomas Ingram, David Ingram and Jimmy Ward, to Jonathan Garrett Cook, 9th district, $19,000;

Stephen P. Tweed and wife, Mary A. Tweed, to Patrick V. Osborne and wife, Ivy Lenore Osborne, 22nd district, $169,900;

John R. Carter Sr. and Jerry B. Helker to Aaron Tanner Mundy and wife, Misty Mundy, 23rd district, $162,225;

Timothy Eric Livingston, Jason Everette Livingston and Melissa Jo Davis to Thomas Christopher Gulley and James Hayes, 4th and 6th district, $35,000;

Debra Kirchmeier to John Leroy Metzgar and wife, Sarah A. Metzgar, 10th district, $251,000;

Leighton F. Boswell and wife, Geneva L. Boswell, to Gary L. Kelsoe and wife, Denise M. Kelsoe, 22nd district, $174,900;

Don Brown to Kellie Wheeler and husband, Mickey Wheeler, 14th district, $10,000;

Justin R. Boembel and wife, Melissa A. Goembel, to Joe Edward Harmon, 12th district, $74,000

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