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The future of the Greene Valley Developmental Center campus remains uncertain, but the process to return the property to greater community use took a step forward earlier this year.

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2018 was a significant year in the life of the the state’s oldest institution of higher learning.

It transitioned to university status, completed of the first phase of accreditation for a new College of Optometric Medicine and inaugurated a new president.

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One major part of Walters State Community College’s expansion into its new building was completed early in 2019, and the project is expected to be finished by early summer.

A new, single high school in Greene County is shaping up to be one of the most contentious issues for the upcoming county elections. Candidates are coming out against the option or saying taxpayers should be allowed to vote on the issue since it would involve a large tax increase.

Lawsuits launched in 2017 by local attorneys general against pharmaceutical companies and other defendants who allegedly fuel East Tennessee’s opioid addiction epidemic are proceeding through the court system.

The numbers speak for themselves: The ongoing opioid epidemic in East Tennessee and across the state poses formidable challenges for law enforcement and prosecutors.

An era came to an end when Greene Valley Developmental Center closed its doors May 26, 2017, after 56 years of serving individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.