The following real estate transfers were recorded in the office of Greene County Register of Deeds Joy Rader-Nunnally for Oct. 22-.

Oct. 22

Blue Sky Mining Company to Irene Ekberg and Paul Lehnert, 1st district, $20,000;

Tyler Franklin, Corey Adam Coleman and Samantha Danielle Coleman to Roger Swift and wife, Debbie Swift, 23rd district, $10,000;

Angela A. Milligan and husband, Bradly Milligan, and Claude H. Phillips and wife, Nellie Phillips, to Phillip J. Loveridge and wife, Patricia A. Loveridge, 20th district, $299,000;

Sharon Lea Green to Sharon Marshall, 6th district, $8,000;

Lisa J. Idell to Jason Burrows and wife, Polly Burrows, 19th district, $250,000;

Leanna Vanbuskirk to Leanna Vanbuskirk and Meg Vanbuskirk Cobble, 10th district, no value listed;

Jamey C. Fillers and Tammy L. Fillers, to Aaron Dakota, 6th district, $39,000;

Linda Joyce Hensley and Timothy Wayne Hensley to Nicholas W. Knight and wife, Erica T. Knight, 3rd district, $75,000;

Charles Edward Yokley and wife, Carolyn Yokley, to Tyler Rhea Foreman and wife, Ashley Foreman, 9th district, $3,500;

Earle F. Smith Jr, executor of the estate of Dorothy J. Smith, to Jennifer Bible, 9th district, $120,000;

Nellie Jo Beach to Jan Beach Moore, subject to a life estate, 23rd district, no value listed;

Linda S. Preston to GDP Properties LLC, 10th district, $120,000;

Kimberly Shuford Lasseter to Ernest G. Hilemon, 22nd district, no value listed;

Mae Earnestine Brown to Mae Earnestine Brown and Deborah Ann Graves, 9th district, no value listed;

Terry M. Hodges and wife, Bernadette E. Hodges, to Danielle Goldenberg, 11th district, $16,000;

Gary C. Wills, and Gary C. Wills d/b/a Best Homes, to Jeffrey A. Cobble, 8th district, no value listed;

Oct. 23

Gage Logan LeFevre, Lisa Ann Crawford, and Thomas C. Humble and wife, Mary A. Humble, to Zsa Thompson and Roger A. Brackens and wife, Audrey D. Brackens, 13th district, $300,000;

Lynn Dale Varney and wife, Janet Lynn Varney, to Thomas G. Bellaw III and wife, Angela L. Bellaw, 9th district, $132,900;

Christy Ann Lane to William Tracy Lane, 1st district, no value listed;

Leighton F. Boswell and wife, Geneva L. Boswell, to Glenn B. Kingsley and wife, Theresa G. Kingsley, 22nd district, $259,900;

Christina Pitts to Danny L. Pitts and wife, Michelle Pitts, 19th district, no value listed;

Garry Wayne Franklin and wife, Edna S. Franklin, to Ronald W. Franklin and wife, Rhonda F. Gilbreath Franklin, 24th district, no value listed;

Anthony R. Steele, trustee, to Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, Inc., 1st district, $33,600;

Mary L. Burns to Rider Gouge and wife, Crystal Gouge, 10th district, $56,300;

Lisa Kiraly and Maria S. Kiraly to Lisa Kiraly and Jared A. Kiraly, 16th district, no value listed;

Oct. 26

Terry Laws and wife, Gail Laws, to James R. Warner and wife, Donna Warner, 9th district, $54,100;

Alta N. Cunningham to Nathan Doud and wife, Keri Doud, 10th district, $335,000;

Herbert Brust and wife, Tonya Burst, to Jeffrey W. Pigott and wife, Michele L. Pigott, 1st district, $74,000;

Anthony R. Steele, successor trustee, to Leonard Hartman, 8th district, $25,125;

Johnny Hutton and wife, Jane Hutton, to Timothy Howard Hutton, 25th district, no value listed;

Aldwin Eugene Erickson and wife, Judy Werner Erickson, to Danny Williams and wife, Teresa Williams, 6th district, $50,000;

Sherri L. Meloche and wife, Dale F. Meloche, to Warren H. Thiston and wife, Darlene Thixton, 22nd district, $18,250;

Margie Malone to Ralph Jennings, 2nd district, no value listed;

Terrie Grubbs, personal representative of the last will and testament of Glenna Katherine Barnes, to Jose Gonzalez and wife, Valerie Gonzalez, 24th district, $72,600;

Terrie Grubbs, personal representative of the last will and testament of Glenna Katherine Barnes, to Alonzo J. Bird Jr. and wife, Lori A. Bird, 24th district, $299,570;

Beverly Gwyn Southerland to Jerry A. Southerland Jr., 3rd district, no value listed;

Anita J. Yovanovich to james D. Peters and Celisa P. Peters, 13th district, $265,000;

Linda Danyi to Shasta Nicole Jeffers, 10th district, $129,900;

Oct. 27

Sonja Wheeler to Marcus Lee Cameron, 10th district, $110,000;

Ronnie C. Pack and Sandra Diane Pack Underwood to Edmond L. Pack, 10th district, $15,000;

Samuel Robert Fellers to Jessica Arrowood, 10th district, $8,000;

Joanne Chirigotis and husband, Brian Chirigotis, to Damon and wife, Tonya Molina, 3rd district, $24,400;

William D. Muhlhahn to Kema Denise Muhlhuahn, 14th district, no value listed;

Breanna Scott to Daniel Wayne Cutshall, 7th district, no value listed;

Jesse C. Taylor Jr. and wife, Ramona Taylor, to David E. Houser and Alice J. Houser, trustees of the David and Alice Houser revocable trust, 22nd district, $395,000;

Danny W. Fletcher to Dawn M. Campbell, 10th district, no value listed;

Gail S. Monson, Carla S. Smith and Scott S. Saulsbury to Luanne Kilday Malone, 10th district, no value listed;

Luanne Kilday Malone to Gail S. Monson, Carla S. Smith and Scott S. Saulsbury, 10th district, no value listed;

Shirley Campbell to Michael J. Bradford, 15th district, $16,000;

Connalley Brown and Kerri Brown to Ricky Fowler and Judy Fowler, 8th district, $180,000;

Deborah Craft, and Ryland Craft and husband, Stanley H. Hall, and Alexander Daniel Reed to Norma K. Jones, 17th district, $127,750;

Oct. 28

Ida Bernice Ward, Pamela Joy White and Lisa Paige Ambrose to Lisa Paige Ambrose and husband, Russell Lee Ambrose, 22nd district, no value listed;

Cathy Walden Kyker to Michael Harris, 13th district, $63,000;

Vickie Charlene Landers, Nola Mae Landers and Robert Jeffrey Yokley, individually, and Vickie Charlene Landers, personal representative of the estate of Ricky Allen Landers, to Toby King, 3rd district, $31,800;

Cynthia J. Staton to Timothy E. Staton, 10th district, no value listed;

Marilyn D. Bottomley to Ann Marie Garwood, 9th district, $63,000;

Gardner Creek Holdings, LLC, to Crockett Real Estate Holdings, LLC, 11th district, no value listed;

Edward H. Herring Jr. to Barbara Anne Herring, 11th and 16th district, no value listed;

Michael Fann to Mikayla L. Brotherton and husband, Daulton R. Brotherton,19th district, $90,200;

Andrew Michael Novak and wife, Janie Novak, to David Farnan, 2nd district, $105,000;

Mary Elizabeth Oliver to David T. Wallin, subject to a life estate, 23rd district, no value listed;

Lindsey Susong and Bryan Susong, and Theresa Woods and Neville Woods, to Michael Lynn Hudson and Monica Sue Hudson,10th district, $341,000;

Dale Bruce Tucker and wife, Beverly D. Tucker, to Caroline Tucker Shelton and husband, Anthony Mark Shelton, 11th district, no value listed;

Brian B. Starnes and wife, Jamie S. Starnes, to Krysten Bernard, 6th district, $265,000;

Brian S. Starnes and wife, Jamie S. Starnes, to Krysten Bernard, 6th district, $6,000;

Oct. 29

Wanda M. Gibson to Aaron Massey, 1st district, $15,900;Jane McLain to William D. Smith Jr., 10th district, $176,500;

Amanda F. Boone and Jeremiah D. Boone to Terry Deerstone and Coreen Dearstone, 17th district, $130,000;

Duane L. Lasshome and wife, Shirley R. Lashomb, to Hoosier Builders, LLC, 9th district, $22,000;

Judy Ann Wright, successor trustee of the Jackie Charles Burkey revocable living trust, to Judy Ann Wright, residual beneficiary of Jackie Charles Burkey revocable living trust, 13th district, no value listed;

Scott David Hopson, Timothy Keith Hopson and Robyn Carrie Myers to Frank D. Marble and Laurie L. Marble, co-trustees of the Frank D. Marble and Laurie L. Marble A-B living trust, 22nd district, $209,900;

Glenda A. Langworthy to Charles Leichester Higges Jr. and wife, Patricia Ann Higgs, 3rd district, $14,500;

Glenda E. Langworthy to Mary Lee Greenlee, 3rd district, $14,250;

Debetra Cloar Collins to Christopher Lee Hawk and wife, Lydia Christine Hawk, 24th district, $33,000;

Kore L. Yoder and Anna A. Yoder to Michael P. Maursetter and Megan L. Maursetter, 6th district, $306,000;

Frank Hall and Bernice Hall to Elizabeth L. Burgess, 18th district, $135,000;

H.M.S. Partnership to Hull and Marsh, LLC, 9th district, no value listed

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