The following real estate transfers were recorded in the office of Greene County Register of Deeds Joy Rader-Nunnally for Oct. 30-Nov. 6.

Oct. 30

Angela Jones to John Thomas Tinnell and wife, Marcia Lynn Tinnell, 9th district, $250,000;

Christopher D. Schwichtenberg to John Blake Martin, 14th district, $168,000;

Richard Lee Bailey and wife, Anna Ruth Bailey, Robert Lowell Bailey and Robin A. Carter to Conny Ray Bailey, 9th district, $27,000;

Jeanette B. Estep, trustee of the Estep living trust, to Tiffany C. Frieary and husband, Michael S. Frieary, 19th district, $275,000;

David Shawn Mathes, personal representative of the estate of Dolores Ann (Harrison) Mathes, to David Shawn Mathes, Timothy Wayne Mathes and Israel Wayland Mathes, 24th district, no value listed;

David Shawn Mathes, personal representative of the estate of Dolores Ann (Harrison) Mathes, to David Shawn Mathes and Timothy Wayne Mathes, 24th district, no value listed;

Israel Wayland Mathes to David Shawn Mathes and Timothy Wayne Mathes, 24th district, no value listed;

Demetra C. Collins to Volker Kemmann and wife, Ilse Birgit Kemmann, 24th district, $24,000;

Demetra C. Collins to Volker Kemmann and wife, Ilse Birgit Kemmann, 24th district, $15,000;

Larry Reed, executor of the estate of Ronald Bishop Sr., Linda Kay Cheslocky, Ronald Bishop Jr. and Roy Daniel Bishop to Kurt Matthew Small and wife, Lydia Ann Small, 17th district, $660,000;

Mark A. Thornton to Derrik Thornton, 23rd district, $75,000;

Robert Carl Shelton, LLC, to Kristina Lee-Ann Swider, 6th district, $94,000;

Raymond Frank Estes to William Saylor and wife, Lorie Saylor, 6th district, $8,000;

The Development Group, Inc., to Dove Construction Services, LLC, 13th district, $20,710;

Zaria Simoni to Gary Parks, 9th district, $102,000;

David Thomas Easterly, Darby Jane Justis Reed, Vicki Del Justis Luhowiak and Jones Family Partners, L.P., to Matthew L. McKeever and wife, Patience R. McKeever, 10th district, $400,000;

Wessley R. DuBrisk and wife, Marilyn DuBrisk, to Janice G. Horan revocable living trust, 18th district, $235,000;

Idell Construction Co., Inc., to Richard Dee Reviere and wife, Lee Conrad Reviere, 24th district, $35,000;

Idell Construction Co., Inc., to Nancy Moore Solomon, 10th district, $125,000;

Teresa Diane Collins and Conrad Benson Gefellers Jr. to Mark Henry Marshall and wife, Shana Rachael Marshall, 10th district, $150,000;

Bobby Gilland to Angel Gilland, 10th district, no value listed;

William D. Stephens and wife, Rosemary H. Stephens, and Margaret A. Heim to David H. Woodby and Amber M. Woodby, 14th district, $65,00;

Ronnie W. Jaynes and Faye Jaynes, trustees of the Jaynes living trust, to Courtney M. Beddingfield and Joshua A. Beddingfield, 13th district, $250,000;

Nov. 2

Elizabeth A. Buda to Sherry Mills, 15th district, $229,900;

Mike Girard to Bradly Milligan and wife, Angela Milligan, 10th district, $452,000;

James Gordon Nidiffer and Teresa Smith to J.W. Church, 19th district, $16,500;

Connie Ross and Valerie Alvizua to Amber L. Conrad, 10th district, $159,000;

Brenda K. Thornburg, individually and person representative under the last will and testament of Lola Owens, and Anna Marie Lamp, to Charles Lynn Carr, 17th district, $95,000;

Kevin McAmis and wife, Carolyn McAmis, to Lisa P. Hart and husband, Joseph S. Hart, 13th district, $470,000;

Jones Family Partnership, L.P., to LKM Properties, L.P., 10th district, no value listed;

Vernon Troxell Jr. and wife, Gwendolyn Troxell, to Darry D. Jewell and wife, Patricia E. Jewell, 1st district, $30,000;

Dallas D. Ball and husband, Michael L. Ball, to David Brooks and wife, Holly Brooks, 9th district, no value listed;

Jason B. Crawford and wife, Kayla Crawford, to Rachael Looney and husband, Bryon M. Looney, 16th district, $112,000;

Charmaine Elizabeth Shephard to Deborah Ruth Hobby and Randal Helton, 19th district, $16,000;

Adam Shelton to William P. Kranso and wife, Janet L. Kranso, 12th district, $237,500;

Elwood L. Stover and Mary L. Stover to Dennis J. Darrow and Deborah A. Darrow, 17th district, $233,000;

Pama Phillips, Gary Feezell, Larry Feezell and Johnny Feezell to John R. Reeves and wife, Jennie L. Reeves, 13th district, $130,000;

Richard Shelton and Linnia A. Painter to Bill G. Robertson and wife, Nikki L. Robertson, 15th district, $20,000;

Lavanda Chandley to Terry Chandley, 10th district, $12,000;

Patsy Babb to Mark L. Collins and Cindy L. Collins, 21st district, $125,000;

Chad E. Starnes to Chad Edward Starnes and Carolyn Ann Starnes, 13th district, no value listed;

Mason Gibson and wife, Joyce Byrd Gibson, to CMH Homes, Inc., 11th district, $8,500;

William P. Guy and wife, Sharon Guy, to Jonathan D. Currin and wife, Devi A. Currin, 13th district, 297,000;

Stanley Allen Giles and wife, Ollie Mae Giles, to William H. Morrison and wife, Shelia S. Morrison, 25th district, $500,000;

Mindy Ann Hensley to Teddie Waldroup, 22nd district, $18,000;

Nov. 4

Linda A. Johnson to Sara Rae Shelton, 6th district, $13,000;

Samuel P. Thomas to Richard Bantel, 24th district, $112,000;

United States of America to Adventure From Home Inc., 10th district, $57,250;

Alex McLean and wife, Shane McLean, to Gregory F. DiGiovanna and wife, Carol A. DiGiovanna, 13th district, $258,000;

Spectrum Properties, LLC, to Michael D. Shade and wife, Nicola Shade, 10th district, $157,000;

Taylor L. McAmis and wife, Colleen McAmis, to Tori L. Price, 6th district, $147,000;

Brian P. Finucane and wife, Judy K. Finucane, to Peggy Jean Shelton and Ronald J. Ferguson, 22nd district, $39,000;

Karen D. Jones, individually and as person representative of the estate of Brenda J. Jones, to Paul C. Smith, 10th district, $76,800;

Nora J. Wulf-Burklow to Nora J. Wulf-Burklow and Kyle P. Burklow, 12th district, 12th district, no value listed;

Michael Allen Hayes to Deborah Bradberry, 8th district, $40,000;

Samuel P. Thomas and wife, Huichun Thomas, Sydney Meng Thomas and Olivia Meng Thomas to Roy Morelock, 24th district, $27,000;

Patty L. Bergquist to Walter W. White IV and wife, Laura L. White, 10th district, $362,000;

Timothy Cecil Ball, Donna Marie Ball Greene, Christopher Bernard Ball, Kristy Trombley Hall, Ashley McKinney Musgrove and Alisa Ball to Timothy Cecil Ball, 8th district, no value listed;

Kendra Tweed to Timothy Cecil Ball, 8th district, no value listed;

Stevie A. France and wife, Donna F. France, to Larry D. Arnold and wife, Tina M. Arnold, 16th district, $25,000;

Adam Ryan Luttrell and wife, Lana M. Luttrell, to Paul V. Valentine, 23rd district, $69,000;

Danny Gwynne and wife, Wanda Gwynne, to Javier Velazquez Morales, 10th district, $235,000;

Marc B. Dailey to Joseph R.I. RiverWind and Dr. Laralyn M.I. RiverWind, 4th district, no value listed;

Mark B. Dailey to FireKeepers International, 4th district, no value listed

Nov. 5

Mitzi May Bright to James Anthony Shelton and wife, Samantha Shelton, 10th district, $214,900;

Tammy M. Thompson to Gary P. Ianacone and Lisa Ianacone, 10th district, $176,500;

Audrey Lowery to Judith K. Thomas, 10th district, $125,900;

Nov. 6

Shelton Brothers, LLC, to Whitney Compton and Cody Holt, 23rd district, $14,900;

Debra Lynn MacDonald to Warren Craig Boyce and wife, Mary Frances Boyce, 10th district, $160,000;

Alan Allison and wife, Karen Allison, to Jeff Roames and wife, Lori Roames, 10th district, $237,000;

The State of Tennessee, ex rel. Dan E. Armstrong, District Attorney General for the Third Judicial District, to Charles E. Klepper, 10th district, $14,000;

Todd M. Cole and wife, Sherri D. Cole, to Steven Bubb and wife, Sharon Bubb, 24th district, $64,900;

Bruce Joseph Wright to Bruce Joseph Wright and wife, Rachel Wright, 10th district, no value listed;

Edna Cutshaw to Michelle Cutshaw, 10th district, no value listed;

Paul Henderson to Brigette Hendrickson, 14th district, no value listed;

James Alan Swenson and wife, Mildred Stacy Swenson, to Kelly L. Searle and Darren Albert Searle, 24th district, $892,000;

Shirley Jean Cansler to James Greg Cansler, 8th and 10th district, $107,000;

Jerry D. Freeman to Jerry D. Freeman and Martha J. Freeman, 12th district, no value listed;

Janice Y. Fisher, Adrienne J. Fisher, Billie M. Gossack and Bobbi J. Durbin to Fern E. Fisher, 8th district, no value listed;

Michael O. Higdon and Lauren J. Higdon to Charles E. Corya and wife, Taressa A. Swan-Corya, 15th district, $385,000

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