Wedding Announcement

  • Wedding Information
  • Photo Submission
  • Finish
Bride's Information
Groom's Information
The Wedding
Maid/Matron of Honor
Bridesmaid 1
Bridesmaid 2
Bridesmaid 3
Bridesmaid 4
Attendants' Dresses
Flower Girl
Best Man
Groomsman or Usher 1
Name of Groomsman/Usher 2
Groomsman or Usher 3
Groomsman or Usher 4
Brief Description of Mothers' Dresses (Please Limit to Color, Fabric, Length)
Brief Description of Mothers' Corsages
Wedding Director
Bridal Book Attendant
Reception Director
More About the Bride and Groom
Out-of-Town Guests (Excluding Wedding Party)
Prenuptial Parties (Includes Rehearsal Dinner)
Contact Information (if Sun needs additional information)

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