At the beginning of each New Year, we traditionally recognize those large governmental agencies, businesses, industries, and private organizations that were responsible for the majority of the previous year's successes for your Humane Society. The following list is reflective of the boundless generosity in both time and treasure they have provided us and our animals.

Heading the list every year is The Greeneville Sun. We in all probability wouldn't even exist were it not for our beloved newspaper, for an extraordinary number of very talented people at the paper go to great lengths on behalf of Animal Talk every single week. But not only on behalf of Animal Talk. Additionally there appear articles or announcements on our behalf a number of times every week.

In essence, the Sun provides the very foundation that has resulted in the phenomenal support we receive every year not only from business, industry and governmental agencies but also from you, the reader. Thanks also go to The Greeneville Neighbor News for sharing Humane Society news and animal-related stories each week.

We also want to thank the following schools, school systems, and educational institutions for their many donations and their volunteerism: the Greene County Schools, the Greeneville City Schools, Greeneville Adventist Academy, Tusculum College and Walters State Community College.

We are also so very thankful to all the individuals, businesses and governmental agencies that have reached out to our animals in countless ways, including local and state law enforcement: Greene County Sheriff Pat Hankins, Jail Administrator Roger Willett, and Lt. Phil Myers, for providing an inmate crew, as well as the Greene County Sheriff's Department, for providing assistance with injured animal calls; the Tennessee Highway Patrol for their donations and providing assistance with injured animal calls; the Greeneville Police Department for their assistance with injured animal calls and also for responding without complaint in the middle of the night when one of our animals accidentally sets off our burglar alarm; and Greene County Animal Control -- in particular, Director Chris Cutshall and his Animal Control Officers -- for working closely with the Humane Society, helping us to further our mission.

In the private sector we thank: our local Walmart Store, for going out of their way to assist us at our periodic fundraisers at the store; the Walmart Distribution Center, for their generous donations throughout the year; Lowe's, for their multiple generous donations; Food City, for their donations and fundraisers for the Humane Society; and Pampered Pooch, for collecting donations throughout the year for our animals.

We are very grateful to: Dr.Doug Woolsey and his unparalleled staff at Greene County Veterinary Hospital, especially for their treating many of the injured animals that come into our facility each year; Rocky Top Veterinary Hospital; Duckworth Animal Hospital; Crestview Animal Hospital; Eastside Animal Hospital; Vet Care Animal Hospital, and Animal Medical Center of Greeneville.

We additionally thank all of these veterinary care facilities for assisting us with our Spay/Neuter program and in any other ways needed.

We also wish to thank all of our supporters who contributed to our annual Trim-A-Tree fundraiser along with our priceless Humane Society volunteers, as well as Lisa Cornwell, our volunteer photographer, who takes the photos of the new dogs and cats as they come into the shelter.

We thank the many churches throughout Greene County that have helped with their donations and volunteer work on behalf of our animals.

We are grateful to the many businesses throughout Greene County that proudly display our now-famous Cat/Dog donation collection containers and all of the many Greene County businesses that contribute toward our efforts.

We also extend our gratitude to Feral Friends of Greene County, Bright Hope Animal Rescue, Imminent Danger German Shepherd Rescue, Forgotten Angels Animal Rescue, Love Handlers Animal Rescue, GreenePets Animal Rescue, and Mustang Alley Horse Sanctuary, for working closely with your Humane Society in our collective efforts to help the homeless and abused animals of Greene County.

Finally we wish to acknowledge the thousands of our faithful Facebook friends who follow your Humane Society on our Facebook page each and every day.

We are extremely blessed!

Until next week, I ask everyone to please wake up early, keep in mind to be kind to your animals and remember that all of our animals need to be kept warm in this frigid weather. And, most importantly, teach your children to PRAY! God Bless!

HOW TO JOIN THE HUMANE SOCIETY: Annual dues for various levels of membership are: $10, adult; $5, junior; $5, senior citizen; $25, family; $50, sponsor; $100, patron; and $1,000, benefactor. The adoption fee is $95.

Make checks payable to the Greeneville-Greene County Humane Society and mail them to the Humane Society at P.O. Box 792, Greeneville, TN 37744. Be sure to include your name and address.


SUPPORT OUR ADOPTION CENTER: By bringing your empty aluminum cans to the recycle bin at our Animal Adoption Center, you help support our center. For more information, please call 639-4771.


Todd DeHaven is the former president of the Greeneville-Greene County Humane Society. Write to him at 85 South Greene St., Greeneville, TN 37743, or e-mail

See the Humane Society information and adoptable animals online at:

or on their Facebook page at:

Friends of Greeneville-Greene County TN Humane Society

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