The following real estate transfers were recorded in the office of Greene County Register of Deeds Joy Rader-Nunnally for Sept 14.

Nov. 14

Roger Brackens and Audrey Brackens to Patricia A. Evans Lockhart and Fairley E. Lockhart, 1st district, $300,000;

Melissa Sue Parkins to Wesley Everette Parkins, 10th district, no value listed;

John DeWit and Evelyn J. DeWit, trustees of the John DeWit and Evelyn J. DeWit living trust, to David W. McFarland and wife, Michelle L. McFarland, 10th district, $181,715;

James Joseph Havrilla to James J. Havrilla Jr., trustee of the JPH asset protection trust, 17th district, no value listed;

Kelly B. Aldridge to Ashley Aldridge, 13th district, no value listed;

Kelly B. Aldridge to Ashley Aldridge, 10th district, no value listed;

David B. Jones and wife, Susan P. Jones, to Craig Allen Shepherd and Natalie Cynthia Shepherd, co-trustees of the Craig and Natalie Shepherd revocable trust, 10th district, $150,000;

Amanda K. Fletcher and Uriah W. Flectcher to Gustina L. Laughlin and Jerry R. Johnson, 13th district, $101,000;

Movoline, aka Mauvileen (Bobbie), Edwards to Roy Reece Edwards Jr., 15th district, no value listed;

Ben Greer and wife, Tiffany Greer, to Christopher J. Strife and Megan V. Strife, 18th district, $295,000;

HBL Enterprises, LLC, to Patty Sue Thornton, 1st district, no value listed;

Lisa McAmis Alley to Zack Adams and wife, Laura Adams, 17th district, $150,000;

Brenda Sue Patrick and husband, Lawrence Patrick, to Todd Lewis and wife, Samantha Lewis, 18th district, no value listed;

Tweed Enterprises, LLC, and Scott M. Niswonger, to Covenant Transport, Inc., 10th district, $4,500,000;

Sept. 15

Diana B. Gooding, personal representative of the estate of Thomas Steven Gooding, to Diana B. Gooding, 11th district, no value listed;

Ray Shelton and Winfred Shelton to Ray Shelton, subject to a life estate, 1st district, no value listed;

Darin Kite and wife, Renee Kite, to Jerry Walter Manuel and wife, Jennifer Lea Manuel, 24th district, $158,000;

Brock Wampler to Alexander J. Strange and wife, Ally V. Strange, 23rd district, $175,000;

Joseph Harris, and Sam Harris and wife, Carol Harris, to Britni Sams, 15th district, $176,000;

John Dustin Wright to Debra Crowe, 8th district, no value listed;

Jayme Gulley to Jayme Joan Gulley and Christopher Michael Broyles, 19th district, no value listed;

Jerry G. Ripley and Melissa A. Ripley to Darrell G. May and Dorothea B. May, 15th district, $350,000;

Samuel B. Tardy to Christopher Cody Malone, 20th district, $50,000;

Lyle E. Ross and wife, Patricia A. Ross, to Lyle Eugene Ross Jr., Samuel Tyler Ross and Miranda Christine Shelton, subject to a life estate, 14th district, no value listed;

Sept. 16

David R. Feather and Agnes C. Feather to Terrance Bergeron and wife, Patricia Bergeron, 15th district, $180,000;

Glenda Langworthy and Kendra Sittig to Jon Herrmann and wife, Kim Herrmann, 15th district, $61,200;

Douglas L. Leng to Deborah J. Leng, 9th district, no value listed;

Rex Satterfield to Spectrum Properties, LLC, 9th district, $923,950;

Heather Divirgilio and husband, Steven Divirgilio, to Tiiffany M. Greer and husband, Ben Greer, 14th district, $455,000;

Jeffrey A. Woods and Sonja B. Woods to Garnet Jane Sourour and Joseph Alfred Sourour, 13th district, $275,400;

Lloyd H. Jeffries and wife, Deloris Jeffries, to Ronald Hale, 7th district, $3,000;

David Deanovich to Misty Leigh Anne Deanovich, 20th district, no value listed;

David E. Rader and Gwendolyn D. Rader, co-trustees of the David E. Rader living trust, to Woodie Thomas McRee and wife, Kelly Lee McRee, 5th district, $125,000

Sept. 17

Vickie Raines and husband, Bobby Raines, to Mikenzie Rednour, 10th district, $91,000;

Winfred G. Solomon and wife, Rebecca B. Solomon, to Bridget Knight and Wendy Morris, 10th district, no value listed;

Brad T. Duckworth and wife, Laurie L. Duckworth, to Thomas D. Steele and wife, Susan Steele, 17th district, $200,000;

Matthew Stanley to Chad Skaggs and wife, Megan Skaggs, 17th district, $215,500;

Lena Morene Johnson Woods Gillen to Michael J. Johnson, Russell Johnson and Andrew Johnson, subject to a life estate, 10th district, $30,000;

Anthony Sasscer to Bebel R. Ibarra and wife, Margarita Brikyte, 22nd district, $112,900;

Michael Jo Johnson to Clint Ricker and wife, Lisa Ricker, 10th district, $68,000;

Vivian L. Morrow, Vickie L. Goforth, David H. Robinette, Donna F. Graham, Mason A. Robinette and Lana Robinette Starnes to Darrin Waldkeotter and Jennifer Waldkeotter, 11th district, $112,000;

Dino Driscoll, Beth Driscoll and Nickie Driscoll to Marion Woodby, Terry Lee Woodby, Darius Woodby, Teresa Driscoll, Evangeline Vanosdale and Amanda Lee Driscoll, 1st district, no value listed;

Darius Woodby, Teresa Driscoll, Eva Evangeline Vanorsdale and Amanda Lee Driscoll to Marion Woodby, 1st district, no value listed;

Larrie Pike and wife, Darlene Pike to Travis Cooter, 9th district, $12,700;

Edgar Allen Castle and wife, Marianne Castle, to Phillip Alex Kondelis and wife, Cynthaia Diane Doyle Kondelis, 12th district, $159,000;

Leah Brooks to Bruce Joseph Wright, 10th district, $129,250;

Josephine Cutshall Lunghofer to William Richard Robinson and wife, Gypsy Joann Robinson, 10th district, $8,800;

Dianne E. Noyes to Robin F. Potter and Nick D. Potter, 9th district, $260,000;

Carolyn Virginia Melton and Floyd Eugene Melton to Jerritt Melton, 18th district, $60,000;

Annette R. Shimp and husband, Daniel Shimp, to Brian L. Denny, 14th district, $121,000;

Sept. 18

Russell McLean III to Lisa Meislahn, 6th district, no value listed;

Russell McLean III to Lisa Meislahn, 6th district, no value listed;

David Larry Spence and Jeremy Adam Tymer to Karen Sue (Doud) Spence and Pansy Ann (Doud) Rymer, 6th district, nvl;

Marci Cox and husband, Jordan Dean Cox, to Jamie L. Hicks, 20th district, $154,500;

Virginia Dixon Carter to Gary Sean Carter, 7th district, no value listed;

Steve A. Meriweather and wife, Pamela Meriweather, to Marcus Bishop and wife, Adrianna Bishop, 10th district, $85,000;

Theresa R. Evola to Thomas a. Belew and wife, Shelly L. Belew, 9th district, $193,500;

Sandra Landers and husband, Forrest Dean Landers, to Scott Jackson, 12th district, $25,000;

Belinda J. Hinkle to John R. Carter Sr. and Jerry B. Helker, 23rd district, $102,800;

Whitney Ball, trustee of the Brown Family Trust, to Virginia Cargile Brown, 1st district, no value listed;

Virginia C. Brown to Justin N. Matthews and wife, Michelle L. Matthews, 1st district, $105,000;

Karla Ramirez and Daniel Ramirez to Brenda Kay Kennedy, 23rd district, $160,000;

K&D Real Estate Properties, LLC, to Jose Munoz, 13th district, $18,000

Sept. 21

Kathy D. Kimble to Kathryn H. Proffitt, 22nd district, $145,000;

Joshua Cutshaw and wife, Ashley Cutshaw, to Luke A. Keasling and wife, Kristen M. Keasling, 13th district, $49,000;

Lester W. Ramsey to Lester M. Ramsey, trustee of the Lester W. Ramsey, living trust, 2nd district, no value listed;

Jared Shelton and Kristen Marie Keasling to Joshua L. Cutshaw and wife, Ashley Cutshaw, 14th district, $259,000;

Sandra F. Morgan to Ben Greer and wife, Tiffany Greer, 13th district, $180,000;

Anton Russell Olsen to Anne Jeanette Halvorsen, 9th district, no value listed;

CMH Homes, INC., to Hannah Nicole Proffitt, 9th district, $30,000

Sept. 22

Dale E. Henderson to Gene Beasley and Darlene A. Beasley, 15th district, $232,500;

Karen Champiomont to Andrew Bogulski and wife, Bogulski, 22nd district, $27,500;

Kristina M. Welm to Phillip Taylor and wife, Linda Taylor, 10th district, $230,000;

Mark Renner and wife, Pamela Renner, to Jennifer A. Shrive, 3rd district, $145,000;

John Q. Westbrook III and wife, Christine L. Westbrook, to Maxine B. Gray, 13th district, $274,000;

Michael E. Hipps to Todd Christopher Wiloit and wife, Ashley Katherine Wilhoit, 23rd district, $70,000;

William Onkst and Nathaniel Onkst, trustees and successors in trust of Sonlight Church of Christ, to Donnie W. Shelton, 10th district, $16,000;

Dora Carter Harmon to William Eugene Lawrence Jr., 23rd district, $126,000;

Kenneth R. James to Tennessee Homes Construction Company, LLC, 13th district, $200,000;

Michael Hipshire and Lynette Hipshire to Shaun Patterson Abell, 2nd district, $64,500;

Justin R. Boembel and wife, Melissa A. Goembel, to Vernon Fisher and Florence Fisher, 12th district, $105,000;

Cansler Enterprises, Inc., to Annie B. Cansler, 18th district, no value listed;

J&J Warehousing and Storage, Inc., to Annie B. Cansler, 13th district, no value listed

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