The following real estate transfers were recorded in the office of Greene County Register of Deeds Joy Rader -Nunnally for Aug 17-26.

Aug. 17

Christopher M. Colotti and wife, Julie A. Colotti, to Michael Anthony Henk and Nancy Elizabeth Henk, 22nd district, $1,500;

Mariea Delores Orr to Charmel Sekulo and husband, Mario Paz, 20th district, $165,000;

Earlin Wayne Darnell to Edwin Jeremiah Swatsell, subject to a life estate, 2nd district, no value listed;

Earlin Wayne Darnell to Landon Shayne Darnell, Trevoe Wayne Darnell and Kristen Sharon Darnell, subject to a life estate, 2nd district, no value listed;

Earlin Wayne Darnell to Jeffrey Wayne Darnell, subject to a life estate, 2nd district, no value listed;

Autumn Long to Harry David Edick and wife, Karen Ann Edick, 19th district, $400,000;

Joshua Dishner to Arnold Anderson, 6th district, no value listed;

Carol G. Norton to Lucretia Dorneanu Wilson and husband, William Edward Wilson, 7th district, $49,900;

Idell Construction Co., Inc., to Mitzi Wilhoit, 10th district, $235,000;

William R. Carter and wife, Billie A. Carter, to Christa Carter Noe, subject to a life estate, 13th district, no value listed;

Jackie Sue Neas, individually and as executrix of the estate of Larry Gene Neas, to Marcus Lynn Neas and Kathy Lynne Neas, 14th district, $143,000;

Chester R. Atkins and wife, Blanche Atkins, to Allen E. Foster and wife, Lajune R. Foster, 19th district, no value listed;

Jeffrey W. Miller to Lanbo Home Solutions, Inc., 10th district, $92,000;

Scott A. Armstrong to Emily Louise Armstrong, 1st district, no value listed;

Claudia Louise Crook to Jeff Rutter and wife, Darlene Rutter, 22nd district, $279,000;

Kenny J. Thornburg and wife, Sharon A. Thornburg, to Jonathan Ryan Hance and Mirand Payne Hance, 23rd district, $114,000;

Billie Ruth Gilland to Donald Baker and wife, Shelia Baker, 24th district, $15,000;

Aug. 18

Billy J. Lefevers Jr. and wife, Melanie Lenore Lefevers, to Douglas W. Gouge and wife, Barbara B. Gouge, 17th district, $120,000;

Dana K. Graves and wife, Katie Y. Graves, to Nancy J. Piwowarczyk and husband, Staphen A. Piwowarczyk, 7th district, $670,000;

William A. Hamilton and wife, Juli D. Hamilton, to Richard D. Diaz and wife, Kara Diaz, 3rd district, $90,000;

Natalie N. Wallace to Joel Douglas Cunningham and wife, Elizabeth Pierce Cunningham, 10th district, $197,101;

Lynn Doty to Leonard Scott Ricker, 14th district, $34,000;

James W. Wilhoit to Michael Roberts, 7th district, $30,881.53;

Richard S. McGill to Rebekah A. McGill, 13th district, no value listed;

Richard S. McGIll to Rebekah A. McGill, 1st district, no value listed;

Alonzo J. Bird Jr. and wife, Lori A. Bird, to James D. Shults and wife, Sabrina Shults, 13th district, $215,000;

Hoosier Builders, LLC, to Robert C. Rediske and wife, Karen S. Rediske, 1st district, $315,000;

Arthur Clark Hixson and Stella Hixson to Lakeview Loan Servicing, LLC, 23rd district, no value listed;

Kevin E. Voiles and D.J. Voiles to Bruce E. Macpherson and Lynn E. Macpherson, trustees of the Macpherson family trust, 18th district, $50,000;

Betty C. Wright to Betty C. Wright and Cynthia J. Parton-Khanjian, 9th district, no value listed;

Travis Cooter to Kyle Anthony Johnson and Ashlyn Nichole Johnson, 15th district, $133,000;

John E. Jeritza Jr. to Robert William Gauvey and Nancy Sharon Gauvey, 10th district, $240,000;

Jason Kilday to Jamey and Tammy Fillers, 8th district, $20,000;

Jason Kilday to Jamey and Tammy Fillers, 8th district, $18,500;

Leroy Tipton Jr., personal representative of the estate of Joseph J. Roberts, to Gregory K. Spranger and wife, Angela E. Spranger, 10th district, $42,000;

Kay Solomon Armstrong, Clerk & Master as special commissioner, to James Nelson and wife, Stephanie Nelson, 5th and 12th district, $216,000;

Brian Ingalls and Patricia Ingalls to Johnny H. Mason and Mary R. Mason, 15th and 16th district, no value listed;

Armond Issac Newton to Christopher C. Reid and Heather N. Reid, 1st district, $69,000;

Gayle Shull to Michael Kink, 14th district, $32,009;

Kathy Webster to Mikey Lee Webster, 24th district, no value listed;

Aug. 19

Brenda Joyce Miller to Nancy L. Atchison and husband, James L. Atchison, 9th district, $168,000;

Jeannie Bradley Shelton to Max A. Finkle, 16th district, $160,000;

Ronald L. Zook, trustee of the testamentary trust of Jessee L. Zook Sr., to Dustin Tyler Miracle and wife, Julie Renee Miracle, and Vonda Kaye Rothgeb, 9th district, $244,500;

Larry H. Jones to Robert Graham, 10th district, $25,000;

Audrea Michelle Rader, successor trustee of the Mildred Bird living trust, to Griggin Michael Rader, 9th district, $125,000;

Magnet Holdings, LLC, to Jeffrey Chad Smith, 13th district, $35,000;

Terry L. Roberts and wife, Patricia D. Roberts, to David A. Patchin, 16th district, $120,500;

Marilyn Colyer Neece to Jacob Craig Ottinger and wife, Jennifer K. Ottinger, 14th district, $162,500;

Aug. 20

Scott Jackson to Jeffery Adam Richardson and wife, Kim Richardson, 22nd district, $26,000;

Tony Barton Kilday, executor of the estate of Mildred F. Kilday, to Sharon F. Sexton, 10th district, $47,500;

Jennifer L. Reynolds to Jon Keith Wilder and wife, Jennifer Lee Wilder, 12th district, no value listed;

Jason Silva, personal representative of the estate of Vernon Silva, and Dennis Silva and Dale Lynn Treat, all devisees and heirs-at-law of Vernon Silva, to Dennis Silva, 10th district, no value listed;

Dennis James Tullock and wife, Janice Marie Tullock, to Chad Edgar Tullock, subject to a life estate, 2nd district, no value listed;

Dennis James Tullock and wife, Janice Marie Tullock, to Kevin James Tullock, subject to a life estate, 14th district, no value listed;

Douglas P. Archbold and wife, Katrina C. Archbold to Eldridge Hord, 9th district, $445,000;

James Croy to Jeremy J. Carter and Cynthia Carter, 19th district, $23,500;

Kristen Marie Shelton to Jared Nathaniel Shelton, 14th district, no value listed;

Wade B. McCamey and wife, Ann H. McCamey, to Travis Cooter, 10th district, $5,500;

Orth Construction Company to Cythia H. Anderson, 13th district, $283,000;

Nathan Shelton to Glenna Mae Shelton, 1st and 22nd district, no value listed;

Nathan Shelton to Glenna Mae Shelton, 1st district, no value listed;

Nathan Shelton to Glenna Mae Shelton, 1st district, no value listed;

Bill G. Neal and wife, Sandra J. Neal, to Doug Bronowski and wife, Paula Bronowske, 1st district, $27,500;

Aug. 21

Scott Jackson to Monica J. Adkins, 22nd district, $14,000;

Scott Jackson to Deborah K. Pointer, 22nd district, $14,000;

Eva Sams to Kip N. Kreeger and Kimberly Kreeger, 13th district, no value listed;

Kip N. Kreeger and Kimberly Kreeger to Robert L. Radank and wife, Kelly E. Radank, 13th district, $171,400;

Allen L. Cureton and wife, Rose Cureton, to William Barnes, 6th district, $69,000;

Donnie Brooks and wife, Diana Brooks, to Jeffery L. Rupert and wife, Connie R. Rupert, 9th district, $17,500;

Hec-Tina, Inc., to package Express Center, Inc., 10th district, $600,000;

Dustin Timothy Knipp to Bronson Kurt Buech, 3rd district, no value listed;

CPG Farms of Tennessee, LLC, Helen M. Myers and husband, Norman K. Myers, Chris Myers and wife, Karen Myers, and Steve Myers and wife, Nicole Myers, to Phil Monkress, 7th district, $44,000;

Robert Allen Davis and wife, Betty Joyce Davis, to Benton Wayne Clappes and wife, Victoria Grace Ann Clappes, 9th district, $60,000;

Aug. 24

Shapiro & Ingle, LLP, substitute trustee, to MidFirst Bank, 17th district, no value listed;

Nancy Harrington to Nathan T. Davis and wife, Amala Davis, 22nd district, $172,000;

Timothy Peterson to Fredna S. Peterson, 23rd district, no value listed;

The Development Group, Inc., to Dove Construction Service, LLC, 13th district, $20,000;

Walter Kyle Wills to Isaac Benjamin Clay Reffitt, 5th district, $19,100;

Keri L. Savell to Melody Davenport, 24th district, $15,000;

Lawrence Riley Kirk to Jeff Kirk, 23rd district, 4,000;

Conley Harmon to Betty Harmon, 21st district, no value listed;

Jerri Lee Varney and Steven Craig Varney to Earl M. Morris and Laura C. Morris, 20th district, $122,500;

First Horizon Bank to Eleanor L. Myers, 10th district, $$133,000;

Aug. 25

Glenda E. Langworthy and Kendra L. Sittig to Billie Dyson and wife, Hannah Dyson, 15th district, $13,000;

Glenda E. langworthy and Kendra L. Sittig to Darlene Dyson, $13,000;

Linda Gayle Woods to Ricky L. Woods, 23rd district, no value listed;

Eugene Phillip Begley to Phillip S. McCanless and Hazel McCanless, 16th district, $65,835;

Kristen Marie Keasling and Jared Nathaniel Shelton to Debra Anne Murphy and Kristen M. Murray, 14th district, $265,000;

Gary Key to Abilene Hurd and Tristan Sherfey, 24th district, $59,000;

Joanne Carroll to Cynthia M. Reese, 13th district, $40,000;

Kitchera Hicks and husband, Larry Hicks, to Amber Nicole Norton, 10th district, $122,000;

Hunterridge Development LLC to Jennifer A. Skillman, 10th district, $51,000;

Spectrum Properties, LLC, to Gary J. Lougee II, 19th district, $115,000;

Myrna Gail Monroe to Bryan Stoltzfus, 1st district, $145,000;

Aug. 26

Michael Devine and Aretta Devine to Lynn Hatfield, 12th district, $65,000;

Wendy Ebersole Rohm to Troy Secrest and wife, DeAnna Sechrest, and Nicholas Sechrest, 22nd district, $93,619.42;

Wendy Ebersole Rohm to Bryce Hershner and wife, Kristie P. Hershner, 22nd district, $76,000;

Martha Lue Bowers Gaby to Joseph B. Brown and wife, Mary Ann Brown, subject to a life estate, 8th district, $135,000;

Alliene T. Lay and Herbert Whitfield to Gary W. Hoese and wife, Cassondra R. Hoese, $25,000;

Gary Key to Ashley Gross and Daniel Norton, 19th district, $1,000;

George E. Bowers and wife, Carolyn L. Bowers, to Ryan Paul Babb, 15th district, no value listed;

Arthur L. Fessler to Ivis Eugene Shepherd, 24th district, $95,000;

Carolyn C. Southerland and husband, Jeremy Lynn Southerland, to Paul W. Mauney and wife, Angela L. Mauney, 24th district, $350,000;

Barry G. Litchfield and wife, Brenda L. Litchfield, to Jerrold A. Dunwoody Jr., 9th district, $525,000;

James H. Secrist and Charlotte L. Secrist to Autumn Cheyenne Bunch, 6th district, $9,750;

Restoredsoul, LLC, to Manuel Sanchez and wife, Maria Luisa Medina, 23rd district, $250,000;

James A. Tilson and wife, Rebecca S. Tilson, to Sidney H. Wing and wife, Sue C. Wing, 21st district, $131,900;

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