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Retail Advertising




THE GREENEVILLE SUN (est. 1879) is one of the top-rated newspapers in Tennessee for market penetration and for its award winning news coverage that serves Greeneville, Mosheim, Tusculum, Mohawk, Baileyton, Ottway and other communities in Greene County, Tennessee. (population of 67,000) 

With readership of more than 25,000 people each day, The Greeneville Sun has a daily circulation of 10,500 paid distribution, Monday through Saturday. 

The Sun is supported every Wednesday by the total market coverage (TMC) publication, Greene County's Accent. This free-distribution TMC prints 10,400 copies per week, with 60% delivered to homes of non-Sun subscribers and 40% available at businesses and other high-traffic areas in the marketplace. (Greene County's Accent also appears inside the Sun's Wednesday edition.)
More than 100,000 different (or "unique") visitors come monthly to, Greene County's most visted local website. Approximately 600,000 pages are viewed on the site each month, according to Google Analytics.


Retail Advertising

Retail or display ads are found in the main body of the paper. The ads are billed at a column-inch rate. Online ads are billed by the number (or percentage) of times they display on individual computer or phone devices. For more information, please call one of our advertising sales representatives, who will be happy to answer your questions or come by your place of business to help plan your advertising campaign. 

Contact Artie Wehenkel: (423) 359-3160 

Contact Taunya Blazer: (423) 359-3185 


Print Media Kit



TV Week

TV WEEK is published weekly with channel and movie listings. Businesses can advertise in TV WEEK on Saturday with their ad running again within six days in The Greeneville Sun at no charge with the option to make ad changes each week. TV WEEK is also available online. Contact your Ad Representative for copy deadlines, rates or other information. 

Contact Artie Wehenkel: (423) 359-3160 

Retail & Internet Sales Staff 

Sandi Blalock: (423) 359-3148 

Hala Watson: (423) 359-3123 

Artie Wehenkel: (423) 359-3160 

Creative Services 

Please read the following guidelines before transmitting files.

Macintosh Base System -- OSX, 9.2

Electronic Ad Requirements:

  • Ad must be Camera Ready
  • File must be a Press Optimized/Pre-Press Quality PDF (No EPS, TIFF, JPEG or native files accepted!)
  • Allfonts must be embedded
  • Images must be high-resolution (170-300 dpi)
  • Preferred file format: PDF
  • Color ads must separate as CMYK
  • Black text should separate on the 1-black plate only
  • Black and white ads must be grayscale, minimum 200 dpi
  • File formats NOT accepted: EPS, TIF, JPG, PDS, SIT, SEA, OMG

* We accept Indesign CS2, QuarkXpress 4.1 documents, however all fonts and all artwork used in the ad must be included. Other applications can be Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop 5.5 and CS, Adobe Illustrator 10. Please do not send PUB or WPD files.

Submitting Ads on Disk

Native Files Accepted: Adobe InDesign 2*, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

*Note: We cannot accept Adobe CS native files due to incompatibility with our proprietary software. Please caonvert your CS file to a Press Quality PDF and upload to our FTP site:

Native File Requirement:

  • One ad per Disk
  • Use CMYK only No Pantone, Spot, RG , or lab colors
  • Delete unused colors and items on pasteboard
  • Embed and use only type II fonts (or create outlines to make fonts vector)
  • Update all files before collecting for output

**Please notify your sales representative or the production manager, when you have a file to transfer, so it can be processed promptly.

When naming the file to be transmitted, DO NOT use spaces between the words or puncuation other than a "." (period) or "_" (underline).

Acrobat Distiller Settings
When creating a PDF file please CLICK HERE to download our Distiller Job Options in Adobe Acrobat 4.0, 5.0 & 6.0.

FTP Site 

Contact your sales representative or production manager for uploading information. 

If you have any questions, or need assistance, contact 
Taunya Blazer, Production Assistant: (423) 359-3185 

Creative Staff 

Marie Cox: (423) 359-3116 

Melanie Hilliard: (423) 359-3117 

Billing Questions 

Our advertising billing department is open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. For questions concerning a DISPLAY advertising statement, please contact your sales representative first. 

All other billing questions concerning The Greeneville Sun may be answered by contacting Stacy Slagle at 423-359-3132.

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