The following real estate transfers were recorded in the office of Greene County Register of Deeds Joy Rader-Nunnally for Jan. 26-Feb. 3.

Jan. 26

Patricia B. Walters and Connie B. Waespe to George R. Boy and wife, Sharon W. Boy, and Gary Walters, 11th district, $250,000;

Connie B. Waespe to Geroge R. Boy and wife, Sharon W. Boy, 11th district, $150,000;

Patricia B. Walters and Connie B. Waespe to George R. Boy and wife, Sharon W. Boy, 11th district, $50,000;

Kendra d. Dunn Howlett and Jeffrey D. Howlett to Wendy Ann Hanson and Bjorn Derrek Hanson, 14th district, $279,900;

Mollie Jane Manuel to Cassandra D. Maneul, 10th district, no value listed;

Mitzi May Bright to Cynthia Bright Webster, 20th district, no value listed;

Anthony R. Steele, trustee, to Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, Inc., 16th district, $31,181.10;

Viruni, LLC, to Trushalkumar Naranbhai Patel, 6th district, $100,000;

Kenny Ray Self to Tonya R. Self, 19th district, no value listed;

Tom Ault and wife, Shirley Ault, to Dave Richey, 1st district, $67,500;

Jackie L. Southerland and wife, Martha J. Southerland, to Randy A. Ball and wife, Tamala Ranae Ball, 14th district, $45,000;

Jan. 27

Byron J. Garland and wife, Margaret Garland, to Ken Willis and wife, Mary Willis, 15th district, $358,500;

Rickie J. Pucher and wife, Kathleen R. Pucher, to Maria Shane and husband, Donald G. Shane, 18th district, $665,000;

Janet Arrington to Diane Hensley, 18th district, no value listed;

Ella Sue Ball, executrix of the estate of Anna Jane Jones, to Michael Vazquez Carreno, 1st district, $56,000;

Howard Collins and wife, Marie Collins, to David C. Hinkle and wife, Leslie A. Hinkle, 9th district, $30,000;

Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, Inc., to Joshua A. Johnson, $56,900;

Samuel P. Thomas ad Huichun Thomas, Sydney Meng Thomas, Olivia Meng Thomas, to Eric A. Rader, 24th district, $48,000;

Jan. 28

Blair Tennessee Building, LLC, to C&C Millwright Maintenance Co. Inc., 10th district, $875,000;

Phyllis Arrington and husband, Gary Arrington, to Dennis Wayne Johnson, 23rd district, $45,000;

Brook Ricker to Rodney Jarvis, 10th district, $147,900;

Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, Inc., to Chris Grizzle, 20th district, no value listed;

John R. Carter Sr. and Charles E. Skeen to Corydon Siffring and Laurel Siffring, 16th district, $141,250;

David C. Hinkle and wife, Leslie A. Hinkle, to Brook L. Ricker, Brandy Fann and Timothy Ricker, 9th district, $244,000;

Greene County, Tennessee, to BMAM, LLC, 7th district, no value listed;

Kenneth W. Brown and wife, Donna Brown, to Dianna Brown, 8th district, no value listed;

Kenneth W. Brown and wife, Donna Brown, to Kianna Brown, 8th district, no value listed;

Landon Wilds and wife, Marlene Wilds, to Christopher L. Pickering, 18th district, $45,000;

Mary R. Britton to Warren E. Greene, 13th district, $137,500;

Jan. 29

Houston C. Ballard and wife, Joey J. Ballard, to Christopher Zilligen and wife, Michele Zilligen, 3rd district, $284,000;

Thomas D. Everhart to Esteban Antonio Gadea, 9th district, $299,000;

Robert J. Wesley and wife, Margo R. Wesley, to John Michael Kiehna, 1st district, $68,000;

Lee Allen Dunbar, Brandy Ann Gammon, Beth Burton and Misty Waddell to Jonathan E. Bailey, 1st district, $121,300;

Bill G. Neal and wife, Sandra J. Neal to Elijah Albert Tillman and Jaye Tillman, trustees of the Tillman revocable family trust, 1st district, $256,000;

William Huffman to Mary Glennis Huffman, 15th district, no value listed;

Lyan Florence and Tammera F. Florence to Roger N. Riendeau Jr. and wife, Tammy J. Riendeau, 10th district, $223,400;

Debra Ann Johnson and Ricky Duane Adams to Juliana Camacho Madrid, 1st district, $35,500;

Shale Farms, LLC, to Donna Gentry and Marvin Killion, 4th district, $36,000;

Jimmy Carter and wife, Dee Anna Carter, to James V. Carter and wife, Dee Anna Carter, a life estate, and Mary Ann Hicks and husband C. Daryl Hicks, 16th district, no value listed;

Brandon Sizemore to Stephanie Sizemore, 13th district, no value listed;

Alison R. Burns, conservator for Deanna Lee Gass, to Megan Gass, LLC, 21st district, $50,000;

Betty Jean Reaves to Thomas R. Girton and wife, Elizabeth S. Girton, 10th district, $193,000;

Feb. 1

Paul E. Marshall Jr. and wife, Linda G. Marshall, to Joseph Massey and Jennifer Renea Jones, 13th district, $165,000;

Brandon E. Mysinger and David G. Mysinger to Brad M. Kaplan, 10th district, $25,000;

Matthew Near and Jennifer Near to Daniel S. Poore and wife, Mary E. Deadman, 13th district, $434,500;

Constance K. Pasco-Melton to George C. Seager II and wife, Cynthia Lynn Dechant-Seager, 23rd district, $55,000;

Third Base Investments, LLC, to Matthew Kevin Marrs and wife, Melissa Ann Marrs, 14th district, $119,900;

John Stephen Hill to Robert A. Kohler and wife, Melanie A. Kohler, 18th district, $220,000;

Mindy Albert, personal representative of the estate of Saul Charles Weisenfreund, Mindy Albert, individually, and Mindy Albert, trustee of the Saul Charles Weisenfreund testamentary trust for the benefit of Shaina Rhianon Albert, to Barbara Cornelia, 14th district, $70,000;

Peggy Broyles to Daniel Ray, 5th district, $75,000;

Donald G. Collins and Patricia Ann Rohr to Michael Anthony Norbits and wife, Diane Marilyn Norbits, 18th district, $59,900;

William E. Creasman III to Tamolyn S. Creasman, 23rd district, no value listed;

Janie O. Speight to Terry Meyer and wife, Patricia Meyer, 11th district, $175,000;

Suzanne P. Cooper to Suzanne P. Cooper and Kenton D. Cooper, 11th district, no value listed;

Kenny E. Tweed to Connie Rae Ellis and Robert Kenneth Ellis, 18th district, $130,000;

Suzanne Masoner to Gerald S. Odom Jr. and Donna C. Odom, 25th district, $190,000;

Debbie C. Bowers and Billy W. Ottinger to Jennie Irene Dotson, 3rd district, no value listed;

Feb. 3

Blue Sky Mining to Tommy Henry, 1st district, $8,000;

J.D.M. Properties, LLC, to John D. Smucker and Daniel J. Smucker, 1st district, no value listed;

Sherrie Davis to Patricia A. Bitsios, 9th district, $247,500;

Walter R. Johnson and wife, Rhonda F. Johnson, to Heather Newton and Tina Newton, 1st district, $25,000;

Hannah Faircloth to Karen Armstrong and husband, David Williams, 9th district, $84,000;

Idell Construction Co., Inc., to Felix A. hurtado and wife, Gladys E. Hurtado, 10th district, $189,900;

Glenda Langworthy and John Alan Langworthy to Kent Angles and wife, Tiffany Angles, 3rd district, $157,200;

Connie Landers Metcalf, Pamla Landers Owenby and Tunya Michelle Huskins to TerJef Resources, LLC, 10th district, $82,000;

Ery Garcia and Cristin Garcia to Steven Robert Bible and wife, Shelia Ann Bible, 24th district, $512,500;

Edwin J. Anderegg and Carol E. Anderegg Klentz, co-executors of the estate of John J. Anderegg and Edwin J. Anderegg, and Carol E. Anderegg Klentz, individually, to Christine E. Moore, Ruth A. Donofrio and Denise Magyaryosi to 4th district, $162,000;

Richard Dee Reviere and wife, Lee Conrad Reviere, to Caryn Talbot McDermott and husband, Michael R. Black, 24th district, $49,000;

Charles F. Lindley Jr. and Cathy Lindley to Kent A. Bushey, Sandralea C. Bushey and Sheila Cordner, 14th district, $260,000;

Margaret Leann Renner to Mark Anthony Lawson and wife, Tina Marie Lawson, 6th district, no value listed;

Heritage Community Bank to K&D Real Estate Properties, LLC, 24th district, $10,000;

Heather R. Williams to Bryan C. Williams, 11th district, no value listed;

Kim Ingrid Hartman, trustee of the David Milton Hartman and Kim Ingrid Hartman joint revocable living trust, to Kim Ingrid Hartman, 12th district, no value listed;

Loyd Golden and wife, Shirley Golden, to Garry Ray Golden, Barry Kay Golden and Melissa Ann Golden, 23rd district, no value listed;

Glenda E. Langworthy and John Langworthy to Barry Lee Bennett Jr. and wife, Veronica Bennett, 5th district, $49,000;

Sandra Britton to Gladys L. Lasko and husband, John Lasko Jr., 10th district, $210,000;

Donald Eugene Reed to Randy Scott Lamons, 7th district, $6,000;

Spencer Wayne Solomon to Bart P. Myers and wife, Miranda D. Myers, 10th district, $60,000;

William Carroccio Jr. to William Carroccio Jr. and Penney Carroccio Anderson, 9th district, no value listed;

Brad Ellenburg to Efrain Oviedo and wife, Rosalinda Oviedo, 10th district, $42,500;

Larry Joe Lilley and Gwen Lilley to Davy T. Willett and Kathy D. Willett, 9th and 10th district, $100,000;

Karen R. Hensley to Rosalba Nease and Jordan Nease, 9th district, $190,000;

Hieko Scherrer to Nicholas Gunter and Aundrea Gunter, 10th district, $25,000;

Chuckey Utility District to Jeffrey D. Howlett and Kendra D. Howlett, 14th district, $215,380;

Gia Jensen and Tiffany Noel Beuthel, sole heirs-at-law of Candace Porter Perry Guidinger, to Glen Clementi and Deborah Clementi, 10th district, $20,000;

James Coykendall and wife, Marigold Coykendall, to Tony Allen Cox and Jennifer Lynn Cox, 15th district, $35,000;

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