The following real estate transfers were recorded in the office of Greene County Register of Deeds Joy Rader -Nunnally for Aug 27-Sept. 2.

Aug. 27

Vincent Tauscher and Brenda Tauscher to Carolina N. Beach, 22nd district, $322,500;

James E. Miller and wife, Kristina A. Miller, to Timothy Michael Dyer, 13th district, $161,450;

James E. Peters and wife, Meary L. Peters, to Jared Shelton and Zachery Shelton, subject to a life estate, 14th district, $18,000;

Martha Jean Shobe Smith to Jessica Lauren House and Broderick Tyrone Gillespie, 10th district, $170,000;

James P. Johnson to Brandon Carl McGhee and Nickie R. Landers, 24th district, $210,000;

Richard S. McGill to Fred Campbell, 1st district, $430,000;

Chris Ricker and wife, Lori Ricker, to Thomas H. McKenzie Jr., 24th district, $195,000;

Gerri A. Shelton to Gwendolyn B. Berryhill, subject to a life estate, 1st district, no value listed;

Chablee Cook, heir of Rose Mae Hackler, to Chablee Cook and Bryant Cook, 10th district, 7,000;

Brad Ellenburg to James F. Comi Jr. and Jean E. Comi, co-trustees of the Comi family trust, 10th district, $75,000;

Timothy J. Crowell and wife, Elizabeth Crowell, to Terry L. Morgan and wife, Theresa L. Morgan, 11th district, $50,000;

Billy Wayne Bradley, Daniel Mullins, Vernon Holland and Hayden Haun, trustees of Carter’s Station United Methodist Church, to Carter’s Station Church, Inc., 23rd district, no value listed;

A.J. Harmon to Earl Brewer and wife, Sylvia Brewer, 13th district, $325,000;

Elaine M. Cemonuk, executrix of the estate of Louis E. Tinari, to Elaine M. Cemonuk, 21st district, no value listed;

Charles Wayne Susong and wife, Mary Jo Susong, to James Elwood Booth and wife, laura Beth Nechanicky-Booth, 14th district, $33,000;

Robert H. Bailey to Miguell J. Del Campillo and wife, Maria Elena Del Campillo, 11th district, $8,500;

Yu Yan Liu to Heather K. Whitefield and Clay B. Whitfield, 13th district, $325,000;

Darcy Clark to Janelle R. Hart, aka Janelle Curtis, trustee of the Janelle R. Hart living trust, 2nd district, $21,100;

Gordon P. Hoppe and Rosella E. Hoppe to Gordon P. Hoppe, 9th district, no value listed;

Aug. 28

Richard A. Casey and wife, Candice S. Casey, to Richard Casey Properties LLC, 15th district, no value listed;

Richard A. Casey and wife, Candice S. Casey to Richard Casey Properties LLC, 15th district, no value listed;

Rickey g. Ruggieri and wife, Lisa L. Ruggieri, to Robert L. Parks and Deborah S. Parks, trustees of the Robert L. Parks and Deborah S. Parks revocable living trust, 20th district, $390,000;

Everette Michael Wilhoit to William D. Morin and wife, Debra A. Morin, 1st district, $25,000;

Andre Alexis and wife, Teri Alexis, to Joshua Boyd Bailey and wife, Ashley Bailey, 16th district, $42,500;

Carter and Smith Dairy Farm to Norman L. Smith and wife, Margaret Smith, 3rd district, no value listed;

Pamela Darlene Pierce, devisee under the last will and testament of Betty Louise painter Pierce, to Roger Dale Griggs II and Rene L. Griggs, 17th district, $31,500;

Kimberly Renee Larkins and Gilbert Jerald Larkins to James Larkins and wife, Olivia Calloway Larkins, 17th district, no value listed;

Kimberly Renee Larkins to Gilbert Jerald Larkins, 17th district, no value listed;

Hal Kirk and wife, Nancy Kirk, to Jeffrey C. Timreck and wife, Micki J. Timreck, 4th district, $320,000;

Brian A. McAmis, Chad Harold and James L. Hughes II to Bam Storage, 14th district, no value listed;

Brandon Farm, LLC, to Jason R. Brandon and Richard R. Brandon, 16th district, no value listed;

Sandra M. Tweed and Courtney A. Tweed to Randy Tweed and wife, Jeanette Tweed, 10th district, $74,000;

Janice Faye Bryant to Alan Ward 11th district, $10,000;

Gregory D. Kirschmann and wife, Sandra J. Kirschmann, to Patrick A. Heistand and wife, Andrea L. Heistand, 22nd district, $129,000;

Krista Danielle Sensabaugh to Kevin Guinn, 10th district, $88,000;

John R. Carter St and Charles E. Skeen to Rebecca Lynn Johnson and Ronald Aron Johnson, 11th district, $60,000;

Michael W. Cobble and wife, Dorothy E. Cobble, to Thomas Curtis Fout Jr. and Haixia Fout, 15th district, $210,000;

Shale Farms LLC to Mark Marszalek and Rhonda Marszalek, 6th district, $19,000;

Hollis J. Holmes Jr. and Roberta A. Holmes to Ronald F. Reginaldi and Judy K. Reginaldi, 13th district, $199,900;

Aug. 31

Anthony Todd Malone to Lonnie G. Key and wife, Linda Key, 21st district, $3,500;

Eugene Phillip Begley to Richard D’Angelo Jr. and Kim D’Angelo, 16th district, $47,000;

Carol Fellers to Amanda J. Barb and David R. Barb, 19th district, $275,000;

David E. Thompson to Jennifer L. Jones and husband, Aaron D. Jones, 10th district, $125,000;

Gary M. Campbell and wife, Paula Campbell, to Greg Bowman and wife, Taylor Bowman, 15th district, no value listed;

Daniel A. Foulks and Carol A. Foulks to Craig A. Chrisman and Penny D. Chrisman, 13th district, $332,500;

Robert William Gauvey and Nancy Sharon Gauvey to Levi C. Laws, 10th district, $210,200;

Robert Lee Neas III to David B. Peake and Dana C. Peake, 14th district, $165,000;

Sept. 1

Amy Brooks to Kyle Reaves and wife, Shelly Reaves, 3rd district, $100,000;

Idell Construction Co., Inc. to Carol Juanita Britt Fellers, 10th district, $235,000;

Cynthia M. Jones to Susan K. Good, 10th district, $130,000;

Gina Marie Williams to Jordan Nelson and wife, Victoria Nelson, 15th district, $150,000;

Michael Eric Jones to Christine Jones and husband, Austin Jones, 7th district, $65,000;

Travis L. Cooter to Daniel J. Shumaker and wife, Carliss D. Shumaker, 13th district, $192,000;

Scott Jackson to Raymond Paul Johnson and wife, Lisa Cook Johnson, 22nd district, $25,000;

James Roy Nelson and wife, Stephanie Nelson, to Casey Brandon Lee and wife, Danielle Elyse Lee, 20th district, $179,000;

Judith Jane Lee Shelton and Lucinda Anne Lee Adorante, co-first successor trustees of the Everett Lee trust, to Simon V. Locke, 14th district, $245,000;

April S. Brown to Kathleen L. Pederson, 2nd district, no value listed;

Charles W. Sprinkles and Peggy Sprinkles to Jason Wayne Mann, 19th district, $330,000;

Joy Keller Twed, Wesley Kyle Holt and Lucas Daniel Holt, heirs-at-law of Stella Shelton Keller, to Matt P. Laws III, 13th district, $118,000;

Sharon R. Overturf to Manuel Hernandez and Juana Hernandez, 13th district, $158,900;

Mack Barrett and wife, Rhonda Barrett, to Jeffrey Shane Dean and wife, Charlena Dean, 13th district, $330,000;

Kondaur Capital Corporation to James Lester Holland and wife, Candace Brooke Holland, 14th district, $130,000;

Karen M. Graves to Thomas R. Flaglor and wife, Susan L. Flaglor, 8th district, $11,500;

James D. Frosley to Mark D. Sweet and wife, Susan J. Sweet, 1st district, $72,000;

Jeffrey S. Dean and wife, Charlena Jo Dean, to James Edwin Miller and wife, Kristina Avery Miller, 15th district, $222,500;

Residential Rehab Experts LLC to Volunteer Home Solutions, LLC, 10th district, no value listed;

Jimmie D. Coffey and wife, Emma E. Coffey, and Douglas L. Duff and wife, Melissa Duff, to David Ross and wife, Jennifer Ross, 10th district, $50,000;

Sept. 2

Kenneth Ray Ryans, Judy Ann Ryans Fields and Tonya Kay Ryans Collins to Rita Fay Ryans, 17th district, $15,000;

Clyde Frye and Eric Frye and wife, Lana Frye, to Kenneth Allen Godfrey and Teresa Jane Godfrey, 24th district, $184,900;

Dustin J. Brady and wife, Carmen E. Street, to Johnathan Bear Wilkie and wife, Jo Erin Arreaga Wilkie, 17th district, $70,000;

Michelle Christopher to Beverly Gwen Tiel, and Jacob T. Tiel and wife, Marci L. Tiel, 10th district, $343,000;

Douglas L. Payne, personal representative of the estate of Mary Lou Modena, to Barry Tullock and wife, Robin Tullock, 10th district, $56,100;

Stephen Peters and wife, Jean C. Peters, to Jose Antonio Zapata Tovar and Juan Antonio Zapata Jimenez, 10th district, $20,000;

Vere Lambert to Danny Lambert, trustee of the Vere Lambert trust, 19th district, no value listed;

Vere Lambert to Dianna Shipley, 19th district, no value listed;

Vere Lambert to Danny Lambert, trustee of the Vere Lambert trust, 19th district, no value listed;

Vere Lambert to Danny Lambert, trustee of the Vere Lambert trust, 19th district, no value listed;

Shirley M. Vines to Sandra M. Foreman and husband, Lyle D. Foreman, 10th district, no value listed;

Amber M. Woodby and David H. Woodby to Raymundo Zavaleta, 20th district, $170,000;

Brett Butler to Megan Alyce Mathis and Tyler Logan DeBusk, 10th district, $70,000;

Lisa M. Conte and Carl J. Conte to Brian Allen McAmis, 13th district, $299,000;

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