The following real estate transfers were recorded in the office of Greene County Register of Deeds Joy Rader-Nunnally for Sept 4-16.

Sept. 3

Harold Hubbell to David Weems and wife, Zan Weems, 21st district, $71,000;

Rick Wayne Bible and wife, Kathy Penny Bible, to Derinda D. McClellan and Renee Lynn McClellan, 24th district, $141,900;

Mark C. Langmead to David Mikesch and Deborah Mikesch, 6th district, $282,900;

Bill G. Neal and wife, Sandra J. Neal, to Dennis Broeske and wife, Karen Broeske, 1st district, $25,000;

Daniel E. Burgner and wife, Charlotte G. Burgner, to Daniel Edward Burgner Jr., subject to a life estate, 2nd district, $189,034.60;

Sandra L. Slone to Sandra L. Slone, trustee of the Sandra G. Slone family trust, 18th district, no value listed;

Jonathan C. Waddell and wife, Rebecca A. Waddell, to George F. Olafsen and wife, Brenda J. Olafsen, 3rd district, $25,000;

Kevin Lynn White and wife, Donna Marie White, to John f. Honeycutt Jr. and wife, Mary Ellen Honeycutt, 13th district, $15,000;

Charles Christopher Edwards to Robin C. Edwards, subject to a life estate, 10th district, no value listed;

Raymond E. Fox to Gidget C. Fox, 1st district, no value listed;

Saprina F. Fender and husband, Devin C. Lucas, to Marco A. Rojas and wife, Jackeline Rodriguez, 20th district, $27,500;

Georgia Ball to Lesa Thompson, 15th district, $40,000;

Charles E. Mays to Dan Tullock, 13th district, $20,000;

Edwin Haney and Regina Haney Nuckols, co-executors of the estate of Juanita Edith Haney, to Edwin Haney and Regina Haney Nuckols, 9th and 15th district, no value listed;

Ogle Brothers Development I, GP, to Simon Schatz, 10th district, $2,055,000;

Joseph M. Smith and wife, Shelby J. Smith, to Tyler W. Smith and Brooke Smith, 25th district, no value listed;

Sept. 4

Fannie Mae, aka Federal National Mortgage Association, to Jason A. Yoakum, 3rd district, $120,000;

Megan Gass, LLC, to Brent T. Woolsey and wife, Jessica R. Woolsey, 10th district, $572,000;

Lindsey Susong to Bryan Susong, 10th district, no value listed;

Wanda Bragg, devisee under the last will and testament of Juanita Good, to Imogene Silvers and Betty Jean Roberts, 17th district, $30,000;

Katherine Diane Freeman to Diane Metcalf and former husband, Carl F. Metcalf, 12th district, $1,000;

Wanda Cochran to Michael L. Swatzell, 12th district, $5,000;

Cline E. Everhart to Cline E. Everhart and wife, Lisa Everhart, 10th district, no value listed;

Peter Kendrick and wife, Geraldine Kendrick, to Jeffrey Hamill and Debra Hamill, 13th district, $195,000;

John W. Olney and wife, Lynette E. Olney, to Richard N. Hearn and wife, Stephanie Hearn, 17th district, $28,000;

Charles Edward Yokley and wife, Carolyn Yokley, to Tyler Rhea Foreman and wife, Ashley Foreman, 9th district, $5,500;

Bryan L. Susong to Lindsey Susong, 13th district, no value listed;

Midfirst Bank to Roger Woolsey and Linda Woolsey, 17th district, $48,400;

Scott Duerr and wife, Kim Duerr, to Ryan S. Kikendall and Shannon M. Kikendall, 19th district, $190,000;

Amanda N. Smith to Lura L. Young, 10th district, no value listed;

Lura L. Young to Alyssa Courtney-Chantelle McKay and David Adam Dupler, 10th district, $75,000;

Guy Jones and wife, Violet E. Jones, to Cody L. Davis, 23rd district, $78,000;

Sept. 8

Audrey Lowery to Carlos Edgardo Torres Garcia and wife, Dariana Munoz Davila, 9th district, $14,900;

Steven Michael Adkins and wife, Patricia E. Adkins, to Thomas W. Sharpe and wife, Darlene S. Sharpe, 1st district, $71,500;

Donnie W. Shelton to Ashley Lawson, 15th district, $19,000;

Donnie W. Shelton to Ashley Lawson, 15th district, $47,000;

Kenneth Wayne Fannon and Donna Fannon Williams to James Ernest Jones Jr., 6th district, no value listed;

Bethel Farmer to Rick McNeese and wife, Karen McNeese, 11th district, $10,000;

Christopher Norman Wilhoit to Trisha Casteel Wilhoit, 1st district, no value listed;

Ernesto Vazquez Rojas and Kayla Gass to Rachel Tyson, 22nd district, $10;

Nathan P. Strohkirch to Jason Christopher Belt and Heather Michelle Belt, 17th district, $192,000;

Kimberly Shuford Lasseter, trustee of the testamentary trust of the last will and testament of Myrna Boone Shuford, to Kimberly Shuford Lasseter, 22nd district, no value listed;

James D. Frosley to Caitlin Joyce Tugman and Wade Thomas Tugman, 1st district, $240,000;

John David Allen and wife, Linda Allen, to Matthew Patterson and wife, Kailey Cheyenne Nieman Patterson, 10th district, $178,000;

Sept. 9

Joseph H. Chinski, personal representative of the last will and testament of Ronald Chinski, to Peggy N. Solomon, 1st district, $180,000;

Donald E. McLendon Jr. to Mitchell Wood Lock and wife, Victoria Rose Lock, 1st district, $69,900;

Jo Ann Bradley to Mark William Bradley, 24th district, no value listed;

Jacqueline Joseph to Eric Daniel Shelton, 10th district, no value listed;

Claude H. Phillips and wife, Nellie Ruth Phillips, and Angela A. Milligan to Kristie l. Hensley and husband, Nathan A. Hensley, 13th district, $85,000;

Leroy S. Yoder and wife, Karla S. Yoder, to Marian A. Yoder, 6th district, $270,000;

Sharon Van Auken and husband, Pierce H. Hollingsworth, to Louis V. Manning and wife, Dianne L. Manning, 13th district, $170,000;

Charles Breeden and Roberta C. Breeden to Aleksandar Nicin and Lisa Barbara Daniel, 18th district, $172,500;

Dixie Blake to Jaime G. Oakley and wife, Erin L. Oakley, 13th district, $150,000;

William C. Hawk and wife, Sarah R. Hawk, to Adam C. McKechnie and wife, Geanne E. McKechnie, 3rd district, $130,000;

Sept. 10

Lana Gail Pounders, personal representative of the estate of Lloyd Rex Southerland, to Arlen Little and wife, Carol Little, 14th district, $138,800;

Stanley Clay Winslow to Laura L. McNeese and husband, Michael McNeese, 10th district, $40,000;

J. Phillip Jones, substitute trustee, to Tennessee Housing Development Agency, 8th district, no value listed;

Hull and Marsh, LLC, to Edward Miller and wife, Kathleen Miller, 9th district, no value listed;

Johnnie L. Armstrong to Johnnie L. Armstrong, 17th district, no value listed;

Jerry William Ripley to Danny Wayne Ripley, 13th district, $75,000;

Christopher Cody Malone to Roger M. Adams, 23rd district, $86,500;

Craig Knutson and wife, Janice Knutson, to Jimmie Higgins and wife, Louise Higgins, 13th district, $297,000;

Sheryn Evans to Sheryn Evans and Angela McIsaac, 3rd district, no value listed;

Ricky D. Frye to Terry Allen Betzold and Brenda June Betzold, 8th district, $189,900;

Bradford A. Johnston and wife, Ginia L. Johnston, to Hayden B. Johnston and wife, Brittani J. Johnston, 9th district, no value listed;

Lenton Taylor and wife, Patricia Taylor, to Jessica G. Taylor, subject to a life estate, 4th district, no value listed;

Lenton Taylor and wife, Patricia Taylor, to Patrick H. Taylor, subject to a life estate, 4th district, no value listed;

Billy Wayne Cleek and wife, Beverly J. Cleek, to Robert L. Cole and wife, Nancy M. Cole, 17th district, no value listed;

Robert L. Cole and Nancy Cole to David Wayne Widner and Janet Sue Widner, 17th district, $310,001;

Christopher Cutshaw and wife, Norma Cutshaw, to Brandon Allan Malone, 10th district, $79,900;

Sept. 11

Paul J. Gray II and wife, Casey Gray, to Cameron C. Kuhlman and wife, Ashley Escott Odom 11th district, $232,500;

Tyler Smith and wife, Brooke Smith to Rene Laspina, 9th district, $199,500;

Kline Jones and wife, Wanda F. Jones, to Danny Reed Crum and wife, Judy Diane Ricker-Crum, 13th district, $225,000;

Aaron R. Colyer and wife, Angie D. Colyer, to Araceli Marx, 9th district, $140,000;

William L. Wilson to William L. Wilson, trustee of the William L. Wilson living trust, 10th district, no value listed;

Jane O’Dell Bell, Star O’Dell Mercer, Paula O’Dell Morrison, Buffy O’Dell Bales, Christopher E. O’Dell and Gloriana O’Dell to Christopher O’Dell and wife, Andrea Bowman O’Dell, 1st district, $120,000;

Wanda L. Self and Vonda Holt to Mark A. Holt II, 18th district, no value listed;

Larry Servoss and wife, Rita Servoss, to William David Thomas and wife, Tamara Thomas, 5th district, $36,000;

William G. Butler and Gerogeann Butler to Lisa Ruggieri and Rickey Ruggieri, 12th district, $15,000;

Richard A. Savidge and Dawn Savidge to Darrell E. Rhodes Sr. and Irene Patricia Rhodes, 22nd district, $295,000;

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