The following real estate transfers were recorded in the office of Greene County Register of Deeds Joy Rader Nunnally for May 26-June 8.

May 26

Deborah K. Gass to Mary Linda Laws, 13th district, $15,000;

Deborah K. Gass to Joanne Carroll, 13th district, $15,000;

James W. Nicholson and wife, Kay L. Nicholson, to Wolfgang U. Spendel and wife, Victoria A. Spendel, 9th district, $35,000;

Lloyd D. Ward to Ann Hollenbeck, 7th district, $45,000;

Brenda Clinard and Frieda Harmon to Garner R. Overturf and wife, Sharon R. Overturf, 13th district, $150,000;

Zetty jane Rader to Billy E. Rader Sr., 9th district, no value listed;

Tony D. Miller and wife, Angela S. Miller, to John J. Cooper and Margaret I. Edwards, 23rd district, $15,000;

Sharon F. Sexton and husband, Gary Sexton, to Alex Driskill and Samantha Lane, 3rd district, $98,500;

Larry J. Stills and Vickie Stills to Raymond Daniel Britton and Melissa Jackson Britton, 14th district, $188,400;

Charles Kilmer and Laura Ann Kilmer to Adam Paul Hensley and Catherine Ann Hensley, 16th district, $185,000;

Helen R. Reed Revocable Living trust, Richard D. Nevius and W. Ruth Nevius Revocable Living trust, David M. Nevius, sole surviving successor co-trustee of the Helen R. Reed Revocable Living trust, and David M. Nevius Revocable Living trust, to Ed Johnson, 23rd district, $104,000;

Donnie Akers and Robyn Akers to Robert J. MacDonald, 24th district, $411,000;

Cassondra R. Hoese to Gary W. Hoese, 9th district, no value listed;

May 27

Hugh Donald Southerland to Shawn Derek Gibson and wife, Tammy Lynn Gibson, 15th district, $29,500;

Robert F. “Bob” Evans to Dean L. Tipton and wife, Sharon M. Tipton, 15th district, $40,000;

Sergio Hernandez Zamora and wife, Maria Eugenia Hernandez, to Manuel J. Solorzano Fuentes and wife, Alejandra Solorzano, 13th district, $100,000;

Lawrence L. Jersey and wife, Patricia A. Jersey, to Dale Partick Jersey and wife, Rachael Leah Jersey, 10th district, $90,000;

Brandon Williams to Brandon Williams and Jennifer Williams, 4th district, no value listed;

Brandon Williams to Brandon Williams and Jennifer Williams, 4th district, no value listed;

Mark A. Jones to Rick A. Chappell and wife, Jennifer A. Chappell, 17th district, $53,616;

Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, Inc., to Kirk Morgan Alexander and Sarah Elizabeth Edmiston, 23rd district, $124,900;

James Gregg, personal representative of the last will and testament of Peggy Holt, to James Gregg and wife, Carolyn Gregg, 3rd district, $15,000;

James Gregg, personal representative of the last will and testament of Peggy Holt, to James A. Gregg, 3rd district, no value listed;

James Gregg, personal representative of the last will and testament of Peggy Holt, to Linda Gammon, 3rd district, no value listed;

Linda Gammon to James Gregg, personal representative of the last will and testament of Peggy Holt, 3rd district, no value listed;

Glenda E. Langworthy and John A. Langworthy to CMH Homes, Inc., 15th district, $54,000;

Electric Avenue Mobile Entertainment, Inc., to Package Express Center, Inc., 10th district, $32,000;

May 28

HBL Enterprises, LLC, to Frank J. Fillebeck Jr. and wife, Renee L. Fillebeck, 1st district, $23,000;

Heritage Community Bank to Tammy Y. Burgner, 9th district, $400,000;

Abraham McCrae to Brittney Lynne Southerland and husband, Jeremy H. Southerland, 2nd district, $143,400;

J.W. Church to Douglas P. Bishop and wife, Brenda C. McIntyre, 8th district, $45,000;

J.W. Church to Douglas P. Bishop and wife, Brenda C. McIntyre, 8th district, $150,000;

Tracy Tweed and Joshua Tweed to Jacob Priar, 2nd district, $74,200;

Alecia M. Arwood and Tyler Arwood to Alecia M. Arwood and Tyler Arwood, 18th district, $10;

May 29

David L. Abbey and Margaret E. Abbey, trustees of the David and Margaret Abbey Living Trust, to Stanley Allen Giles and wife, Ollie Mae Giles, 9th district, $295,500;

JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A., to Patricia Sue Thorton, 14th district, $40,000;

Stephan Shelton to Wilma Sue Roberts, 20th district, $25,000;

Michael Eric Jones and wife, Martha Elizabeth Jones, to David Bryon McDonald, 7th district, no value listed;

Jennifer Boggs to William G. Gregg and wife, Karen E. Gregg, 12th district, $174,000;

Sharon Berniece Davis, heir to the estate of Lawrence David, to Robin Parr and Barbara Jean Parr, 10th district, $84,000;

Edward G. Haney and Alice Sue Haney to Bryan Andrew Seaton and Sheila Seaton, 10th district, $55,900;

Happy Dog, LLC, to Howard G. Layne and wife, Amanda B. Layne, 18th district, $650,000;

Arthur F. Adams and wife, Jenny L. Adams, to Freddy L. Wooten, 10th district, $169,000;

S. Klint Albright and wife, Tammy L. Albright, to Kenneth A. Benson and wife, Sarah C. Benson, 10th district, $565,000;

Mary Edith Swanson to Simon W. Wilhoit and Mary Edith Swanson, 8th district, $25,750;

Cody Davis to Patsy Doolittle and Walter Doolittle Jr., 10th district, $67,000;

June 1

Michelle A. Foster to Kevin M. Stevens and wife, Caren C. Stevens, 4th district, $525,000;

Ben Carson, the Secretary of HUD, to Efrain Oviedo, 10th district, $50,000;

Joy Faye Combs Brown and husband, Ricky Brown, to Katie Elizabeth Raby and Nicholas Michael Combs, 25th district, $83,000;

Shelton Brothers, LLC, to Zachary C. Fleenor and Kara D. Fleenor, 12th district, $144,000;

Jonathan Stepp and Joshua Stepp to Emery Fenske and wife, Karen Fenske, 19th district, $16,500;

Barbara Bowers, sole heir-at-law of Lloyd Edgar Bowers, to Diane Baughard Percell, 8th district, no value listed;

Scott Aaron G’Fellers and Wyndi Malissa Snapp to Wilfred Lee Hensley, 1st district, $75,000;

Wilfred Lee Hensley to Scott Aaron G’Fellers, 1st district, $30,000;

Wilfred Lee Hensley and Scott Aaron G’Fellers to Wyndi Malissa Snapp, 1st district, $16,000;

Robert William Hartsock to Trisha Trump, 9th district, no value listed;

June 2

Frankie T. Debusk and wife, Jennifer Debusk, to Robert G. Britton Jr. and wife, Julia S. Britton, 13th district, $335,000;

Howard D. Bloom to Robert J. Athanasidy and Karen J. Athanasidy, 15th district, $339,900;

Carl Lee Bailey Jr. and wife, Roberta Janine Bailey, to Ernesto Laucella, Pasquale Laucella and Christina Laucella, 9th district, $550,000;

Tracy B. Barfield and wife, Deborah L. Barfield, to John Dewit and Evelyn J. Dewit, trustees of the John Dewit and Evelyn J. Dewit living trust, 13th district, $235,000;

Chasta D. Hamilton to Elizabeth Anne F. Mullins and husband, Patrick A. Mullins, 6th district, $165,700;

Scot Jackson and Dylan Jackson to Willaim Babb, 25th district, $13,400;

Aaron McNeese and wife, Beth McNeese, to Tonjua McCullough, 10th district, $215,000;

Promise Land Construction, Inc., to Ricky Algood Jr. and wife, Anna Kristen Algood, 17th district, $176,700;

Kimberly R. Tate and husband, Phillip Tate, to Jessica Arlene Biggers, 10th district, $115,000;

Barbara Elliott Serrall, Frederick Henry Serral, Amie Serral Moyer and Elliott Austin Serral, co-trustees of the Frederick A. Serral family trust, and Greenebriar, LLC, to Rap Foods Incorporated, 10th district, $90,000;

June 3

Arleta Gail (Harmon) Roberts, personal representative of the estate of Leta Vernease (Key) Harmon, to Joshua Westmoreland and Jonathan Westmoreland, and Arleta Gail (Harmon) Roberts, 12th district, no value listed;

Roy J. Johnson, trustee of the Roy J. Johnson revocable living trust, and Revonda L. Johnson, trustee of the Revonda L. Johnson revocable living trust, to Billie Ruth Gilland, 24th district, no value listed;

Jerry M. Strom and wife, Janie E. Strom, to Alonzo J. Bird Jr. and Lori A. Bird, 10th district, $36,000;

Fred Nicholas Davis and wife, Angela M. Harrell Davis, to Eugene Erickson and Judy Werner Erickson, 6th district, $51,000;

Fred Roberts to Fred Roberts, trustee of the revocable living trust for the benefit of Fred Roberts and Doris Roberts, 9th district, no value listed;

Walter K. Gilland, trustee of the Walter K. Gilland revocable living trust, to Amy M. Payne and husband, Jordan M. Payne, 25th district, $385,000;

Sam M. Britton to Michael Adam Franklin, 11th district, $32,000;

June 4

Lindsey Wise Land and David Michael Lane to Brittany L. Knight, 10th district, $190,000;

Donald E. Long and wife, Angelia L. Long, to David Turner and wife, Shirley F. Turner, 4th district, $60,000;

Nathan Reynold, Hobart Reynolds, Cole Spears and wife, Teresa Spears, to Kristi Mollohan, 11th district, $175,000;

Sammy Dean Fellers and wife, Tammy Inez Fellers, to Jay Casper and wife, Christine M. Casper, 1st district, $245,000;

June 5

Line Drive Properties, LLC, to Brenda L. Richardson, 10th district, $194,900;

Howard Collins, the sole elder/trustee of Pleasant Vale Cumberland Presbyterian Church, to Donnie W. Shelton, 15th district, $11,000;

Fannie Mae, a/k/a Federal National Mortgage Association, to Wallace Scott, 16th district, no value listed;

Jessica Carson Nienaber and Luke Whitted, and Richard Leonard Nienaber and wife, Sandy Nienaber, to Erin Collins Shores, 13th district, $101,900;

Nathan Reynolds and wife, Lori Reynolds, to Mark Anthony Slemp and wife, Michelle Lynn Slemp, 21st district, $1,000;

Debra Jean Odom to Leslie Robin Griffin, 22nd district, $12,000;

Jerry Pope and Susan Pope to Nathan R. Riley and April Riley, 6th district, $90,000;

Phoenix GRV, LLC, to Jennifer Harris and Doralyn Harris, sucessor trustees of the Malcolm H. Harris trust and Jennifer Harris, successor trustee of the Malcolm H. Harris family trust, 10th district, $1,990,000;

Phyllis Ann Harrison to Roy Harrison and wife, Phyllis Ann Harrison, 16th district, no value listed;

Rebecca L. Shelton to Micah S. Malone, 10th district, $159,000;

Samuel Arthur Ricker Jr. and wife, Martha Jane Ricker, to Rodney Hogeboon, 22nd district, $10,000;

June 8

Duane Hayes to Phillip W. Tate and wife, Kimberly R. Tate, 10th district, $206,900;

Graylin D. Murray and wife, Priscilla Murray, to Barbara K. Gill, 168,000;

Larry Hugh Jones to Steven Laube and wife, Leigh Ann Laube, 17th district, no value listed;

Chloe P. Mills to Wilmer Dornan Bradley, trustee of the Wilmer Dornon Bradley trust, 2nd district, #200,000;

Arthur Terry Moore and Arthur Benjamin Moore to Dal Matthew McClellan, 14th district, $280,000;

Dennis Eugene Russell, Robert Ray Russell and Louis Carroll Van Dyke to Stephen Amyx and wife, Tonya Amyx, and Mac Arthur Reagan, 6th district, $15,000;

Franklin B. Campbell to Brenda Faye Blankenship-Ray, personal representative of the estate of Franklin D. Blankenship, 10th district, no value listed;

Brenda Faye Blankenship-Ray, personal representative of the estate of Franklin D. Blankenship, to Elbert Niston, 10th district, $97,750;

Jerry Malone and Brenda Malone to Dennis Young and Mary Young, 10th district, $100,000;

Lindsey Susong and Bryan Susong to Robin Alyssa Morrison, 10th district, $164,500;

Todd King, chair of trustees of Christ United Methodist Church, to Jessica C. Nienaber and Luke A. Whitted, 10th district, $150,000;

Greeneville Federal Bank, FSB, to K&D Real Estate Properties, LLC, 13th district, $15,000;

Ernest Lewis Johnson to Cody McCallister and wife, Maira McCalister, 23rd district, $75,000;

Carleen Wortham and Joe Wortham to Joy Fox Funte, 13th district, $70,000

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