The following real estate transfers were recorded in the office of Greene County Register of Deeds Joy Rader-Nunnally for Dec. 2-10.

Dec. 2

Christopher Clark Poynter II and William Cole Poynter to Harold Pattersono Jr. and wife, Brooke Patterson, 14th district, $60,000;

Lynda L. Shanks to Joshua Brent Cutshaw, 1st district, no value listed;

Lynda L. Shanks to Sean Ryan Shanks, 1st district, no value listed;

Kevin B. Kinser and Arthur V. Youngblood III to Y&K Properties, 10th, 19th,and 8th district, no value listed;

Kilday Daugherty to Patrick William Meshensky and wife, Deborah Ann Meshenky, 23rd district, $143,750;

Dorles Sensabaugh to Randall Severson and wife, Spring Severson, 11th district, $220,000;

Kay Solomon Armstrong, Clerk & Master of the Chancery Court as special commissioner to James Morency and wife, Barbara Morency, 22nd district, $7,500;

Sanford C. Schuyler and wife, Pamela S. Schuyler, to Robert Britt Rhea and Veronica Castro, 5th district, $95,000;

Clifford Kirby, Evelyn Fitzpatrick, Kenneth Kirby, Shannon Miller and Laura Kirby-Peterson to Roger Neil Bach, Roger N. Bach II and Elizabeth N. Bach, 6th district, $87,000;

Pamela Rollins and husband, David Heith Rollins to Heather Ramsey, 9th district, $110,500;

Barry A. Carter to Rhonda C. Carter, 23rd district, no value listed;

Frances Mae Dunbar to Stanley Dunbar, 22nd district, $8,500;

Dec. 3

Judy Walters Elliott to Randy Walters, 22nd district, no value listed;

Judy Walters Elliott to Judy Walters Elliott and Randy Walters, 22nd district, no value listed;

Bruce Ellis Berry and wife, Kimberly Ann Berry to Double B. Investments, 15th district, $13,000’

Travis Cooter to Christopher Poland, 10th district, $139,500;

Bruce Ray Jones and Wenona Lee Jones to Carolyn Rebecca Efrid, trustee of the Bruce Ray Jones and Wenona Lee Jones irrevocable trust, 11th district, no value listed;

Greene County Board of Education to Greene County 8th district, no value listed;

Greene County to Greene County Board of Education, 17th district, no value listed;

Christina Jean Parker and Paul Andrew Parker to Jean A. Reaves, 10th and 25th district, $46,000;

Stan Hileman to Kevin J. Wilder and wife, Tina A. Wilder, 6th district, $146,000;

Charles G. Isaacs and wife, Roseanne Isaacs, to Wilma K. Henry, 17th district, no value listed;

Charles G. Isaacs and Roseanne Isaacs to Charles Poulton and Estelle Poulton, 17th district, $425,000;

Magnet Holding Company, LLC, to Collins Enterprises, LLC, 10th district, no value listed;

Virginia Myers Henry, Travis Myers and Daniel Myers to Daniel Myers and wife, Rhonda Myers, 3rd district, no value listed;

Dec. 4

Blue Mount Investment Group LLC to Azaria Barnett, 14th district, $4,500;

Jason Tweed and wife, Lindsey Tweed, to Michelle R. Postell, 9th district, $230,000;

Joel C. Stamper to Janet M. Stamper, 22nd district, no value listed;

Sandra K. Cooper to Jeffrey Lee Cooper and wife, Samantha Ann Cooper, 17th district, no value listed;

Martha Tunnell to Martha Jane Tunnell, trustee of the Rex Wayne Tunnell and Martha Jane Tunnell living trust, 11th district, no value listed;

Ruth McCamey to Jonathan Daniel Humbert and Jamie Yvonne Humbert, 13th district, no value listed;

Barbara A. Badenhope to Roberto Luis Perez and Chelsea Ridd, 24th district, $529,900;

Greene County Board of Education to Sunnyside Volunteer Fire Department, Inc., 24th district, no value listed;

Greene County Board of Education to Greene County, 24th district, no value listed;

Greene County Board of Education to Greene County, 17th district, no value listed;

Rhonda Marie Rick, Patricia Ann Thompson and Dennis McIntosh, heirs-at-law of J.C. McIntosh, to James Hicks and wife, Crystal Hicks, 7th district, $63,700;

Bill E. Gardner Jr. and Kim McDonald Roberts to Wade B. McCamey and wife, Ann H. McCamey, 8th district, $180,000;

Carroll Shelton to Zullybeth Mazares, 1st district, $67,000;

Anthony R. Steele, trustee, to Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, Inc., 12th district, $89,261.38;

Judy A. West and Stacia Vaught to Johnny W. Cavin and wife, Michelle Renee Cavin, 12th district, $15,000;

Jennifer Dunn to Caleb D. Foulks, subject to a life estate, 21st district, no value listed;

Jeremy David Proctor to Michael David White and Trisha Madeleine White, 21st district, $32,000;

Debra F. Overacker, administrator of the estate of Mark L. Overacker, Debra F. Overacker, individually, Tammy Overacker, Teri Jo Zimmerman and James Overacker to Darrell F. Crimmins and wife, Teresa K. Crimmins, 25th district, $45,000;

Betty Loftis to James T. Booker and wife, Brenda Booker, 10th district, $229,900;

Covenant Transport, Inc., to The Industrial Development Board of the Town of Greeneville and Greene County, 23rd district, $1;

Dec. 7

William R. Owenby and wife, Sharon Owenby, to Janet R. Gonzales, 10th district,, 189,900;

Justin Gilland to Heather M. Darnell, 8th district, $124,900;

Terry M. Koch and wife, Barbara Koch, to Lynn Lamons, 23rd district, $100,000;

Donnie Brooks and wife, Diana Brooks, to Jeffery L. Rupert and wife, Connie R. Rupert, 9th district, no value listed;

Alonzo J. Bird Jr. and Lori A. Bird to Laura Lee Brown, 22nd district, $97,000;

Britt E. Evans and Cynthia V. Evans to Heather Christine Trageser and Kkeith Brian Trageser, 13th district, $225,000;

Dec. 8

Rosa Renee Laws and husband, Joel Hernandez, to Mirna Jacinto Ramirez, 19th district, $20,000;

Howard Dale Patterson and wife, Mary Elizabeth Patterson, and Jeff Patterson and Chassity Seay to Briana Patterson, 11th district, no value listed;

Debra Y. Underwood to Aaron Ethan Massey, 1st district, $86,500;

Tonya Michele Cloyd and Terra Renae Graham, co-executors of the estate of Lyndel Paul Smith, and trustees of Sierra Cloyd and Madison Graham, to Albert J. Raber and wife, Esta B. Raber, 13th district, $210,000;

Linda Gail Blevins to Rebecca Higgs, 9th district, $213,900;

I.C. Properties to Betty Loftis, 13th district, $250,000;

Andrew J. Yoder to Sean L. Burke and wife, Kimberly D. Burke, 7th district, $320,000;

Amanda Martin to Scott Jackson, 20th district, $12,000;

Joseph Barry Antonelli to Christine Marie Freshour, 21st district, no value listed;

Gary Wayne Sams and Carolyn Jean Alexander to Edmond Sells Barner, 20th district, $125,000;

Leslie Shelton-Laws and Tyler James Laws to Scottie Dean Pickering and Julia Marie Pickering, 14th district, $152,000;

Edmund L. Pack, Ronnie C. Pack and Sandra Diane pack Underwood to Eric Daniel Shelton, 10th district, no value listed;

John A. Fannon and wife, Brianna K. Fannon, to Kelsey Ann Blevins and Christopher John Burns, 10th district, $215,000;

Glenda E. Langworthy and John A. Langworhy to Teresa Gail Cutshall and Tommy Lovelady, 15th district, $60,000;

Jake Shores and wife, Michelle E. Shores, to Thomas Draper, 19th district, $185,900;

Eugene Britton and wife, Dawn Renee Britton, to Lucien G.. Langlois and wife, Laurie R. Langlois, 11th district, $21,000;

Doug R. Clark and wife, Jennifer L. Clark, to William Shawn Harper, 5th district, $22,500;

William Shawn Harper and wife, Jennifer Lynn Harper, to Grady Alan Howell, 5th district, $105,000;

Roswell Croissant and wife, Judy Croissant, to Joseph M. Smith and wife, Shelby J. Smith, 25th district, $155,000;

Jonathan E. Bailey to Donald L. Bledsoe and Ashley E. Bledsoe, 10th district, $182,200;

Heiskell Winstead Jr. to Paul L. McQuiniff and wife, Doris E. McQuiniff, 19th district, $126,450;

Arthur Terry Moore and Arthur Benjamin Moore to Scott Jackson, 12th district, $10,000;

James A. Keasling and Lori A. Keasling, trustees of the Keasling revocable living trust, to Ryan M. Rapsys and wife, Christine Rapsys, 25th district, $350,000;

Darrow B. Hill to David Parker Mahon, 1st district, $75,900;

Dec. 10

Anita Elaine Looney and Kathy Inez Boyd, joint successor trustees of the Stanley L. Cutshaw revocable living trust, to Saniclaudia de Souza, 18th district, $85,000;

Bradley W. Dyer and wife, Ashley R. Dyer, to Brandon K. Tipon and wife, Katie M. Tipton, 19th district, $8,000;

Al Romanowski Jr., sole trustee under the Al Romanowski Jr. living trust, Al Romanowski Jr., trustee under the Joan Romanowski living trust, to Walter B. Sams and wife, Elizabeth D. Sams, 9th district, $418,100;

Lisa G. Davidson and William G. Davidson to Lisa G. davidson, and Eugene F. Reynolds, 10th district, $10;

Cory N. Pratt and Olivia M. Pratt to Gary L. Martha, 9th and 10th district, no value listed;

Gary Ray Chapman and Martha Maxine Chapman to Edith S. Matheny and Donald M. Matheny, 10th district, $80,000;

Samuel P. Thomas and Huichun Thomas, Sydney Meng thomas and Olivia Meng Thomas, to Dustin Gilliam, 24th district, $41,000;

Sean Wheeler and Wendi Wheeler to Richard A. Couture and Diane M. Couture, 13th district, $244,000;

Rex Allen Arrington, executor of the estate of melvin Dwight “Bud” Bishop, to Billy Bruce clevenger Jr., 10th district, $112,900;

Barbara Ann Brown, Emma Marie Connelly, Sherry Rogers, Patricia Harmon, Carroll Edwin Wallin, Nicholas Wallin and Rodney Dwayne Wallin to Ballick Properties, LLC, 13th district, $30,000;

Patricia Harmon, Claude Allen Wallin, Sherry Wallin Rogers, Barbara Ann Brown, Emma Marie Connelly, Carroll Edwin Wallin, Sherry Rogers, Rodney Dwayne Wallin, Sally Marie Wallin and Nicholas Wallin to Ballick Properties, LLC, 13th district, $25,000;

Cory N. Pratt and Olivia M. Pratt to Gary L. Martha, 9th and 10th district, no value listed

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