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The Greeneville Sun has been “Greene County’s hometown newspaper” since 1879. The newspaper is part of Adams Publishing Group.

In 1916, Edith O’Keefe Susong acquired The Greeneville Democrat and spent the next several years working with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Henry O’Keefe, and a small staff to grow that publication to become the dominant newspaper in the Greeneville community.

Along the way, The Democrat acquired two rival newspapers, eventually becoming what is known today as The Greeneville Sun.

Mrs. Susong was a very active force in the newspaper and in her local community. She served as publisher of The Greeneville Democrat from 1916 to 1920, publisher of The Greeneville Democrat-Sun from 1920 to 1930, and publisher of The Greeneville Sun from 1930 until her death in 1974.

Mrs. Susong (known affectionately as “EOS”) and her mother, Quincy Marshall O’Keefe (“QMO”), are the only mother-daughter team in the Tennessee newspaper Hall of Fame.

In 1940, Mrs. Susong’s daughter, Arne, married John M. Jones III. After serving in the Pacific Theatre during World War II, Mr. Jones (ret. Lt. Col. U.S. Army) returned to Tennessee in 1945 and agreed to help his mother-in-law with her company on a “temporary” basis.

Until his death in 2016, Mr. Jones continued as the publisher of The Greeneville Sun, a position he had assumed in 1974 upon the death of Mrs. Susong.

Mr. Jones was instrumental in establishing the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation in 1951.

Members of the Jones family hold roles in the management of the award-winning newspaper, which publishes six days per week.

The Greeneville Sun was acquired by Adams Publishing Group in 2016. The newspaper continues to be managed by Gregg K. Jones, who is also president of Adams Publishing Group East.

The Greeneville Sun also operates The Greeneville Neighbor News, a free weekly publication;, the most visited local website in Greene County; and Greeneville Marketplace, an online business directory of more than 2,000 local businesses.

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